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anorexia older woman Anorexic body of older woman



"BonyPink said...

Thank you very much for removing the photo, I have been trying for YEARS to get them all off the net.

There was a point in time, some years back, where you couldn't find a single stupid pro-ana site that didn't have at least one or two of those horrible photos on it.

Over the years, thankfully, I've been legally getting hundreds of websites shut down and/or those photos removed. I usually ask them first, but often some of them actually have the audacity to tell me "no." It is then that I involve my lawyer and teach the little brats a lesson they won't forget about photo-theft.

I've even had to put up with some of those idiot pro-anas/wannarexics telling me things about the photos such as, "If you didn't want people to take them, you shouldn't have posted them online."

I DIDN'T post them online. I was forced to pose in those photos (along with another girl who I became friends with while this was going on) by a horrible man who raped and beat us daily. He had been holding us against our will and forcing us to pose nude and semi-nude in pornographic fetish photos for these horrible sick anorexic fetishists. So, no, I did NOT post those terrible photos on the internet.

Oh, by the way. No worries about you, though, 2Medusa. I haven't grouped you in with those rotten pro-ana idiots. I know you only meant to show the harsh reality of eating disorders, and I am very glad that you, too, speak out against the horrible pro-anas as well as try to educate the public about eating disorders. (I do this as well over my own websites and over facebook, youtube and xanga.)

Best wishes to you, and thank you again for removing the photo(s).

Oh yes, I almost forgot...

As for whoever it was up there who said I was never anorexic, "d'arcy" I think;

I am terminally ill, residing in a hospice, dying from multiple organ failure which has been caused by anorexia nervosa, type II. I've been diagnosed with anorexia nervosa for over 25 years (not counting the years I had the illness before being diagnosed). My anorexia nervosa was caused by FGM and being raped and abused all throughout my childhood, adolescence and adulthood.

There are a LOT of rumors about me floating around the internet. I would suggest that unless you have spoken directly to ME, not to spread any more of them, please.
April 18, 2010 6:13 PM"

Tips from an Ana website

(complete with typos & redundant tips)

Please note that I did not write these. These "tips" are all over the internet.

"Remember that you do have to eat sometimes. Not a lot of course but you have to eat something. Make sure you eat at least two things each day.

Remember that Ana is not always fun. It can be so awful sometimes you'll want to die. You'll learn alot about yourself but we don't want any accidents do we? There no use being thin if your dead.

There's food inside the fridge right? Wrong. All thats in the fridge is faliure! Is that what you want?

Does Ana want to go in the fridge? No she does not. Its time youy started paying attention to what Ana wants, not what you want.

The butter is congeled custard, the meat dead cat (eww) etc etc, Make up gross images for all the foods you snack on.

Open the fridge. Look inside. Look at all that food. Is it really that great? You don't need it really do you?

Clare and Rachel Wallmeyer

Anorexic Wallmeyer Twins

The food is sneaky. It is trying to tempting you to eat it and get fat/ter. Try this when your alone: Look at the food and laugh at it. No seriously, try this. Laugh at the food and tell it out loud how stupid it is. Tell it how it can't tempt you and you won't be going anywhere near it. Tell the food you don't need it. This is very helpful when your craving. It helps me all the time.

If all else fails, i hear padlocks are effective ;)

Never eat anything bigger than about a cup, your stomach will expand and then you'll get hungry more.

Eat in front of a mirror naked. See how much you can eat then!

Hit your stomach (just not too hard) if it's growling too loudly.

Curl up in a ball if you have hunger pains.

Wear perfectly applied lip gloss. It makes you more aware of what's going in your mouth. Also, flavored ones help with cravings.

When going out, take only the amount of money you'll need. Nothing extra, that way you won't be tempted to spend it on food.

Have 6 small meals a day. Take 2 apples, and split them so you can make 6 meals out of them. That way your body will be tricked into thinking it's eating more.

lanugo, hair loss, anorexiaHair loss caused by anorexia

Find a buddy onine, and do fasts with them, competitions, or just have someone to email when you're craving.

Wear a rubber-band around your wrist and snap it against your skin when you are tempted to eat.

If you eat right before bed, lay on your left side so the food goes through your system faster.

Chew gum if you need to cook so you won't eat any of the food.

If you're a smoker and hungry, light up a cigarette. It curbs your appetite.

Before you dig into that cake, bag of chips, candy, or whatever, take a deep breath and count to 100. Usually by the time you get to 100 you will have convinced yourself that you don't really want it.

When you're hungry chug 2 glasses (or how many you need) of straight water. It'll make you so full and nauseous you will have completely lost your appetite.

Spin in circles, you will be too nauseous to eat.

If you're right handed, eat with your left hand. It will take a lot longer to get the food to your mouth.

Find something that makes you feel ill or unpleasant and think or look at it as you eat. After a while you make begin to associate food itself with unpleasantness.

anorexia, hand, 46-year-old woman Hand of a 46-year-old anorexic woman

Fidgeting burns 500-800 extra calories a day. Suck in your tummy and squeeze your buns, bounce your legs, sway side to side, swing your feet, ect.

Take a shower. Hot steamy water can suppress your appetite and paying close attention to your body will remind you exactly why you're losing weight in the first place.

When eating, put down your silverware or sip water in between each bite. Your stomach will feel full faster and you are less likely to overeat.

Chew every bite at least thirty times. Your food will taste better and you will be much more satisfied. Don't swallow until all the flavor is gone from of each bite.

Pay attention to when and what you are eating. Ask yourself: "Do I really want to eat this?"

Weigh yourslef before and after every time you eat. Not only will it eliminate unnecessary eating, but it will make you want to eat less when you see the numbers creep up.

When dining out, no matter what the waiter says about the fat or calorie content of food assume everything is covered with butter, even the silverware.

Cleaning something dirty can make you lose your appetite. The toilet, the litter box, under the kitchen sink, scrubbing out the garbage bin, anything grimy or smelly. The mess, along with the smell of the cleaner, can put you off food for a while.

Make it a rule that you always have to burn twice the calories you consume (i.e., if you ate something with 100 calories, you would have to burn 200). The thought of all the exercising you would have to do can be very discouraging.

 anorexic girl
Anorexic girl

Turn the temperature down in your car/house, or open windows in your room at night, so that you'll be colder and your body will have to burn calories to keep warm.

When you lose weight reward yourself with something you want (not food obviously). Shopping is always good.

Instead of buying food, buy yourself flowers. Food is depressing, but flowers make you happy.

Exchange a bad habit for a good one (i.e. someone trades smoking for jogging). This may be hard, but very rewarding if you can do it. Exchange eating for yoga, or meditation, or reading more.

Think higher of yourself! You're too good to put THAT in your body!

Save the money you would have spent on that meal in a jar. Save it in a bottle instead and watch it grow.

Eat vicariously. Watch other people eat, and feel superior! You don't need that food. They are feeding their fat bodies and they're getting fatter! You can see then growing! How repulsive.

anorexic woman Anorexic young woman

Brush your teeth frequently. A fresh mouth helps keep you from wanting to eat.

Different sleeping habits. Go to bed later than everyone else, so you can exercise while they're sleeping. Wake up later, and have a light breakfast when they eat lunch, they'll think nothing of it.

If you feel like you want to eat, go to a friends house that you cannot just raid the fridge at.

Spoil your food. As soon as you've cooked/served up your meal, put too much salt, pepper, sauce, (or even detergent) on it. That way you won't want to eat it!

Wear a rubber band on your wrist and snap it when you feel like eating.

Brush your teeth when you feel like eating.

Ok, so you feel hungry. Its all in your head. Don't waste time with food. Food is a hindrance to your progress and we know Ana is always watching. Are you seriously going to eat in FRONT of her. Lets not be rude.

Ana knows you can do this and you knew you could do this before you started thinking about food. So stop dreaming of cookies, focus yourself and remember why your hungry in the first place. You want this, you need this so don't wreck it now.

Leave the house with no money and walk around, chase butterflies, take the dog until the need to binge has gone.

If your by your self start yelling at your self. Tell your self you don't need this. Scream if it helps. Just get the binge feelings out of your system. I find this very effective.

Spray perfume on the food you're dying to eat. You won't (and shouldn't cause you'll get really sick) eat it then.

Be sure to fuck up your relationship with food from the start. You want to make yourself as neurotic as possible about food, eating, kitchens, cutlery, refrigerators, restaurants, and hey, why not stretch this out even further and start hating the actual source of foods, in other words the actual animals and plants.

Associate food with disgusting things. Draw pictures of juicy red apples, somehow morphing into giant dead rotting pigs. Put pictures of fat girls on your fridge, or better yet, pictures of yourself for a bit of productive self-loathing.

Karlene, anorexic, loss of teeth Karlene, who is anorexic, showing her loss of teeth from bingeing & purging


Create a list of suitable punishments either for thinking of food, or for caving in and eating food itself. A good one to try is to keep a rubber band on your hand and flick your skin whenever you think of eating. Eventually you will have a swollen hand, and a shrunken body; you will have ceased thinking of food so much. Other punishments include ridiculous amounts of exercise, purging, self-mutilation, isolation, basic denial of necessary comforts such as blankets on a cold night, or shelter when it is raining.. or simply menial, disgusting tasks such as cleaning the bathroom. Remember, you need discipline.

Trick yourself into believing your life sucks. Be mean to people so that they instigate fights, just to make you constantly on edge, or nervous, so you cant eat. After all, you'll be light-headed and dizzy, and irritable from not eating, so you have an excuse. Become an angst-ridden teenager. You'll be making yourself nauseous from worry and self hatred in no time.

Anorexic mantras

"An imperfect body reflects an imperfect person."
"I'm not starving myself...I'm perfecting my emptiness."
"Nothing tastes as good as thin feels."

Look at pictures of anorexics. This should be enough to sufficiently fuck up and cloud your perceptions. Above all, convince yourself you are above others, a hero, owing to your spectacular powers of restraint. Feel elitist. Feel as though you are somehow super-human for resisting the urge to eat. Feel better than the other mere mortals who dig in to their cereal and their donuts. Believe in the power of starving as though it were a religion.

Terri Schiavo Terri Schiavo, RIP


Make up rules you cannot deviate from. Only allow yourself one food a day. You will get sick of the taste and therefore eat less due to boredom.

Brush your teeth and tongue all the time. Food will taste yukky with toothpaste, so whats the point of eating it?

Eat while in the front of the mirror naked. You will be completely repulsed, and repelled from the food. This is a good thing.

Feel your hunger..don't try to suppress it. You WANT to be hungry. If you're not then you're not doing it right. Hunger is not your enemy!

Did you know that there are 2 pounds of dead skin on you right now!!?! Thats right! 2 POUNDS! ...if you're underweight or in starvation mode your body does not "shed" its skin the way it should. It holds on to it.

Pinch your thigh and see how you don't need food, because you should be eating your own flesh all away from the inside first, before you are deserving of actual legitimate sustenance.

Buy some baby teething gel and rub it on your tongue, to numb your tastebuds.

If you're feeling brave enough to face the kitchen, go there and throw out any potential binge foods. If you must, pour bleach/disinfectant/dishwashing detergent on the food, and then throw it away!

Pinch your ear! Apply pressure to the front of the ear, one at a time.

Let perfume replace chocolate. Every time you have a craving, or pass a bakery, sniff some Chanel no. 5. Apply it to a tissue and carry it with you. Smell has a powerful effect on appetite.

Clean something. Cleaning something dirty can make you lose your appetite. The toilet, the litter box, under the kitchen sink, scrubbing out the garbage bin, anything grimy or smelly. The mess, along with the smell of the cleaner, can put you off food for a while.

bulimia, death of a young girl Young girl, death from bulimia


Deny anorexia at all costs. Pretend you have not noticed the pounds dropping off you. Don't be suspicious.

Whenever you do decide to eat, do it in the company of others. That way they can't say they never see you touch food.

Leave a dirty plate lying around every so often for your parents to yell at you about.

Drink out of opaque cups, and spit your food into it whilst preteding to drink. They'll never know.

Eat really slowly because if everybody else is on their third slice of pizza, they'll assume you are too, even if you're still finishing your first.

Sign out of hotmail and clear the history before you get off of the Internet. This will eliminate Autofill being ever so helpful while your Mum is researching aardvarks, and coming up with for her. In short, don't leave traces lying around for others to find.

Purge in the shower, or in your sink while music is playing, people will be less supicious.

If you're about to binge, chew some gum, and think to yourself "2/3rd's of America is obese. Why add to that number?"

Make up places to go. say you're going to a friends house for dinner, or going out to a restaurant, and then just go somewhere where you can't eat.

When you are hungry do something gross like dig for worms clean a kitty litter box or something it will make you just not hungry.

Always eat teaspoon size amounts of food at any one time and chew well.

Check your head. Never eat anything bigger than your head, even lettuce. You'll only stretch your stomach out. Train your tummy to settle for less

If you love a certain food, save the wrappers even after you've eaten it. Smell it when you're hungry

Never eat anything bigger that your fist

Get your tongue pierced, therefore you can't eat

If you're being watched, try the opaque cup trick; pretend you're eating, and spit the food in the cup while you pretend to be drinking - don't forget to get rid of what's in the cup

Aimee Moore, before anorexiaAimee Moore, before anorexia

Aimee Moore, after anorexia Aimee Moore battling anorexia


Go to the kitchen often, and pretend your snacking, take a bite out of something and take a long time, look in the fridge, ETC! they will think you're always in the kitchen eating, and won't suspect anything.. trust me if you never go in the kitchen, your family *will* notice

Hit your stomach when it grumbles because that will make the sound go away and your stomach will hurt too much to eat

Persuade yourself that you don't like a food, take your favorite food and when you look at it and think yum, think yuck instead

Hide a plate or zip lock bag near your computer..right before supper go to your computer room and when supper is ready say your doing your homework and want them to bring your meal to you..when u get it just put it in the other plate or zip lock bag and bring the dish back up in 15 min.' works just make sure u dispose of the food later

Taking more than the recommended dose of kelp makes you feel sick and you don't have to try and restrict ... not sure about the safety aspect of this tip though

Buy lunches/dinners of canned/contained foods, like lunch buckets, then without cooking them hide them in your room or locker as if you were eating them, and instead walk/drive them once a week to your local homeless shelter

When you are in school, grab something on your way out the door to eat(because you're in a hurry)-throw it out. Then when lunch time comes go to the library instead of with your friends -they will only fuck things up. Then get involved in an activity that goes really late so you come home after everyone else has eaten and you can take a plate of food to your room to eat while you are doing your homework (put the food in a bag and throw it out with tomorrows breakfast. The only thing is weekends- try to stay as busy as possible

Wearing "fashionable" gloves and scarves really helps when you get cold… and makes people less suspicious than if you're always bitching that you're cold when they're all fine

When you feel you need to eat, list the reasons why its not such a good idea, by then you'll most likely lose the craving, and you'll have convincing reasons not to eat

On an empty stomach coffee will make you feel sick and will curb your appetite.

Sniff scented markers or anything else that may smell like a fruit and then you won't be hungry anymore

Whenever you get hungry, think of all the people who made fun of you in junior high.

Samantha Kendall and Michaela Kendall, twins, anorexia Samantha and Michaela Kendall, twins with anorexia, both now deceased


If you're annoyed at your family for always trying to make you eat breakfast with them, tell them (while holding your stomach with your arms and looking like you're about to puke) that you always feel sick after you eat in the morning so early. Or that you have to go swimming in a few hours, and that you don't like eating before that.

Eat a tiny piece of onion (like 1/2 in square). That way you have onion breath and people believe you really ate.

After you eat brush your teeth. You won't want to eat when you have that minty taste and you teeth are clean

Get tape or those roll up bandages and wind them tightly around your stops you from eating because you can't get the food down properly and you also look thinner

If you eat at night before you go to bed make sure you lay on your left side it makes the food go through your system faster and wont have as much time to suck fat out of the food. but you shouldn't eat before you go to bed slows down your metabolism

Just keep yourself extremely busy, almost to the point of being completely stressed out and you can go for 8hrs without being hungry or wanting to eat

If you don't feel comfortable not eating too much, eat only a hard boiled egg, an apple, and a glass of water. It will fill you up all day

If you live with your parents, go to bed early & sleep late to avoid some meals, then go out in the day, & say you've eaten a lot. Also, keeping busy will burn more calories

If you can, get a job around food. I work at an Arby's, and it has curbed my appetite drastically

If sitting at school, college etc. constantly tap your feet/fingers. Fidgeting throughout day is proven to burn up to 800 calories per day

If you're talking about celebrities, make sure to mention how you think Calista Flockhart is too thin and that you think Kate Winslet is gorgeous. Praise fat and people will never guess that you're starving yourself into thinness

Wear nail polish to cover up the bluish tinge that starvation gives your fingernails so others don't suspect it as much

Have to go to a restaurant with someone? Some ways you can avoid eating much - 1. veganism (makes it hard to find suitable food); 2. severe food allergies (always a good answer when they offer chocolate!), or 3. order something that you've never tried before. When you taste it, say you don't like it

Think about what the food would look like in your body after you have eaten it... hopefully that will put you off

Karlene, anorexia

My friend, Karlene, November, 2008


If you're with your family or something, and you're at a buffet, spend most of the time acting like you're picky, and walk around the buffet tables. Then just get a little something and spit it in your cup or something. Sneak in some exercise too while you're walking

Hit your stomach when it grumbles because that will make the sound go away and your stomach will hurt too much to eat.

Every time you are about to eat something ask yourself "Do I really want that food more than I want to be skinny?"

Make up crazy food rituals and follow them religiously. Track them in your Ana book.

Associate food with feeling sick. You wont want to eat something,if the sight of it repulses you.

Only eat with skinny people, and then eat half of what they eat.

Video tape yourself, and look at it to see how fat you look.

Dont eat lunch- save your lunch money and buy a present for yourself later.

Watch what other people, especially fat people, eat, and feel superior...because they are feeding their fat bodies and they're getting fatter!

Check the fridge when nobody else is around...find food that you would have eaten and get rid of it..then you can say that you ate it

Only eat when other people can see you. That way they cant say "you never eat!"

Leave dirty dishes around the house (example: pour a little milk in a bowl and put some peices of cereal in it and say you ate it) people will think your eating

Don't act oddly. If you're always commenting on how skinny people are or how fattening certain foods are, someone's bound to find how obsessed you are, no one needs to know this except for you.

If you go to a resturant and really cant stand the thought of eating then take a purse lined with plastic inside and order a low fat meal and eat some but when no-one is looking drop some in the bag. ***BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL WITH THIS!!!***

Try not to give too much attention to the mirror when people are near, people might notice.

Avoid watching movies about ana or mia when friends or family are around. Trust me...this makes their suspicion grow!

Just plain out loud lie, it always works, unless its an obvious lie or your a bad liar.

Calculate how much money you're saving by not eating and add this up until you have enough to buy something you like (but not food).

Think about food before and while you eat it. Think about where it came from and exactly what happened to it before it reached you. This works particularly well with meat, dairy, and egg products.

Find something that makes you feel vaguely ill or unpleasant, get a picture of it, and put the picture beside your food. Switch pictures frequently and make sure to look at the pictures while you eat. After a while you may began to associate food itself with unpleasantness, which will make you less inclined to eat.

Sabotage your food. Make it with too much water, too little sugar, an ingredient you don't care for. Add too much salt or pepper before you eat. You will eat less of it if it tastes bad.

Remember, think thin, and try not to faint too often or die."

anorexia Hila Elmalich

Hila Elmalich, RIP

Link with video on Hila: HOW MANY MODELS HAVE TO DIE ?

Parents, be vigilant. If your child is exhibiting any of the above behaviours, seek professional help for your child immediately.

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Anonymous said...

"Food is a hindrance to your progress and we know Ana is always watching. Are you seriously going to eat in FRONT of her. Lets not be rude."

LMAO!! Thank God that most of the sites out there aren't like this.

I honestly think that these stupid "tips" and "tricks" represent a very skewed picture of the "pro-ed" community. Most of the people I know online would say that they're pro-reality... and that somebody with an ed has no need for tips or tricks.

Eh. These "tips" are almost as bad as those tacky creeds and prayers to "ana."

Anonymous said...

I do find it so very weird how eating disorders and our culture can warp peoples minds and make them pro-ana. Pro-ana is what happens when multiple anorexics are put together, and it's unfortunate. I can understand, as an ED sufferer, where the ideas come from. Your mind quietly blanks out reality in so many ways.

Anonymous said...

why are you even posting these tips?? don't help the stupid pro-ana people out.

Medusa said...

Anonymous, these tips are all over the internet and can be found in seconds with a simple search.

The pictures I posted with the tips show just how deadly these so-called tips are.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you. I`m now suffering 20 years from an ED (and at the time suffering a relapse to anorexia) and these tips and prayers are simply ridiculous for me. Especially those websites which promote "ana" and "mia" as a lifestyle. Is it a lifestyle to have everyday a war going on inside your head? Those feelings of self-hate and worthlessness? To feel how it affects on your body? To know how you hurt your beloved onces with your sickening behavior? Feel their concerns and worries about you? Feel their fear about you are going to die possibly? Not really. If you are aware of that you are severe ill, you will hate those websites and i feel ashamed compared with this stupid, self-deceiving people. And even if you decide not to hide anymore, you will not meet much understanding. Comments like "okay, you are having a bad time at the moment", "in other countries people are starving from lack of food" or "you just have to eat and everything is alright" really hurt. Because nearly no one can imagine of what you are going through and that this disease is stronger than that what a normal mind says about the consequences to your health.
In Germany those websites will be quickly deleted by the hoster and i think it is right. Because nobody really suffering has deserved to be compared with this. You have already enough to do with the picture the media spreads around about this desease.

MJ said...

This was just terrifying and bizarre to me and I think you effectively showed how terrifying it is with the photos you provided.

By the way, have you seen 'Dana: The 8 Year Old Anorexic'? It was a documentary broadcast in England and I think you'd find it of interest if you haven't seen it already.

Medusa said...

MJ, thanks so much for your kind comments. I'm glad you got the point I was trying to make with the post. Unfortunately, some didn't.

I haven't seen "Dana, the 8-year-old anorexic," but I'm off now to see if I can track it down. Sounds very interesting. Thanks for the tip.

MJ said...

No problem, if you have 4od installed on your computer you can find it on there. If not, I'm sure websites like Veoh will have it.

Medusa said...

MJ, I found the video on Dana yesterday and will be uploading it to my site today. Powerful story.

Thanks so much for letting me know about it. I really appreciate it.


Anonymous said...

wow those pictures are shocking.. it really makes me wanna get better.. it's a real motivation for me t try to get out of this disease.. i want to become healthy..

Heart Of The Dark said...

Yes, they are shocking and I hope that I will never come to this point. I don`t want to look disgusting like them and I`m sure that this severe starvation causes brain damage. I`ve seen the video with Aimee Moore, OMG! This makes me aware that I need to fight, even if I`m not ready for recovery.

Heart Of The Dark said...

These pictures are really shocking. Though I`m not ready for recovery, I never want to become like this and I hope it never happens.

850 said...

personaly it is rather dumb to look at these sites and nevertheless follow these tips
because a true anorexic will figure it out themselves and all those pictures have done is made me realize that i am no where near being thin at the moment my goal is size zero but double zero sounds even better. the people that say we are "sick" are mainly the ones any person will call a fat ass, obese, overweight, or a part of the 2/3 fatass americans that make us the FATEST country of the planet. so unless you're skinny yourself, please dont butt into something you wish you had the will to do couch patatoes.

Anonymous said...

Ok to the above comment. I am 5'5" and weigh 8 stone exactly - is that too fat for you?!lol.

I couldn't believe some of the pictures above, its saddening that people think in any way that its attractive or will lead to a better life. Its really not, no guy i have ever met has said they prefer a women with no curves.

The fashion industry needs to take a stand and ban underweight models - young women do take note of skinny models and so the fashion industry should set an example.

Some of the tips and hints above are sickening..'food is your enermy'..come on - live with it or die without it..umm tough choice.

Anonymous said...

I'm not ready either to recover. I actually like my weight right now...I'm 99.5 lbs and happy...but I'm afraid I'll become thin as them...What can I do to stop slowly...

Anonymous said...

It is wrong that people dont want to eat. Hopefully they find out quick that skinny is not what all guys want. A recent test shows that an average guy likes girls that dont have the body of a modle but a body of an average girl. The average girl wieghs about 150 to 175.

Anonymous said...

it is NOT about wanting guys to find you attractive or being thing, i am an anoretic and dont want people to find me attractive comment on my body etc..i HATE it, i want to be as small as possible and NOT be seen.

i do have online pro-ana friends,however i agree with others here that anoretics/bulemics have no need for the 'tips' as thats what comes 'natural' anyway.
the majority of those sites i stay clear of as i find them full of 'wannabees'

im 38 and still not ready for recovery yet and i am aware that its my choice and the risks i am taking but that doesnt mean (im NOT looking for sympathy btw) i dont suffer everyday and i dont want anyone to live the life i have and still do, i commend this site and all the hard work i hope anyone looking for 'tips' stumbles across it and thinks twice..keep up the hard work, and thankyou for all that you're doing!

Medusa said...

Anonymous, thanks so much for your very kind comments.

Anonymous said...

WOW WHAT A JOKE! there really is a site giving tips on how to be unhealthy ang basically giving you the guidlines to kill yourself...DID YOU SEE ALL THE RIP's under the pictures. Those pictures were the most disgusting and diturbing things I've even seen. Do yourself a favor and go eat something and keep it in sicko!

Anonymous said...

What strong images! It is apparent many people today are truely suffering with this illness that they are afraid to overcome, but also many young girls in particular seem to be turning to these pro ana sites as a means of dieting and attention taking away the solice and sense of community true sufferes of anorexia had. Sufferes do not need a place to share tips on how to hide their illness but a place to discuss how to get better, how food is not an enimy and what progress they have made. This page sends a strong message with the pictures, it is not a cult silly young girls can join for fun and should not be portrayed as fashionable as many sites are showing.
I have a very petite frame and struggle daily to gain weight so from the other side of the spectrum I can understand an anorexics struggle. I wish you all the love luck and happiness in the world!

Anonymous said...

I love being ana...I love the feeling of hunger...of the feeling of my body eating my I like to think about it, but I have some questions. Every once in a while you have to eat...not because I want to just because people are starting to notice that I'm not. I love your guys tips...they're very helpful on how to get out of eating, but what about for the times that I have eaten something? I can't make myself throw up. Right after I eat I feel so sick...mostly with guilt because I know I didn't want to eat something, but not matter how much I stick my fingers down my throat I can't throw up. Any tips? Also, does anyone know a good time length of how long you can/should wait after eating before throwing up, or how long is too long to wait? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

i am a 16 year old girl who is nearly 17 and i weigh 7 stone 9 pounds and i am like this because i eat a healthy balanced diet. okay if youu want to go on a diet that is for example cutting out snnacks. dont stop eating fully. so many people die from being to thin and you dont want to loose your life. when you feel faint EAT!!! and if you eat a balanced diet and do plenty of excercise then you will loose weight and get to a healthy thin....
boys do not like to have girls that you can see all there bones. guys like you for who you are and if you are curvy then good for you.. you dont need to be a skeleton.
come on girls your not fat...everyone is different and beautiful in there own way.
be happy be yourself and you dont need to stop eating to do this
i hope you listen and think twice :)
love j xxx

Anonymous said...

Best thing to be thin is eating plenty of fruit and veg, a little meat and lots of fish, in fact fish actually contains calorie burning properties, cholestrol - burning perhaps, anyway, fish is bloody good for ya and ur weight. also drink plenty of water. Green tea i swear by, it aids in removing toxins and helps digestion.

Thing is for these anorexics its not about guys finding them attractive, or looking thin, they are mentally ill. they are SICK in the head. they want to disappear , and enjoy their hunger pangs and aches of their illness. its sadomasochistic thing for them , they get pleasure out of pain, the line between which is faint. they need professional help . if u said to someone in africa, u know in our country, there are people who on purpose starve themselves, the africans would laugh. thinking, we are starving here cos we HAVE no food, and these spoilt westerners are ASKING for god to curse them.

These eating disorders are connected with low self esteeem, must be also ignorance, not realising that it is health and balance that is tough to achieve, not starvation. u can turn urself into a sicko just by overindulging in these sick fantasies. low self esteem obviously comes from their upbringing, their environment and their past, which they should examine and work on with professional help. god help them , and let their families , friends, drag them by the hair to the hospital.

xvx said...

hi im 23 and will soon be married, im 5ft6 and wieght 55kgs im so unhappy and depressed, i cant stand to look in the mirror or to look at food but the more depressed if feel the more i want to eat. i just want to be thin and happy. xvx

Anonymous said...

i think it is sick how you are creating a ''lifestyle'' out of anorexia and bulimia. people with EDs have psychiatric problems and they are suffering a mental illness; by wrongly creating these so called lifestyles you are killing people, it is these "wanarexics" that are the truly warped people, and will end up dying from serious things like heart attacks, maybe write that at the top of ur stupid pathetic site.

Medusa said...


Anonymous, I have no idea what you're going on about. I'm creating a lifestyle? I'm killing people?

I think you've missed the point of not only this post but my entire website. You might want to read a few more of my posts before jumping to the wrong conclusion and running off at the mouth.

Just sayin'...

Anonymous said...

The anorexics and bulimic's who see the disorder as a life style choice aren't wannabes they are sick they just think they are!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well someone sounds jelous don't they!

Anonymous said...

you make me sick !! premoting a life full of stress,worry, and depriving your bodies of what they need ... ana??? what the f**k grow up you horrible discusting person. your mind games are transparent and these pictures are discusting, you should be ashamed, i can see why you think guys would like this NOT!!!! by doing this you lead a seady unpleasent life.

i love my body its sexy and im a size 12 (proberly what u would call fat) ha ha

people these people arnt hot
their teeth are rotten, their breath is horrible, they loose hair, have dry horrible skin, and look like someone who has been dead for years!!!


Anonymous said...

i just want to say
leave them alone?
not in the way of "you dont know what your talkign about"
in teh way of who gives a ****
if you people want to ruin your life...
how many friends do you have?
and if you want to kill yourself liek the girls in those photos...
go ahead

i dont think anyone who is smart enough to not starve themselves should just leave them to their stupidity...

Anonymous said...

forgive me for being impolite, but theres no other way around it.

people with proper eating disorders have a disease. they dont choose to be anorexic therefore dont need tips on how to be so.

if anyone thinking of choosing this lifestyle took any notice of the real world they would know that being that thin is not attractive, healthy or in anyway a positive decision.

would you die to be thin? what the fucks the point then your dead!

being thin isnt attractive , being fit and healthy is. a guy isnt gonna go for the girl that looks like a cow thats been starved for three months hes gonna go for the girl with the nice arse and decent thighs. meat on girls is good.

Anonymous said...

When are you people going to learn that it isn't about looking good at all!!! I have an eating disorder and i've had it for 3 years now, i have problems with not being accepted and pressured by my family tbh i dont give 2 shits about what i look like food and exercise is just an escape of whats acturly going on in my life! People with eating disorders do it for the same and differnt reasons. And why are you all on here?You must have googled anorexia right? So that means you yourself was looking for tips or to make a person with an eating disorder life more difficult by calling them stupid! Well let me just tell you one thing we all feel stupid, worthless, failures and like we might as well not been born YOU DONT HAVE TO TELL US THAT WE ALREADY THINK IT EVERY DAY OF OUR LIVES!!!!!

Medusa said...


Thank you for your comments.

~ Medusa

Anonymous said...

i'm not being funny but i find this site disgusting... i hope your ashamed of yourself encouraging other people to follow in your pathetic footsteps... fair enough if you have an eating disorder but dragging other people into it aswell is just sick... for gods sake guys loose weight the proper way... eating healthily and exercise.... why waste your life away????

Medusa said...

Anonymous who posted on May 23, 2009 9:07 PM...

1. I do not encourage people to binge, purge or starve themselves.

2. I do not suffer fools gladly. If you find this site disgusting, do me a favour and stay away.


Christy said...

I really appreciate you creating this site. I was overweight in middle school and bullied horribly. The summer before high school I decided I didn't want to spend four more years being treated that way, so I stopped eating and lost close to 70 pounds. Unfortunately, it wreaked havoc on my body. I was fainting on a daily basis (even after I lost all the weight - just trying to maintain that body) and I was anemic. My doctor made me go on birth control so I would gain a few pounds back and have to generally eat so I could take the pills (I absolutely fear throwing up, it makes me feel terrible). So I gained about 25 pounds back, felt a little healthier. Then I got my first boyfriend and he absolutely LOVED my body and my curves and thought I was so sexy. Ever since then I haven't ever wanted to starve myself again. My boyfriend and I broke up, but I'm confident in my body now. It's not about being thin, it's about being HEALTHY and loving your body for what it is and not what size you are. I'm short, I'm NOT skinny, but I can't help but smile at myself when I look in the mirror. I think I am just so goddamn beautiful.

Showing the terrible consequences of eating disorders is a necessary task. Even listing all the ridiculous tasks shows how psychotic and mentally screwed up these people are. You're changing girls' minds right now. Thank you.

Medusa said...

(((Christy))) What a great story. I'm so glad you regained your health. Curves ARE beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing.

And thank you for your very kind comments.


Unknown said...

am a very strange person the more i see anorexic people the more i want to eat.
for me i would choose health over looks anytime of the day.

Anonymous said...

Life is wayyyy to short to be starving yourself to TRY and look pretty because for starters, men are NOT looking for anorexic girls. And if you want to feel happy about yourself eat healthy and be fit( meaning eat fruit nd veg, healthy dinners, breakfasts and lunch ). And just think about the young children that may look up to you. Do you want them to be ana and feel the hunger that some of you may enjoy. It is unbelievable how people think that being anorexic is attractive because it isn't.

Anonymous said...

(To the above comment)
Anorexia isn't about trying to look good it's about not feeling emotional pain, it's a coping mechanism.

Anonymous said...

I was looking for some pics cause Im PhD student (nutrition) and i have to prepare a class and i can see that all that tips to lose weight are completely lies ...i work on nutrition and u can eat everything, do exercice , be healthy eating healthy..i feel so sad to know that someone belives this things and do these stupid things.

Anonymous said...

how can people do this to themselves???? weal never no its sick!

Anonymous said...

well just FYI ,ive been doing this on and off for years-and have come to warn ppl..purging "in bouts but extreme when you do"DOES NOT WORK,,i havent lost a thing BUT my teeth are fu**d! ive lost ALL MY HAIR--not some"ALL! Im getting extensions for hundreds of dollars in two weeks.I rarely get my period my stomach hurts-always.not happy.My boyfriend treats me like im a psycho patient for doing it,and my doctor has even put me on lithium as my familys concerns were expressed!! wtf! this disease sux,,when does the frakn bones start appearing..these sites for wannabes suk

Anonymous said...

I guess to second my first post ,,BULIMIA and SELFHARM are very simular in form,,recognise what you really have girls,,and find a more productive mutilating technique ..then let me know what it is bahaha

Anonymous said...

Why put all these tips up? even if you didn't write them, or even if you don't "agree" with them, the point of all the pro-anorexia sites being removed was so people such as vulnerable teenagers wouldn't become influenced in to this awful condition. people who for whatever reason want to become anorexic, aren't going to care whether or not this page was made for the purpose of giving tips, they will still USE those tips. this page should be reported.

Medusa said...

Anonymous, as I've responded before, these tips are all over the Internet. It took me under 30 seconds to find them by Googling.

If I can find them, anyone can, and reposting them here is a drop in the internet bucket.

And there is a purpose for my posting them. Follow those tips, and you'll end up dead. Those pictures say a thousand words.

Anonymous said...

Becoming anorexic isn't that bad if you can stop it in time, other people just don't understand I'm a varsity cheerleader so all my friends are super skinny, you don't know what it's like to be the only fat girl on the squad, even my best friends calls me a whale sometime. In cheerleading we run everyday and exercise and at home I eat right no sodas or fats and sweets, and I'm still fat so if the only way to lose weight is starving myself I'm going to do it, I mean put yourself in my shoes : my friends call me fat all the time and I didn't even get a date to prom, I'm a varsity cheerleader I'm suppose to be skinny..... Can't you see how I feel in this situation, and I know I can stop myself cause people do it all the time so it's not that big of a deal. My friends wear pants that are sizes 1-5 my pants size is a 8 1/2...... Just think how I feel for a moment........

Anonymous said...

i have been anorexic/bulimic for 5 goin on 6 years...on my way to 23 yrs old. im killing myself slowly and i know it. i tell people im never going to get old...they dont realize the reality in that statement. its not because i want to "alwyas remain young looking"....its because i wont make it till next year this time. to all of u out there struggling like me. i know its impossible to stop...but try. so u can actually make it till next year. love Kristin

Andra said...

I had those problems for 2 years until i fainted in front of my sister and my family found out about's true,it wasn't really about wanting to disappear and stuff..i just wanted to be thin
so after i stopped throwing up and i started to eat i gained a lot of weight..i've been depressed but now i am fine,i eat healthy and i am trying to lose weight in a healthy way...and people,i'm telling you starvation is not the way to happiness!
I am pleased with myself now,though i'm not really thin,but my personality attracts more boys than my thin body did;)

Anonymous said...

I understand how realli ur showing d consequenes which is not common in sum sites, i'm quite happy tat u added sum of those pics 2 show ppl tat how u look if u turn ano.

I also understand those who r suffering from depression or sumting like tat.

BuH remember u dnt hve 2 look skinny 2 b pretty, like my fwend is not skinny but is not fat either and wow she is beatiful,and realli if u wanna b ano 4 bois attention, u will buh ina realli bad way. dey dun a survey on wat type of girl boys like and all of dem sed girls wit meat on dem

Anonymous said...

Yes these photos are scary. But if you read the tips "Ana is always watching" this disease is more then just low self esteem. Sound to me like they are more Schizophrenic then anything else. (I have known people who were, and started too become anorexic myself. Luckily I wised up.)

Fat Bastardo said...

AN is a disease. Beating up on people who have it is just cruel. Fat people on the other hand choose to be fat.

Anonymous said...

why the hell would you want to be so thin and how can you not eat of the good tasty food that the Lord provides?

Anonymous said...

Hello my name is Ellie-rae i am 14 years old i am not the skinniest of people but i love the way i am. no one should change the way they look. we are all made the way where supposed too look. are bones are ment too be on the inside tucked in, not sticking out so we can see them.. i do feel really sorry for people with anorexcia and if anyone needs too speak about it down msn add me, . thank you and please dont make yourself anorexic have you not heard christina agulara's song beautiful? if not listen too it maybe it will make you think...

Anonymous said...

you are truly sick in the head
this site is trying to make people feel bad about their bodies
eating and exercising in moderation is much better than starving yourself to death
anorexia isnt something to be proud of and since you are putting pictures of people who suffered and died from anorexia and then encoruraging inoccent young people to hate and punish themselves for eating is nothing less than disgusting!
curvy is beautiful!
heck! big is beautiful
there is nothing wrong with the odd bit of puppy fat, its natural
and being a skeletal twig is not too attractive, regardless of stupid fashion mags!!!!!!!!!!!
the poor women who are told they are too fat to model and end up starving themselves towards the brink of death sickens me
its not fair to watch all the innocent women brainwashed by the materialistic media who say that you must be a skeleton to achive a succseful modeling career truly saddens me,
this site is stupid
i dont care about all the hate mail that i'm probably going to recive because of this, but i'm sure a lot of people will agree that being curvy or a little bit to large is nothing that cant be solved by sensible eating and excecise.

Anonymous said...

i think the pictures on your website wont scare anorexics into eating, because when i see them i kno they are disgusting but my anorexia says to me, 'if you looked like that it would be such a great achievement, you would be perfect like that" but still, i admire what youve done, it really shows to non-anas how awful and controlling this disease can be.
ive been in hospital twice with anorexia, the first time i was only 31kgs and i had to stay in for three months.
now i am at the weight my doctor set me and i hate my body because i think i look obese, but no matter what i am NOT GOING BACK TO ANA!! just yesterday i ate my first piece of chocolate in almost two years, it was amazing, and the ridiculous thing is that i was terrrified, but when i ate it i felt fine!

im just saying that life after anorexia is amazing and youll realise that all your thoughts about food ARE NOT REAL!! THEY ARE THE VOICE OF A DISEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Medusa said...

To Anonymous who posted at 7:37 p.m., July 29, 2009:

Anonymous, you've missed the point of this post and my site by a long shot.

Please read my main page ( and you will discover what my site is all about.

I do not encourage people to starve or feel bad about their bodies...rather, the opposite.

Take some time and read some of my posts.


Medusa said...

To Anonymous who posted at 8:25 p.m., July 29, 2009:

I'm thrilled to hear you're on the road to recovery. Sending hugs your way...


d'arcy said...

lanugo is NOT hairloss. it is a fine downy hair that grows all over your body when you are at an extremely low weight. additionally,the picture of the "anorexic girl who died shortly after this picture was taken" is taken from the now-defunct website "bonypink", which was a pornographic website featuring illegal pictures of women in the modern slave trade. that woman was NOT anorexic, she was a trafficed woman who was being starved for a sickening esthetic. i commend what you are trying to do, but PLEASE get your facts correct.

Anonymous said...

I know it´s not the right place for me here, I don´t know if I have an ED but I often try to starve. I just know that I have DIS. I´ve gained 2 kg, now my BMI is 15,9. I try to love your blog. Good luck for you all.

Medusa said...

d'arcy...I know what lanugo is.

That picture you're referring to (i.e. "anorexic girl who died shortly after this picture was taken") is an actual picture of bonypink. Bonypink wrote me last year and asked me to remove her name from the pic.


Anonymous said...

PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE YO COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!CAN YOU ALL PLEASE STOP COMMENTING ON THINGS YOU DONT UNDERSTAND?!? ITS NOT ALWAYS ABOUT BEING THIN SOMETIMES PEOPLE HAVE LEGITIMATE REASONS FOR BEING THE WAY THEY ARE 4 EXAMPLE. 5 years ago my little sister and I were on a beach she was draged into the undertow she died and i had tried to save her and ended up in hospital attached to mashines having my chest pumped. Then mom got pregnant and had another girl she was extremely ill with gastric reflux (colapsing windpipe) there was not a day when i didnt think she would die. A year lter Dad left and i havent seenhim since. mom got with a new guy who beat and abused me they went on to have three more kids twin boys and 1 girl all of which have gastric reflux, Attention Deficit Hyper-activity Disorder. Then the youngest girl went into hospital with double pnumonia and empyima she nearly died. My life was spiraling out of control, theonly thing i have control over is my eating and my wieght. i am still suffering and weigh 4 stone 7 im 5foot 5. Now mabye you can understand why some people are puled into this disease. If you want to e-mail me its

soozx said...

I-love-balloons - that is a hell of a lot you are dealing with and you are so so brave to try to save your sister even being willing to give your own life trying to do so. Not everyone would be so selfless.
I understand what you are saying about control - I lost huge amounts of weight (5-6 stone) when I felt my life was spiraling out of my control. What I ate was mine and mine alone to control - no-one else could touch that.
Since then, I have learned that there are other things that I can control apart from my weight. It may sound silly or mundane, but you can control what you learn - what enters your brain instead of your body. Learning through open learning sites (such as an off-shoot of Open University) opened up a whole new world of arts and humanities for me.
Anyway, that's what I did when I realised I was in trouble.
And now, well now life has spiraled again and here I am looking to control my weight again. Thank you Medusa for popping up on the google search, and thank you 'I-love-balloons'. Your post made me remember the control I craved back then and look at what is happening now (making me see that life is spiraling out of control). I managed to shift my focus from food to education then, which is what you've reminded me to do now. You may have saved this life. Thank you.
Maybe you could shift your focus of control from you to learn everything possible about ADHD for example? Or psychology? Perhaps educate yourself to a point where you can leave the situation you are in and support yourself in a good job (I don't know your age). That may be all too simplistic, I don't know.
Whatever you choose (and it is your choice) I wish you all the best my sweet x

Anonymous said...

hello, I want to be thin my boyfriend has a six pack and I hate the thought of my body, I am trying it has been a week now can I please have help I have been eating one meal a day, I smoke so that makes it easier I need someone who is in the same boat as me :D

CherryColors said...

OH.. some tips are written a couple of times over and over again..


It's so sad... eh. :(

Unknown said...

I have struggled with an eating disorder for about 5 years now. when i was looking for informational links regarding my eating disorder this came up.

i just want to comment and say that i find this EXTREMELY insulting. None of you know what it is like to have an eating disorder. we do not CHOOSE to be MENTALLY ILL. nor do you understand how incredibly hard it is to recover from and ED.

i think its really really sad instead of posting just the pictures and helpful information on recovery centers or just plain facts about eating disorders you decided to take the immature smart-ass way and post "tips/ticks"

judging from your picture i see you are grown woman. I am 19 years old and i have a better sense of respect than you and that is pathetic.

and p.s. only thing your achieving with this mindless blog is giving girls tips for crash dieting tips for girls who want to lose a couple pounds, people with real eating disorders dont need tips.

you want to act like you give a damn. this is purely making fun of mentally ill people. you should be ashamed of yourself.

Unknown said...

All I've done here is scroll straight down. And read it.
Medusa, clearly the intent is one of compassion and warning.
It does look potentially dangerous though when the majority of people responding here come across as ignorant, not to mention stupid, and as a result, vulnerable. oh, sigh, it's not as though I believe in censorship or anything either.
What a horrible mess these posts and comments are.
sadness is encompassing. My heart goes out to all who suffer at the hands of this evil disease

Brandee said...

I fully support your site Medusa despite what the 19 year old stated. If she would read more of your sight she would get your full intent. also life is full of triggers and there's all these pro ana sites full of crap you can read and follow or read in disgust or not look them up! Triggers happen. Deal with them!
Medusa I found your site trying to find tribute info on karen carpenter for my Anti Ana Pro recovery site and you expose the ugliness, truth, and pain of all eating disorders. I admire that!
I had to laugh at some of these pro ana posts because there are so many contradictions! A lot of anorexics self injure so the rubberband thing wouldn't be a punishment per se! and if these sites want to glorify Anorexia then doing these crazy ideas goes against something to be glorified. like a big DUH! also the posts don't seem to mention the physiology of what happens as you starve and how chemicals come into play and take away your mind and ability to function to even continue with these crazy ideas because then Ana controls you! and I am speaking first hand. I know firsthand horrors for 20 years of this shit!
I choose recovery.
Thanks Medusa.

Medusa said...

Brandee, thank you so much for taking the time to comment.

As always, your comments are spot on. Thanks so much for sharing.



Anonymous said...

If you'd of asked me three months ago, I'd of been a happy teenager. And then one of my friends came back into my life. She's taller than I am, two dress sizes smaller than I am, she's two "cup sizes" bigger and she eats way more.

I started getting obsessed with my calorie intake and was doing crazy amounts of fasting & excersize because I was desperately trying not to appear invisible next to her. I wasn't trying to disappear, I was just sick of being looked over by everyone when I was standing next to my superthin, super pretty friend. Sure, it started off as simple jealousy, but after a while, I realised that it wasn't about her, or about loosing weight. It was the need to control something in my life. I'm now 5'3'' and a little under 7 stone.

I now feel more invisible than ever, and now I'm regretting even starting this. I hate the life I lead, because it revolves around my weight. It's not a lifestyle, no matter how many people say it is. You don't suddenly wake up one morning and say "I think I'll go pro-ED today." It takes over your life slowly, bit by bit, until IT controls YOU. Whereas a lifestyle is something YOU choose to live, Anorexia and Bulimia are they are parasitic illnesses that feed off of low self esteem & a thirst to prove yourself. I suffer from both of them, and, honestly, I hate myself for it. I did this to myself, to my family, and it sickens me. But still I continue.

I'm not some amazing person with advice, nor am I condoning eating disorders. I'm just saying that sometimes, its hard to give up an obsession. Hunger pangs are like a drug; you begin to depend on them to know that you're doing it right.

This site shocked me, which I think it's supposed to do. While I'm thankful for the comments calling us stupid & what not, I think people do need to understand that it becomes an obsession and that it's hard to stop. I'm not defending it by any means, but I don't appreciate being called a sicko by somebody who probably has no idea what it feels like. Unless you've experienced it for yourself, don't judge those people who suffer. There are "wannaretics" out there, but I can assure you, the majority of people suffering,(yes, suffering) are not doing so by choice. You never expect it to get as serious as it does, I know that from experience. I just hope I can stop before my body gives up.

Anonymous said...

with out ana or mia most of the suffer-er's would be grossly fat. this is how they can prevent that. no one should put anyone down or put down this website. how would you even find it unless you searched thinspo pro ana, ana, pro mia, or mia.

Anonymous said...

every one is beautiful no matter how much you weigh. just look at yourself in the mirror, dont look at how your body looks, look at your face. try and see the happy girl that is trying to look back at you. if you cant see this girl, why not seek help, you might need it. its better safe then sorry xxx

Anonymous said...

you only live once, why waste your life with an obsession like this? beauty isn't only your appearance. I know this comment isn't exactly going to make someone stop completely, but I'm trying to make some points.
A Person at a Healthy weight wouldn't normally look at someone anorexic and think they are beautiful. It is just an obsession, and it is not beautiful.
When you look at the pictures on this Website, It's like looking at Holocaust Victims. Food is there to Keep you Alive, Not to make you fat. It's what foods you eat which affect your weight.

Anonymous said...

I thank you for your tips on this site and the articles. I am currently bulimic and trying very hard to stop (for those of you who have never had this disorder, you will never understand how addictive it is..)your articles of dying girls and missing teeth will hopefully stick in my mind next time I go to purge and Im hoping your 'ana' tips can be used to help me stop the binging. in particular I will try the electic band, the drinking water and counting to 100 before I get into a binge situation and have to purge. So thank you for hopefully helping my condition. Although I must say some of these tips may be used negitively for person seeking to have a eating disorder and not overcome one...

Medusa said...

How erudite you are, anonymous.

You missed the intent of this post entirely.

Check out the sidebar. My picture is there.

Anonymous said...

thats not u how do we no thats u?? u think ur god to these people but u have one sad lonley life chick sorry but u aint that skinny so why egg others on?how can i miss the point wen ur saying stuff like anas watching u and how to stop eating!!ur helpin people die!!!!why dont u loose another 3 stone see how u like it? yes u post showing others the risks but its like ur chalenging them to do this to extream lenghs!!i dont get it please explain??????what are u trying to achive???????plz reply i would love to no!!!zara

Medusa said...

Anonymous, you're right. You don't get it.

Enough said. I will not post any more of your inarticulate, nonsensical, hysterical diatribes.

Anonymous said...

im sorry nobody has to agree/disagree with this but i find this a disgrace u r showing ppl how to become anorexic and teaching them this while ppl in africa are starving because they have no food to eat while were here in a rich country with tons of food but your telling them that the fridge is the enemy!!!!!!!!! yes i understand that its a mental thing but still, y?!??!?!?!?!!?!?!?!

Anonymous said...

Cierra says,
hey leave medusa alone i happen to think this website is amazing! shes showing the cold hard truth of frickin anorexia and these are what people end up actually looking like! im only 13 years old and i was thinking of dieting to get skinny but i saw these and i was like dude i really dont want to lose weight anymore its not worth it!! i love this site im currently writing a cause and effect essay on anorexia nervosa and i read some of this and it really helped!! im going to show you medusa the essay very soon! love cierra a 13 year old girl!

Medusa said...

Thanks so much, Ciera. You rock.



Brandee said...

ok now I am pissed! Anonymous who posts about what you assume Medusa weighs contradicts your negativity towards her sight in accusing her of basically being pro ana!!! Shows how little intelligence, if at all, you have.
I had to stop reading some of the harsh comments by some of the idiots on here who don't read the entire sight and don't see your beautiful photo of you on here under your profile!!!
Think before you speak people. Read and educate yourself before getting fired up over something you choose to misconstrue or don't take the time to understand.
I have battled 20 years and never touched a "pro ana" site until in recovery and blogging and a gal commented on one of my posts. I thought she was for recovery and soon learned otherwise and took her off! In other words I learned how to be "anorexic" on my own! Those who look to sites to be "taught" need to get a grip because they don't get the nightmare AT ALL! True anorexia starts off with wanting to drop a few and insecurities. It's also about relationships etc. It soon spirals and controls you.
I did horrible things with dieting all on my own! no site could make me worse or "more anorexic". It's much more deeper than that. these pro ana sites are shallow.
Read Medusa's entire site. It exposes the true ugliness of it. The ugly veins, heart troubles, dangers, disgusting bones, tooth decay, lanugo, weakness, powerlessness etc. I have struggled with all this and it's not pretty like these model ads try and glorify with photoshopping.
Medusa exposes the REALITY not the fantasy of what you get when you reach your "anorexic" goal!!! The ultimate success of anorexia is DEATH! Not beauty. not attention. not glory!
((hugs)) Medusa!!!

Medusa said...


You are such a dear, funny friend. Thanks for always having my back.


Anonymous said...

wow some of you guys are really mean. though some of the tips will seem dumb to a lot of people, they have obviously been a help to someone out there. its weird to search through all of these things and think 'i didnt know other people did that too'. my mind created least half these 'tips' a long time ago on its own

Anonymous said...

To the comment about your body 'eating the fat' it does not it eats muscle !!! Maybe reading a book on how your body works may show you just how dumb you are. I am so glad you did this Medusa, I hope theses stupid selfish women. See how dumb they are a world where people ARE DIEING for food you reject it for reasons of you want to be 'thin' or have 'control' well do everyone a huge fava and go swap your life with a person in the third world. That why there will be no food (which I'm sure would be a dream for you)to temp you into being sane. Plus don't blame others such as celeb, mags and fashion. It was your choice, if someone told you to shot yourself would you no ....or maybe you would.
I have lose mates to both anorexia and bulimia, and loved them but I can never forgive or understand there 'world' they clearly did'nt love us (family and friends).

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say thanks. Because I've never seen Ana before in this light. And I feel like this is going to make it easier to break. Thankyou sosososososo much for this slap in the face. Thankyou.

Anonymous said...

I am a recovered ana and I am so glad that i got outta this before it got any worse. I think that the people that don't understand this at all, and have never been in this position, should keep their comments to themselves. They have no idea what its like, and never will.

Anonymous said...

Its so disturbing that people lives are ruined due to this evil disease. I am happy that there are websites out there highlighting the issues around anorexia and getting people to think about consequences etc. it also gives other people a chance to encourage sufferers in a positive light so they know there are people out there who care. This is a not a life style young girls or women should want to live. I encourage recovered sufferers to post their success stories as this gives other girls/ guys some hope for their life. it is important to recognise that not EVERY sufferer wants to be the way they are.

I am doing a group choreography on the issues faced with fashion in the media. One of the ideas we came up with was the effect that models and constant obsession of weight loss and celebrities in he media effects peoples lives. This is one issue we will be dealing with. Do you feel that the media has a lot to do with anorexia? This question is aimed at anorexics and the public. What are your views?

I do wish every suffer a success in getting better. well done Medusa

Anonymous said...

i just want to say thankyou i had belimia and was going anarexic to but i got out of it before it was to late. Lately i was thinkin to myself how fat i was gettin and i was eating normally and doing exersize but i was still gettin huge.i couldnt take it anymore and i was going back to the old me and eating less but after seeing this is reminded me of how shit i felt and the way i lost my boyfriend through it (which i now have back) and i wont go down that road again. This really made me realise how good my life is that im not like that anymore and inever even got that bad so thankyou

Anonymous said...

this is more of a question to those out there with an eating disorder, possibly more so those that are not currently suffering from 'disordered eating'. I myself do not have an eating disorder, but i have had friends who have had them.

i realise that an eating disorder is something that someone has to get over by themselves (not that i think someone can just get over it) but i was wondering how someone like myself, who has not personally been through this, can communicate to someone, like a friend, who is currently experiencing it to get them to help themselves. i'm just asking because i don't want to come across as either promoting their disorder or putting them down, but instead just helping them to deal with something so hard and look out for their best interest.

Anonymous said...

Medusa I really appreciate this site you have created. Reading some of the other comments really emphasizes the lack of education and understanding society has on this disease. I am a well educated woman who has been battling bulimia for 17 years. I have sought help for my disease but I have found that there is still a lack of understanding on this disease in the medical community. It's not necessarily about the food or "looking good". There are so many layers to this disease emotionally and mentally. I appreciate your site and the pictures showing the reality of the results of not getting better. You have helped me today and I appreciate that so MUCH! Thank you for providing this forum and good luck to everyone battling this disease - we can't give up.

Medusa said...


Thank you so much for taking the time to comment and for your very kind words.

I hope you're able to find the help you need soon to start you on the road to recovery.

Sending hugs your way,


Anonymous said...


:) said...

many of you girls who have an eating disorder say that you use it as a coping mechanism, that its not about looks. so instead of starving yourself, or throwing up as a coping mechanism, why dont you find a hobby? like running, or something like that so you feel good about losing weight the right way, you could go to the gym, and use the exercise as a coping mechanism. and you know, if you stuck to a vegetarin diet or something like that, you would stay thin, and have something to do, and be healthy. at least think about yourself and the situation youre putting your body in when you do this. im sure some of you may look at this and laugh, but if you try it, you might find yourself happier and more content! :)

Anonymous said...

this is sick. Why would you do that to yourselves?

Ellen said...

Wowm these pictures really made me think what bulimia is really like not only are you gunna be beautiful and thin but you could be seriously ill or even die, tonight i became bulimic and now i realise how stupid i was, but i cant stop im addicted i want to be thin and pretty but i dont want to end up dead ! ! !

Anonymous said...

so i would like to loose weight and i feel bad when i eat but i scared to not eat. idk what to do. i would like to hear an answer from a person who is anorexic and ask them to please give me personal advice. not advice on here. i know you people may think that the pictures are horrible but those are people who have been this way for many many years. ionly wanna be this way for a while till i am the weight i am comfortable at.

Anonymous said...

I'm not anorexic or anything, but sometimes if I have really bad cravings, these tips help.
Such as this one, "If you love a certain food, save the wrappers even after you've eaten it. Smell it when you're hungry." or this one "Wear perfectly applied lip gloss. It makes you more aware of what's going in your mouth. Also, flavored ones help with cravings."

Anonymous said...

Wow.. okay. all of you guys need to chill out. its not always about fat or skinny people.! sometimes people just.. dont want to eat. so its not your choice to decide whether or not its wrong. some people may think that its right and some may think its wrong. either way everything you guys have said is just YOUR opinion. I personally think people who do become anorexic or bulimic are some people with problems who are just trying to find some way to get through these tough times.! soo calm down.

Anonymous said...

"Anorexia: An eating disorder characterized by markedly reduced appetite or total aversion to food. Anorexia is a serious psychological disorder. It is a condition that goes well beyond out-of-control dieting. The person with anorexia, most often a girl or young woman, initially begins dieting to lose weight. Over time, the weight loss becomes a sign of mastery and control. The drive to become thinner is thought to be secondary to concerns about control and fears relating to one's body. The individual continues the endless cycle of restrictive eating, often to a point close to starvation. This becomes an obsession and is similar to an addiction to a drug. Anorexia can be life-threatening. Also called anorexia nervosa."
you can be 300 pounds or 60 pounds and still have anorexia. you could just have a fear of food and some would class it as that. a fear of putting on weight, i know of some people that have those fears but dont starve themselves, they lose weight healthily by eating healthily and exercising. and i also know of some people who have been branded anorexic but only had the "dsorder" for a few months.
real anorexia only comes when dieting becomes more and more extreme to a point where it is dangerous. it can stem from a number of problems, stress, troubles at home, a dislike for your body, or even in some cases a "love" of bones.
the people that "pray" to "ana" are the ones that started of with a general ed and then got more and more lonely, (it is commonly known that family and friends get pushed away or cut themselves of from a person with an ed) and turned to "ana" as something to turn to, as for the term "pro ana" it can be used in differnt ways by different people, i know a girl who only uses the pro ana term as one for finding friends like her, people she can relate to as her family just dont want to know her anymore.
as for myself, i have a love for bones, but i eat and exercise like a normal person, yes i have a few pounds of extra fat on me and once in a blue moon i go a week without food. i dont know why. i used to have anorexia but i am over that because it didnt last long but i think the long periods of time without food are subconcious, how discusting to not eat because you want to be "skinny" because we all know they won't be, and we all know where they will end up. and so do they, but they shove it to the back of their minds. its not disorder, its denial, its pressure, its the fashion industry, its the world around them, its the calorie content.
thankyou if you read this i know it is long but do not have a go at people with anorexia because they cant help themselves and you cant help them while you're constantly putting them down, because that is what got them there in the first place.
peace xoxo

Gypsy Incarnate said...

I became anorexic in high school. I was 76 lbs and 5'3". I saw all my bones and loved it. I am now 34 years old and 94 lbs.

Just a warning for those teens who think anorexics are something to admire. These are problems I have to deal with:
Thinned hair
Poor eye site
Brittle bones
Cracked teeth
Kidney problems
Hair growth on body
Little or no breast tissue
Prone to illness
Constant fainting

And that's just negative health effects of Anorexia.

You will have social problems too. An anorexic cannot enjoy themselves, because they are constantly thinking of food.
I've looked back and regret my choice in high school to be emaciated. I've missed out on experiencing yummy food and indulging my taste buds. It has affected my life in areas of health, socializing, and being a successful adult. But the worst part is seeing my 5 year old daughter picking at her body parts and saying she is fat!

Please do not make this choice if you are a teen. It is not healthy. If you want to be skinny, then skip fast food, don't eat meat (beef, pork, and chicken), and no dairy products except for yogurt. Definitely check labels for high fructose corn syrup, and all hygronated oils (trans fat). Eat healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. If you want a yummy snack then get organic!

This is a life long battle for me, but I'm coping with it by eating organic healthy food to stay thin. And I'm trying to be a better example of a healthy, positive, and secure woman for my daughters.

*Sometimes anorexia is due to prior sexual abuse or trauma as in my case. Please also see a therapist if this is the case.

If it is due to having no control in your home environment, then just remember you will be older one day to make your own choices and decisions.

Anonymous said...

Hello medusa ... from Canada.
As a male who was endlessly taunted and even beaten through school for being over weight I developed an eating disorder in my teens. What got me out of it was the endless attraction all girls seemed to have toward me ... suddenly. I would black out if I stood up too quickly and my stomach would constantly rumble but I was the cat's pajamas ... and I found it all so disturbing ... after all ... I was the same person I had been while over weight yet I couldn't catch anyone's eye.
Sorry that so many "so called experts" are running you down. I believe your site is truely subversive ... perhaps not as subversive as a pro diabities site ... informing people to eat lots of tasty, warm and silky fast foods ... in a truely conspicuous and gluttonous manner regularly ... but still ... great stuff Medusa!
My only love suffers from EDs and I believe you're on the right track.
Cheers from the north,

Medusa said...

Hi back from a fellow Canadian, Anonymous. The Great White North is my home, too :^)

Thanks very much for your comments about your experiences with the opposite sex while suffering from an ED. It's so unfortunate that many place so much importance on a person's appearance, never taking the time to get to know that person. I'm very happy to hear you recovered, and hope that your love is able to as well.

Wishing you health and happiness in 2010...


Anonymous said...

hi i really jst want sum1 to tell me im fat to help me do u think you could hook me up with a email buddie if tnx xxxx

Anonymous said...

You will never recover from anorexia... I have lived with it for 17 years and only eat certain foods for the fear of loosing control...I carnt have kids, dont eat out and dont know what a normal life is.

Anorexia controls me 24/7 and no one close to me understands me.
Pippa d x

Anonymous said...

for me its not about wantting to be about skinny. i used to be so dependent on everything but now i don't need anything. i am happier.

Anonymous said...

This is trully discusting and by helping people become anorexic si dangerous and life frettining.... You do not look nice. You have a mental disorder you look in the mirror and think fat we look at you and think omg if that person totches me i might be sick because of you bones rubbing up against me. I am 5 ft 7 and 10 stone, I am size 8-10 in uk clothes size... I love the size i am becuase i am curvy and not fat at the same time i have boob's and a ass and curvy long legs. And my face does not look like it is being sucked back like a vacume cleaner like anorexics do. You look terrible GET SOME HELP!

Anonymous said...


Rae said...

I'm 17 and am 7st 2. I look in the mirror and hate myself, because I'm too thin (through no fault of my own). I'm underweight and it could be dangerous. I don't want to see my bones sticking out. That's repulsive. I think this site is good as i shows the effects of losing too much weight.

Anonymous said...

My sister lived with an ED for 15 years. All our understanding, her friends (some she met while in hospital) and the best care couldn't fully reach her, in part, because of these sites. They serve to reinforce behaviours, rituals and obsessions that are so very harmful. My sister was convinced these sites were in the right, and that it was easier to continue with her disease, instead of fighting it. She's been gone for a little over 7 years now, and though her very painful struggles are over, the remaining family and friends have had to live with it ever since. Please CONTINUE to expose and get rid of these sites. They are a very intelligently and articulately crafted means of perpetuating a very dangerous form of self-hate, posing as a means of understanding and support.

Thank you for your blog.

Anonymous said...

i was actuallly looking up tips and this popped up. the pictures dont really phase me because i know my parents would notice before it got that bad. these tips have actually helped quite a lot. i know everyones all happy-go-lucky and thinks its inner beauty 100% and it doesnt matter your waist size. thats not true. guys dont look at fat girls and think about how much they'd want that. you would never understand the mind set people who have an eating disorder are in and you never will. people like us are born with it. and no one understands it, dont try to.
sorry if this comes off mean i wasn't trying to be rude. its just the truth. and if you want to have tips on this site, i would suggest not having as many.

Anonymous said...

well,these ANA quotes can help ppl with bulimia because that can control our "contorl problem"

i was,im bulimic.Im eatig and eating until i feel like a baloon and then,im trowing financialy fucked up,socialy eaven more,in last days i started steeling sweets and food form a store.I can have sex because i cant turn on.I can talk with ppl because Im thinking of food and of my stomach.

Im int this thing for 7 years and now,Im 19

I tried with 1000 therapies,psihologists and psih.
The worst thing is that my mum is a neuropsihstc. and she's working with ppl like me but she can not help me

eaven worst is that im helping ather ana-mia girls and i did few times but i can not contorl myself

i will fight again and again and AGAIN and i will continue helping ather girls all over my Country

just keep on with these pictures.


ps sorry coz of my Engl.writting

Anonymous said...

I lived with ana/mia for about a year in my 1st and second year of high school because my dad called me fat all the time! when i moved in with my mum she almost force fed me and said i looked better healthy. she stopped me throwing up because i didnt have the oppertunity to.
im in my 3rd year of high school and im 14 years old. this stupid nosey cow told my PE teacher that i was getting really skin and then the big nosey cow sent me to see our school support team. I now have to keep a bloody diary and see a stupid nurse . I have planned out the next lie im going to tell ti try and get out of it. i am not a wanna be. I dont want to do this to my self. I have to hide my weight from my mum and wear baggy clothes to hide away how i look. A girl yesterday said that i was "so skinny" and when i was getting changed for a rehersal and do you know what... IT FELT GOOD!!!! i love being told im thin and only found this website looking for my next goal on how to look. so what if you dont like it. i hate my hole life and thebody im in is the only thing i can controll. people who say that people like me disgust them can piss off because i like loosing weight and am going to keep on doing it until im stopped. good luck with that!!!!!
sorry that you dont like it and thanks medusa for people who have decided to do it could be a well needed wake up call because its not the nicest thing to be doing but ana is like my best friend and i think i need her.

McKelly said...

I think Anorexia is a dumb choice, but the list of things you mention, some are actually useful for us binge/comfort eaters. That is the only reason why I went to this site. I honestly couldn't see myself STARVING myself. Most food IS bad, but you can choose what to put in your mouth. Being a teen and going to McDonalds of course is bad. But thankfully even when I was a teen, you really don't pack on the weight, is the bad habits you form as a teen for your 20's and 30's is what makes people more obese as they get older. I was size 3 back in the day, and there's no way I'd want to be that tiny again. However to lose 20#'s from some of your ideas on this site, is a good idea. Anyhow. It's a good site for people who are older and don't have as much stress about weight as teens do. But this site is TERRIBLE for a 14 year old girl to read. It's so tragic these poor kids these days feel they have to STARVE themselves to fit in or get a guy. pathetic...

Anonymous said...

I am curious about all this stuff , its all very shocking and intresting to me . Im a 17 year old teen Girl and i understand having problems with my body , wish and praying to feel better about my body , not to get the guys , just to be able to look in the mirror and smile , ive never had an eating disorder before and i have no clue about it , but i would like to know , to understand these people who go through it . I wanna see this through their eyes you know? but im terrified of those photos on here , the scare the hell out of me because i am purposely planning on going into this just to know , and maybe in the end feel alittle better about myself . is there a safer way to go into this and not end up like those people in the photos?

Medusa said...

Anonymous said:
"Is there a safer way to go into this and not end up like those people in the photos?"

Anonymous,there is NO safe way to "go into this."

Please take a moment to read some of the other posts on my site, especially those readers who have submitted their stories about the hell they've gone through as a result of their eating disorders.

Eating disorders KILL.

~ Medusa

Anonymous said...

i was bulimic for 2 years and i lost a lot of weight but my friend got me eating properly again, and i am greatful but i feel fat again. i am already a vegetarian so it isnt hard for me to stop eating things, i guess i could just look at all foods as animals? i have started making myself sick again and i dont want to stop anymore, but im afraid incase i cant stop later on and i will end up like someone in the picture or dead. but i really dont wanna be fat. but if i do die, atleast i will be skinny{:

Anonymous said...

you actually realize some people might USE this tips instead of AVOIDING them, right?

Anonymous said...

well i have looked through the pics and the comments and the tips. and i agree with everyone i used to b bulimic and i still have issuse with myself and i will be honest i came on her looking for tips to lose weight fast and when i saw the pics i just said i wont let myself get like that! there are some things on here i might use and that have been of use to me but at the end of the day i just think that if someone is going to do it then thats all there is to it...not that i condone it i just think its like going into anything with a downside...'enter at your own risk' if u think u can do it and stop when ur happy fair enough if u think its stupid fair enough (although i do ask why ur on the site if u aint interested?...just out of curiosity)and if u get so involved that it ends up taking over ur life and ultimatly ends up being the death of you...well thats ur own fault u shuda done it the right way!eaither way i just think the more people discourage and mock something like this they push someone more towards doing this as they make the other person want to see that its done then better then worse!but i dunno the worlds fucked up but i just hope that all the people that have come on here wanting to lose weight...all i say is seriously think want you andt and can you stop when u want!!!if not the rest is up to u!!!

Anonymous said...

I have no self-confidence at all. I'm fat, and I can never stick to a diet. This is horrible, but it's the only way this is gonna work for me...I cheated on my boyfriend with my best friend's ex...I'm a horrible girlfriend and friend, but I need to stop worrying about other people and worry about myself and make myself happy. I have horrible guilt so I think about what I did to them, and I get a sicking feeling inside and I just can't eat or hold anything down. It happened 3 days ago, and I already lost 8 pounds.

Anonymous said...

I think this site is amazing. I have struggled with ana/mia for 8 years ever since my dad died (at 17) and I was left on my own because the rest of my family would not care for me. It definitely developed as a coping mechanism. I was doing better, at a healthy weight (5'3", 115lbs) but still obsessed with calorie counting and self-image. I managed to make it through university but not being able to get a job and having nothing to do and moving away from my friends put me back in the b/p cycle for the past six months. I can't keep any food in the house. I spend more than I can afford on food, and I can't afford to get professional help. Reading this blog is such a relief, to know that there are more people like me out there, and that there are people who are recovered/recovering. I have never told anyone about my ED and am very good at hiding it. I am starting to feel physically ill again. I hope posting this will help me feel better, finally writing it down and telling someone. I will definitely use this site for support and tips to help in my recovery. Thanks for everyone who shared their stories and thanks for running this site.

Anonymous said...

Medusa, I understand the point of your website, and like that you're trying to curb girls from trying to become or getting better from having eating disorders.

But what I think is wrong is those of you who think you're helping or doing girls a favor by calling them sick and disgusting and saying you don't want to see their gross frail bodies. Clearly it isnt' about you or what you want to see, it's about the mental state of the individual who has the disorder.

It is called a disease because the person is out of control of what their doing to their bodies. Their minds (due to environment, from their poor self image or others constantly bringing them down) are brainwashed into confusion and they feel this is the only way to make everything better.

Those that seriously have the disorder wouldn't be on sites for tips because it come natural to that unhealthy state of mind, and it shows you what societies are doing to individuals who feel they want to be annorexic. But don't sit there and blame the person! it's the corporations and the marketers and the high fashion companies faults for telling these girls they'll never be beautiful because they don't look like the girls in the magazines!

Even what you see int he magazines are fake, they are beautiful (and already too thin) women who have been retouched on the computer to look even THINNER. None of it is real, and that is what they fail to tell us! It's not a concievable weight for any woman. It is natural for us to have curves, we're MEANT to, and that is why it is natural for men to be attractive to curves.

I hope these girls get help. They really need it, but for those of you who are saying their disgusting, you're only making matters worse, and if you don't have anything NICE or HELPful to say, don't say it.

Anonymous said...

I just want to say I totally get this site .. You have helped me so much reading it through. I'm 26 and have purged on and off for several years since I lost my baby.... It was a control thing and I do it when everything else goes wrong and also for my weight as am far from happy with my body. I decided I wanted to do it seriously and be competitive with it. After going through your site I realise what a stupid game I have been playing and realise it is gradually getting out of control.
I will be getting some help and loose my weight the right way.... You have opened my eyes to what I am getting myself into...and totally turned my way of thinking... I think you have just possibly helped save my life and for that I say a very Big THANKYOU!

Medusa said...


Thanks so much for your kind words. My deepest condolences to you on the loss of your baby.

I'm so glad you will be seeking help.

With best wishes to you in your recovery...


maddie said...

Eating Disorders are a mental illness. There are 7 and 8 year olds that have an ed. children that age shouldnt even know what a calorie is. i dont think the point of this site was to support the disorders, or promote them to people. The tips are meant to show what difficult horrible things go through the minds of those with an ed. weave in the pictures and youve got a recipe for people to NOT want to be this way. for those who have an ed, stay strong and try to get help. Controlling what you eat gives you a false sense of security when things in life are hard. and every single person on earth has beauty. For those bashing this site, no need to be mean, think what youd like and move on. the world doesnt need any more anger, and calling disordered people stupid, etc…thats like yelling at someone for their skin color. they cant control it if its real. Self hatred is a terrible thing to suffer from. Just a few thoughts. love to all.

Medusa said...

maddie, thanks so much for commenting and for understanding the point of not only this post but my site. Much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

I want to tell how shocked i was at this site. as someone who's battled with bulimia for a long time, I'm officially scared out of my wits to ever do it again. Therapy wasted my time, but this site really opened my eyes. I'm not as desperate to lose weight as I am to say alive and those pictures of girls were utterly disgusting.
So thank you. You've opened my mind and altered it.

Anonymous said...

This site sure did make me think again. I figured if I could just lose a couple of kilos... But those pictures-the people must have had no control over it after a while. And I want to live. Please anybody and everybody who reads this that is considering bolemia or anorexia, stick with a diet and a bit of excersise, just think about your favourite foods in the whole wide world. Are you ready to give that up???
Re-consider!!! Do you want to look like the girls in those pictures?

Anonymous said...

This is so contradicting. You have pro ana tips, then you show pictures of people with anorexia and bulimia that have died. This isn't a joke, this is serious. You need to love yourself no matter how much you weigh.

Medusa said...

Anonymous, it's not a joke or contradictory. You've missed the point of the post.

Unknown said...

Yeah, this is pretty much what it's like, you've got that right. Still, I love Ana. You can never be too rich or too thin!

Anonymous said...

I grew up in a dysfunctional household. Going Ana was my way to cope and I didn't even know it. I didn't know about Ana or Mia at the time. I just knew I lost my appetite and enjoyed the weight loss. But, my friends introduced me to Mary Jane. That's when I recovered from Ana and the stress from living with my family.

Anonymous said...

do images in the media promote eating disorders? nikki

BonyPink said...

Hello, again, Medusa. While I really like your website, I must ask a favor of you. May you please remove all of my photos from your site? I have been trying for YEARS to get all of those horrble photos offline, they were posted without my permission, I never wanted anyone to see those terrible photos.

I was forced to pose in those photos (as was my best and only offline friend) by a man who abducted, raped and beats us every single day. Those photos represent nothing but rape and torture and are doing me a HUGE amount of emotional damage. Every time I see one of those photos up, I end up getting flashbacks and memories of what I went through. Please, PLEASE take any of my photos that you have on your site off, please. It would mean SO much to me. People are taking them and reposting them all over the place and it is causing me so much trouble and pain. Please take all my photos down.

Please do the right thing. Thank you.

Medusa said...


I'm on vacation right now and have very limited internet access.

I'll check my posts for photos of you as soon as I return home.


Anonymous said...

This all kinda irritates me. Most of the people who actually follow these tips are just crash dieters and glorify the size zero models. As a recovered anorexic who spent years in therapy, including groups, not a single person I ever encountered used these sites to develop their ED.

Those who actually have an ED don't realize it & certainly don't realize that it's separate from their actual self. When you are in that state, there is no separation - it's ALL disordered thinking. Also, cases of anorexia have been present for hundreds of years - long before these sites were ever available.

I also was a member of what many may call a 'pro ana' site. However, the way to tell a site for true sufferers would be one that does NOT allow tips/tricks. They are havens to talk to others about what's going on, because those are the only people to talk to who think similarly. I'm not promoting this, but it's far different than this article makes it out to be.

I NEVER followed any of these tips or sought out sites and got down to 70 lbs (I'm 5'5). These sites don't make anorexics & by criticizing those w/eds and saying they are crazy is only going to deter people from getting help. By posting all these comments that those w/EDs are sick, crazy, disgusting, etc, will only keep them in their disease longer. So STOP BEING SO NEGATIVE and please realize that those pro ana sites aren't the cause of EDs. There are much bigger issues than these, so even getting rid of these so called 'pro ana' sites (which I am 99% sure aren't used by actual anorexics) won't stop the prevalence, but simply being nice to others will help, so how about everyone start there.

Anonymous said...

I am doing a project on the effects of media on people who want to be skinny, at least, thats what I thought I would find. Instead, I learn anorexia is a disease, not a life-style choice. And all the same, this pro-ana site has been a lot better than many others I have seen. Im trying to understand it better. You are creating a community for all those who suffer from the disease, and since it is such a disease that causes the brain to say NO to food, you are providing tips to keep saying no. I am naturally skinny (it runs down my dad's side of the family) no matter how much I eat I get bloated but not fat, and I cannot imagine what you must all be going through and so I reach out with sympathy. Something I dont understand is your mix of pictures of people who are down to the bone, and are looking so unhealthy, and then providing tips to hurt yourselfs (such as hit your stomach lightly to relieve a growling stomach) to become those images. On another Pro-ana site she was doing the same as you, but refusing treatment and denying she had a disease that it was a life-style choice instead. I am confused about the message you are trying to pass on, can you explain or expand? Kudos to you if you actually spent the time to read this :) - Anonymous143

Anonymous said...

Hi guys,
I really appreciate sites like these. So thank you very much, dear Medusa. I absolutely love your site!
I have always had a weird relation to food, because as a child, I was forced to eat everything that was on my dish and I was not allowed to stand up from our table until I had finished my food. This made me "sick" when I was only 12 years old. Then I tried to eat very small amounts of food and replace unhealthy food by a lot of vegetables and fruit. I stopped eating crap like McDonalds etcetera, but then, when I was fifteen, somehow that behaviour changed and I started eating completely normal food. I must admit that I was never too much into sports and stuff, but I did not gain a lot of weight. As I live in Austria (Europe), I can only tell you my weight, size and how tall I am in kg/cm.
At that time, I was 170cm tall and my weight was between 54 and 56 kg (at the age of fifteen).
I am now eighteen years old and my current weight is between 53 and 54 kg at a size of 174cm.
I guess that I am quite skinny, considering the fact that I am still not very sporty.
My dream-weight would be 50 kg, but the thing is, that I know how I can get this skinny WITHOUT a eating disorder.
Now this is especially to you anorexic or bulimic girls out there!
YOU ARE GORGEOUS, whether you're skinny or not. IT DOES NOT SAY THAT YOUR CHARACTER IS WEAK OR BAD BECAUSE YOU CANNOT STOP EATING AND THEREFORE THINK THAT IT MIGHT SHOW HOW UNDISCIPLINED YOU ARE! I know you think "what do you know?!" but guess what- I had bulimia for more than two years. I've been through all the shit and hard times. It started when I realized how my EX (!) boyfriend always told me "you are sooo heavy"..."that girl over there's so much skinnier than u"...and stuff like that! Girls- only you know who you are and who you want to be. Do you want to end up like a sick, ugly, destroyed woman or be happy, maybe have a family, people who love you and judge you by your character, not by the way you look?
Now it's your turn. Make your life worth living! Go to the gym, buy a cookbook, eat VERY healthy or even vegan, do whatever you like. HAVE FUN! nobody wants a neurotic, depressiv, suicidal friend or wife- start working on your inner, not on your outer parts!
because what really matters is inside you- your soul.
I'm not a jerk so I'm not saying that you should stop what you're doing by tmrw or so, but there's another way to stay skinny that requires much more than just vomiting and being sad.

With much love...

Medusa said...

Bonypink, I removed your pic from this post and did a quick check of all my other posts but didn't find any others of you.

Please let me know if you come across any that I may have missed and I will remove them.


Medusa said...

Hi, Anonymous 143 (April 6th):

You wrote:

"I am confused about the message you are trying to pass on, can you explain or expand?"

The message I am passing on is if you follow those tips, you'll end up deathly ill from starvation, as many of those are in the pics, or dead. The pictures say a thousand words.

Hope this helps.

~ Medusa

Anonymous said...

This website isn't promoting ana, it;s trying to make a point. Notice as the tips are displayed, you scroll down and find a disgusting picture that makes you not want to do this shit. It's showing the consequences of this nasty disease, and if you're looking for "ana" tips, maybe this website will change your mind on following them. Our bodies are meant to be thicker rather tahn rail thin.

Anonymous said...

This is horrendous! I suffer from anorexia and I'm fighting hard to beat it and have been for many years now. Thata website like this exists to belittle people with a serious mental illness, and spur them on is an absolute outrage. Whoever you are making this website, you ought to be ashamed for giving out unhealthy weight loss tips and making a mockery out of an extremely dangerous disease. I am going to find a way to report this disgusting, cruel website.

Medusa said...

Anonymous, you have missed the point of not only this post but my website. Please read the comment left above yours from Anonymous on April 15th. Anonymous hits the nail on the head.

The point of my post is that if you follow these tips, you will end up very ill or dead. The pictures say it all.


BonyPink said...

Thank you very much for removing the photo, I have been trying for YEARS to get them all off the net.

There was a point in time, some years back, where you couldn't find a single stupid pro-ana site that didn't have at least one or two of those horrible photos on it.

Over the years, thankfully, I've been legally getting hundreds of websites shut down and/or those photos removed. I usually ask them first, but often some of them actually have the audacity to tell me "no." It is then that I involve my lawyer and teach the little brats a lesson they won't forget about photo-theft.

I've even had to put up with some of those idiot pro-anas/wannarexics telling me things about the photos such as, "If you didn't want people to take them, you shouldn't have posted them online."

I DIDN'T post them online. I was forced to pose in those photos (along with another girl who I became friends with while this was going on) by a horrible man who raped and beat us daily. He had been holding us against our will and forcing us to pose nude and semi-nude in pornographic fetish photos for these horrible sick anorexic fetishists. So, no, I did NOT post those terrible photos on the internet.

Oh, by the way. No worries about you, though, 2Medusa. I haven't grouped you in with those rotten pro-ana idiots. I know you only meant to show the harsh reality of eating disorders, and I am very glad that you, too, speak out against the horrible pro-anas as well as try to educate the public about eating disorders. (I do this as well over my own websites and over facebook, youtube and xanga.)

Best wishes to you, and thank you again for removing the photo(s).

Oh yes, I almost forgot...

As for whoever it was up there who said I was never anorexic, "d'arcy" I think;

I am terminally ill, residing in a hospice, dying from multiple organ failure which has been caused by anorexia nervosa, type II. I've been diagnosed with anorexia nervosa for over 25 years (not counting the years I had the illness before being diagnosed). My anorexia nervosa was caused by FGM and being raped and abused all throughout my childhood, adolescence and adulthood.

There are a LOT of rumors about me floating around the internet. I would suggest that unless you have spoken directly to ME, not to spread any more of them, please.

Medusa said...


Thanks so much for taking the time to write.

My heart goes out to you, hon, for all you've suffered in the past and for what you're going through right now. Please know you are in my thoughts, hoping for a miracle for you.

I am afraid your powerful, heartfelt comments will be lost in this comment section, so I will add them to the beginning of this post. I know many lives have been changed because of your dedication to educating others about eating disorders and the lunacy of the so-called "pro-ana lifestyle". Kudos to you hon.

Love and hugs,

Elaine said...

Medusa, I understand what this post means completley. All people have to do that think you're pro-ana have to do is look at the sidebar at the top & see the disclaimer. *Sigh*

I developed an eating disorder loooonnnng before any of this pro-ana crap. I remember in the early mid 2000's when it really got going & I was relapsing how great I felt when I found the sites. I followed them, they comforted me in some way.

Thank god those "tips" do not trigger me anymore, they make me so grateful that I do not have to do that anymore. They sadden me greatly.
But you know, the first people who created pro-ana were, I'm sure, very sick & so detatched from reality. Creating pro-ana is irresponsible yes, not excusing this by any means, but I think the first pro-anas were trying to rationalise their behavior, make it 'okay.'

I do not believe that pro-ana can cause an eating disorder, if so, many more people would have EDs.
But it can certainly be a trigger to people who are already sick who just don't have the disease yet (like how someone who hasn't become an alcoholic yet is still in a dry drunk spell, their drink just hasn't come along yet!) but because of our "physical allergy" (from ABA, our physical allergy ensures that once we have begun our eating disordered behaviors we are not able to stop) this is extremely triggering & certainly does not help.

Thank you Medusa, this post is very profound to me. On pro-ana sites these "tips" are often accompanied with photos of models & thin celebrities "thinspiration").

Reality is not pretty. The "tips" are the lies that your ED tells you, the pictures, they are the reality.

Medusa said...

Elaine, your comment did my heart good. Thanks so much for taking the time to write.

So good to hear that you, unlike many others, understand the point of my post.

Best wishes to you...


Anonymous said...

I looked up this page for info on anorexia for a project. Reading it freaked my out and I thought it was promoting anorexia. Quickly found out it's not. I don't have an eating disorder. My friend, however, struggled with one but thankfully recovered. It killed me watching her battle it and I'm so happy she's recovered. People who say that those suffering from eating disorders are sick ( As in, disgusting ) and bring it on themselves are just ignorant. You have no idea what it's life, or what frame of mind a person is in with an eating disorder, so who are you to judge?

People with eating disorders obviously aren't well, but that does not mean they are digusting. Eating disorders are very serious and people making these accusations does not help it. A person does not plan on becoming anorexic so they don't bring it on themselves. You people who say they do obviously need to get off this site and open a book because you clearly aren't the brightest spark.

Do not judge a person unless you have been in their shoes. And the people who have overcome eating disorders, it's amazing and I really do congratulate you, and for those battling eating disorders, good luck.

Anonymous said...

Hey Medusa,
just saying that Karlene has updated her Blog again. You might wanna read/post it. It broke my heart.
I can't post comments on her blog but I'd like her to know that many people think of her, and that I'm sure her family will love her through all of this.

Medusa said...

Polly, thanks so much for letting me know about Karlene's update. My heart breaks for her, too, and I keep hoping for another miracle for her.



Anonymous said...

i watched my ex-girlfriend die of anorexia... and in a way i partly blame myself.... when i first met her she was vibrant cheerful and very healthy.... she was absolutly beautiful... we dated for 5 years and i noticed that she started changing. she was getting thinner... more tired and she started to worry me. she ended up in the hospital at that time she weighed 67lbs at the age of 15. she said she wanted to look pretty and wanted ppl to think of her as beautiful (thin is beautiful.... ha) i told her i had always thought she was perfect... and i was scared because she wasnt who i remembered. where was the joy? or that vibrant outlook on life? 3 days later she died of organ failure. i read her journal which i still feel bad about. (i just wanted to know why she started this) and in one entry she stated "all i want is for him to love me... he says i am beautiful, he says i am perfect then y wont he say the words i love you?" I miss her everyday... her warm smile, her radiant eyes, her gentle voice... i am glad u are letting ppl know what this "illness" actually does and i hope i can shed some light on the fact that it dosent hurt just the ppl that have it but their loved ones as well... believe me i know... i still wake up crying from memories of those days and it has been over 10 years


Anonymous said...

I think you're attacking the wrong people here, "medusa." It's easier to attack anorexics and bulimics than it is to write to magazines and television producers and demand that they put fuller figured women in their shows and advertisements. It's easier to complain about the "pro-ana" movement than it is to openly challenge the status quo that's caused this culturally motivated "disease" to manifest itself in young people.

It's much less popular to acknowledge that the sickness isn't so much in the act of abstaining from food, but believing that being thin is the only way to be truly human.

I don't see the point in being "anti-ana" if there's no direct challenge to society's thin worshiping mentality. Bloggers telling the world that this isn't healthy behavior is like preaching to the choir, really.

These issues are a lot deeper than just logical acknowledgment. People engage in a wide variety of unhealthy behavior every day, and every time knowing that it's not good for them. So the real question here, is *why*? We know why people starve and purge themselves - because they know they'll be treated less than human if they "get fat."

I guess what I'm trying to say is, let's attack the REASON rather than the people for a change.

Medusa said...

To Anonymous on April 23, 2010:

I'm so sorry to learn of your girlfriend's death. When someone you love dies, you never stop missing them.

My deepest condolences to you.


Elmowhoa said...

First off, Medusa was one kickass b*tch, love it.

I dig your site, it's blunt & to the point. It's tough to deal with the people who attack you for something they know nothing about. The stereotyping of eating disorders made popular by celebrities & ridiculous pro-anorexia/bulimia websites has basically turned a serious illness into a fashionable trend for idiots.
& in doing such they've made it fair game for ignorant taunts & condescending suggestions from people who know nothing about it. Anyone who really suffers understands, it genuinely has nothing to f*cking do with what other people think. There are no other people to think of, everything is in your very own f*cking head. It's like a drug addiction, in fact the two often go hand in hand. It's very easy to attack something that's ugly, it's superficial, the first thing you notice about a person. Overeating, starving, vomiting, shooting up, self mutilation, they're just varying methods of surviving yourself. & how you live on the inside is reflected on the outside, but that hardly matters. Who gives a f*ck what other people think, I can't stand myself enough to care.

& I think like any other addiction, you're always recovering. I clawed my way out of the dark, & I fight every single goddamn day to stay out of it. I'm not all f*cking smiles & ice cream sundaes either, I'm not a damn poster princess for a perfect recovery. I just learned to f*cking deal with it. That's the only way I've ever found to describe it. I learned to deal with the fact that I am who I am, & I can take it or leave it. For now I'm choosing to take it, but this doesn't mean it's easy. I get so angry with myself for everything, it's a very slippery mental grip. Right now I don't have time to be caught up in my own needs, my Mom is too sick & my little sister needs her big sister. I'm working full time with young adults with severe disabilities & health problems, they fight as hard as my Mom to live a life that's worth it, it's. I have a dinosaur of a dog that requires an ungodly amount of love & snuggles daily. & I have an amazing husband whose ridiculous amounts of patience & love astound me on a daily basis. I'm only going to live once, learning to tolerate who I am makes it possible to have people in my life that matter & they make life worth it. I'm not saying it's a walk in the park, you don't recover from true addictions, ever. You have to find your own way of dealing with it I guess.

& all you jackasses that post on here about how disgusting & stupid we are, well I'm just blown away by your wit & clever suggestions. I hope someday someone discovers your dirty little secret & torments you with it, & the real b*tch will be they don't even understand it, they just think it's ugly so therefore they're entitled to their cruelty. I bet you would club baby seals if you had the chance, you sick f*cks. :]

Medusa said...

Elmowhoa, you rock.

Anonymous said...

i love your site. it tells it like it is. i have actually done some of those stupid tips before i have even heard of them. like the rubber band one and the cleaning out the litter box etc. i have a problem with dealing with who i am and what i look like and even though i don't feel great about the way i look i don't like i would ever resort to this madness. I see these pictures of girls with their ribs on show and the side effects of self loathing so much that you would practically destroy the person you are just to be skinny. it scares me to think that people have become slaves to the media and to the ridicule of others. The media send out a message to young girls and boys for that matter that perfection is a big deal. There is so much pressure UNNEEDED pressure on the young generation to become the image of perfection and to become like a skinny 'goddess'. i just hope more websites like this will come along to show you its not all its cracked up to be. Keep this site up :)

Medusa said...

Anonymous on May 13/10 @ 5:31 p.m.

How erudite and classy you are...and oh, so wrong.

Check this out:

Anonymous said...

I've had bulimia for over a couple of years now. I was in denial about my illness for a long long time because
1. I didnt purge everytime I ate (usually only when I binged - ie eating over 3000cals in one go)
2. because I was an average weight
People with bulimia aren't always as boney as the people in the pictures and its not always linked with anorexia. People with bulimia are usually an average weight or over weit due to binging. Just thought I should enlighten people who seem to think bulimia and ana are the same thing.

Medusa said...

Anonymous, you made some excellent points in your comment. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

This site really made me think about what I'm doing to my body. I'm 15, 5'4 an about 110lbs. I'm always telling my friends(both guys and girls) who are heavier then me that they're beautiful (and they really are) and that they're a good healthy weight. I don't like being this way and reading all this has deffinetly helped me out and set my mind straight. Along with starving myself I would also self harm, which is common I guess. Hopefully I will be able to start getting better. I hope everyone suffering from an ED gets better. Girls( and guys) remember that your body is beautiful the way it's made and you don't need to be thin the way society, the media etc. depicts it.

Anonymous said...

I just read this after my very last binge and purge. Since 7th grade I've struggled with bulimia. I am now 20. I hope no one ever has to go through what I did, and reading this has realized just how sick the people are that do this. Thank you for helping me realize that I'm not alone, and I don't want to be just another statistic. :)

Anonymous said...

i guess i am bulimic. i only purge when i overeat, sometimes more than others. but i feel like it keeps me the perfect weight. 5'9" 123 lbs. it looks just right. i'm in my late 20s now and didnt start until i was about 23. what should i do? am i ok to keep it up? i've never told a soul, not my hubby, not my mom or my best friend. it feels nice to just be open about it somehow. i run my treadmill, too, and weigh myself several times a day. i wish i could just not eat, that's the hard part. i wish i had enough control to just not eat what i dont need. and i really only need one small meal a day and a snack.

Medusa said...

Anonymous, thanks for being so open about what you're going through. Please believe that you won't be OK if you continue purging. It's deadly. Please take a moment to read this post:

Please talk to your doctor and get a referral to an eating disorders specialist before your heart sustains serious damage.

Best of luck to you...


Anonymous said...

Ok, i'm a pretty average weighing girl for my size with a bit extra poundage. i'm am so happy to have found this weebsite! Weight is, obvously, a big controvercy everywere. To be honest, weight dosen't really matter because you could be five foot four and weigh 150lb and just be mostly muscle. what really matters is your fat ratio in your body. so all of the stressing to lose the weight is futile. expecialy for women whos weight can fluctuate 2 lbs a day.
to try to be skinney is another thing. thats is, for me, were the real dange lies. the perfect body for me is the one in which you feel comfortable in but i can still run a mile in. to be honest, if your too skinney, it can get to the point that you lose so much muscle mass that you can't even stand. hell, even being too fat dose that. If you feel that it is nessesary to not eat in order to be healthy, then you need help. eather you so fat that you need a trainor and a nutrinitonist. and if your skinny, then just get help.

I'll tell you one thing, i have been struggling with a little extra flab for as long as i can remember and i'm pretty athletic and don't eat horralby bad at all but if i hear one more pretty, prefect, and toned girl complaine about how fat they are, i might just SCREAM!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am so sickened by some of the comments on this site. I've struggled for years with ED-NOS and logically, I can tell myself to just eat healthy and exercise (I used to be a competitive athlete) but my physical appearance and health have nothing to do with it at the end of the day. I've never had a shortage of male interest. Until this "thing" took over my life anyways...

I'm not strictly an anorexic or a bulimic...I swing between the two and a thousand degrees in between them, but I'm never, ever, ok with food and I am damaging my health severly over it.

I suppose it comes down to a control issue for many of us. These diseases stem from similar sources, but manifest in unique ways. For people like me, part of having an ED is reading about diet and fitness, weighing and measuring and analyzing the content of everything I ingest, obsessing about it, taking pills and supplements, etc, etc. Starving yourself is hard work, and your ED is your "baby". You feed it through things like surfing websites with "tips". Not because you need them, of course! But because it serves some deeper need somehow...maybe makes us feel like we're working harder on it and more in control, maybe because it makes us feel less alone.

Eating disorders are always similar, but usually fundamentally unique. Anorexic = starve yourself and Bulimia = binge and purge is an over-simplification of very complex diseases. There are a multitude of varrying degrees in between and apart from these scenarios. I'm one of those lonely losers who struggles as an outcast from even those I should be able to find solace with - I'm not a textbook definition of anything. Just a girl who can't eat a sandwich without it being a major ordeal. A sick girl, with no Eating Disorder - Not Otherwise Specified wandering around and hating myself more because I can't even do an eating disorder right. Sigh. To hear other sick people say things that diminish the worthiness of variations of EDs breaks me.

It is SUCH A RELIEF, in my moment of pathetic, obsessive weakness, to come across this reminder of how ludicrous and potentially deadly EDs are. I found your site, then broke my fast and ate a delicious, healthy meal.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I understand what you are doing here, and the point of posting those "tips" with those pics makes perfect sense to me. I needed that slap in the face. People like you help keep me on track.


Medusa said...


So glad to read that you broke your fast.

Thanks so much for your comment and sweet words.

chloe said...

this made me feel really sick reading this.
whats wrong with eating healthy and joining the gym?
ready all of those tips brought me to tears to think that some people could torture themselves like that.
Maybe instead of giving tips on how to starve yourself give tips on how to love yourself? no matter what shape or size you are everyone is beautiful

Rafi said...

First thing, to the people saying that anyone who looks at these tips aren't actually eating can you say that? You don't know the person. You don't know if they struggle and you don't know why they went looking for tips. For example, I struggle between being satisfied only if I'm either too full or starving. But the too full feeling means I've taken in a lot of calories. My mind hated that but I didn't know how to get the starving feeling without people noticing (I'm a big people pleaser and didn't want my family and friends to worry; I also didn't want them to intervene) or without giving into a huge binge. Part of this is because I grew up thinking that overeating is normal. That's what I saw so no, I did not just automatically get it even though my mind was craving for me to starve myself. So I looked at those tips. Many people share this same reasoning. But it doesn't mean we're not sick. There are different variations of all EDs, not just what you went through. Please stop saying these people aren't sick. It won't help them in the long run at all and actually might make them worse. I've seen it happen. A lot of times these communities pop up to help out those of us who share symptoms of conflicting EDs or EDNOS who aren't quite as accepted by others with EDs. It's just another community that needs help. So lets give help instead of telling them they are simply "wannabees" or "posers".

I love how the pictures went along with the tips. It really drove the message home for me for the first time. I agree that these tips will not actually help anyone and I hope others from the pro-ED community find this site and that it hits home for them as well. And thank you for not believing that we don't need help either.

Anonymous said...

-Sigh, You don't need to stave yourselves please. Ana is evil and YOU are perfect ARE beautiful!
It deeply upsets me that there are "tips" on how to slowly kill your body.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I wanted to talk to someone about this and thought this was the safest way to do it; I'd appreciate it if someone could give me advice please.

I've had irregular eating patterns for a couple of years (I’m 18 now), but I never fasted for more than a couple of days and I didn't make myself be sick. I never really knew why I did it, I can't link it to any sort of stressor in my life, it was just that sometimes I felt the need to do it. Since it was only every so often I did this I didn't feel like it was such a problem. But recently it's gotten a lot worse. I've not been eating for longer periods of time, and when I have eaten I've felt like I have to throw it up as soon as possible. I'm not trying to be dramatic or get attention - the opposite actually - and whilst I do want to lose weight I don't want it badly enough to be doing this. I feel like there's another reason for this and if I could work out what it is I'd be able to stop, but I can't figure it out. There's nothing going on in my life I'm not dealing with.

When I eat or even think about eating it disgusts me, I know I should but when I do I just feel like I have to go and purge it. I don't want to make myself ill, I want to be happy, I just don't know how to stop. I'm worried there's something wrong with me - I haven't felt hungry since this started (over a month ago), even when I haven't ate for days, and i know that shouldn't happen. Has anybody on here ever felt like this?

I know I have to stop, but a part of me likes it, even though I'm worried about making myself ill. The first time I felt the ribs poking out of me I was so happy. I have no delusion that being thin is going to make me beautiful, but I still felt good about it.

I know it's wrong to feel this way, I do want help, but I don't know how to ask for it. I don't want my friends to feel sorry for me, and there's a lot of problems in my family right now so I feel they're too unstable to give me help. It would be embarrassing too. I don't want to go to my doctor because she's been my GP all my life and she's also the rest of my family's GP so I'm not sure she'd maintain my confidentiality. Does anybody have any suggestions for ways I can get real help anonymously? Or simply explain to me what the hell is going on with me? I'm not desperate to be thin, and I'm not going through really hard times so why do I feel this way? Is it possible this could just go away on its own like it has the other times?

Sorry this is such a massive post

Anonymous said...

im desperate to lose weight i feel really horrible in my own body my mum and my sister are both thinner than me and im the youngest i feel really disgusting and im just afraid im never going to be able to do it no1 understands how i feel and they think im silly. i appreciate your tips and im going to try because i need help. i also think that people how write comments slagging it off should be ashamed because obviously they do not understand and shouldnt judge people who feel crap about themselves its unfair they should try and understand from other peoples point of view.
thanks again, fingers crossed for me!!!

Anonymous said...

I really need help from you people i am desperate. I don't know what to do. I need someone to help me to stop me from eating. I am fat really fat extremely fat, enormous. When i got 14 i got sick and i started gaining weight very fast, how fast 80 kg for an year that fast. I stopped eating and when i ate i vomited but my parents find out. I went to psychologist (friend of the family) they "cured" me. Last year i broke my leg and it just didn't get well. For an year and a half i stayed at home under the watchful eye of my grandmother i had 3 meals a day. I have hormonal problems but no doctor can fix me, normally i eat once a day and for three times a day i gained 40 kilos for an this time. I became 140 kg horror. Finally i had my chance to stop eating again without people noticing. I started intense work so i said i'm loosing weight because of the work. One month not so bad results 21 kg down. Now i study and i know that no one will notice that i'm not eating, but i am very tired very sleepy and my blood pressure is very low despite the coffee i drink no sugar and no milk of course. I feel hunger and every second or third day after this month i can not help my self of filling my self up with food, so much that my stomach hurts. Of course i drink a lot of watter so i can throw up easily but i can not get rid of the thought that there is some amount of food left in my stomach, i hate my self after that i can not stand me i hate me i need help. I need to become 50 kg pls anyone help me i'm desperate really desperate. Pls is anyone can help me my e-mail is i can not stand this any more, i don't know how long i can take it like this.

minidenegirl said...

Hello I am 37 years old and starting to look the age in body weight, other wise people say I look 30? Ive gained weight it seems over night looked in the mirror and theres this fat blob. I have been Bulemic for some time and totally quit, my chest hurts when I purge. Anyways, I have tried every diet pill ever created, joined a gym and have decided to "cut" down on food intake. I have a family whom I cook for daily and its so hard not to eat funny thing I am a chef? So I know how good the food is. I am Native Canadian and every where I look I see fat native women. I dont want to be apart of that! I also suffer from alcoholism and the hangover...I just eat and binge! trust me I like getting diareah when Im hung over and throwing up? Sik eh!! Cause I know the food is coming out and diareah is weight loss. Aside from being a laxative junkie I find myself not purging anymore, but not eating. and I do I see myself in all those crazy tips. Then I think whatever thats not me, Im fine this doesnt happen to me, Im too old get over it! Lol I was always skinny, never had to worry about weight, now food and weight, body image is all I think about. I can feel the fat....

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this website! I believe it has helped lots of people in their critical moments. I'm a bulimic in recovery. My treatment has been going fairly well, but sometimes I fall back. That's what happened a few hours ago. Binged on more than 5000 calories, which made me feel MAJOR self-disgust and even more self-hatred than before, and I was just going to throw up and cut myself because I think that's what I deserve and besides, it feels like a relief. However, I went on the internet to google some newer better make-youself-puke-tips and stumbled on this site. Which kinda changed my mind. So now I didn't continue the sick behavior thanks to you. Good for my recovery and gives me hope :D Just wanted to share that.
So, thanks! And keep up the good work =)

Anonymous said...

omg this is soo sad!

I can't believe people try to sabotage their food so that they don't want to eat it.

I'm 1.67m and weigh 53 kgs. Some days I feel really fat and disgusting.

I would never want to look anorexic or be able to see my rib cage through my skin, but I can understand how it feels to want to lose weight sooo badly that you will try anything to do it.

Fortunately for me I have a strong support system and many people who tell me that I look better now since I look healthy and normal as opposed to how I used to look when I weighed just 48/49 kg.

I've started eating regularly now, rather than having a glass of milk for breakfast and a single meal round lunch time to last me the day.

I urge all the people out there who think starving themselves will help them lose weight and be happier, that it is not true!

Happiness is a state of mind. It is not based on how thin you are. Be healthy eat regularly and exercise as a way to maintain a healthy weight rather than starve yourself.

Bones do not look pretty. Those women in the photos look gorgeous at a normal weight. Their skeletal figures look sad and gaunt, not attractive at all.

Also if you are losing weight to be more attractive, please please please know that people are not attracted to you for how thin/ how much of your bones they can see. They are attracted to you for your personality and your self confidence. I know this, my boy friend says he prefers my body now at a normal weight rather than (in his words) when i used to look like I was starving.

Please I urge you all with a ED to get help. Food is not the enemy!

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for the site. I have to say that I am on the other end of the eating disorder spectrum - I comfort-eat and as such am grossly overweight. I knew when I started to actually wish I could develop anorexia that I had a problem and have begun to address said problem (I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow). I have begun a vlog to try to show that my end of the spectrum is also painful, debilitating, and leaves a person with as many mental and physical scars as any other eating disorder (and to try to dispel the myth that "fat people just choose to be fat", as someone so happily posted earlier in the comments here). I wish you luck with your journey and best of luck to everyone who suffers from any type of eating disorder. We are a family who struggles no matter our size, weight, or method of controlling ourselves, and all of us with eating disorders need to keep ourselves and each other accountable throughout our recoveries to stay healthy both physically and mentally.

My vlog:

Anonymous said...

i used to weigh 200lbs and in one year lost 60 pounds cause i stoped eating as much. but ive seemed to gain 15 of that back. i dont want to be fat again, i dont want people coming up to me asking if im pregnant. they asked me that all the time when i was in 4th grade. im not saying bulimia is a good thing, but i cant help it anymore. i still eat sometimes but i feel like crying after. im not doing this so that guys will see me differently, i dont care what they see. i want to wear a size 5 not a 9.
i look at myself and i still see that 200lb person. i still feel like people are looking at me in digust. i try to workout but my asthma is so bad that i start weezing right away. i get severe hives from stress and i stress about my weight constantly so im always breaking out. i know its bad but i cant help it anymore.
i dont know why, but lately i just cant stand myself. i look at myself and im grossed out. my thighs are too big, my butt is too big and its depressing. never in a million years did i ever think i would make myself throw up... but i used to go shopping for clothes and just cry in the dressing room cause the biggest size was too small. i dont want to go back to that.
i hate when i burp and can taste food, i dont want any food taste or smell near or around me. i find bulimic people kind of selfish but i guess im selfish too then huh? i guess people would call me a hypocrit? i honestly dont care anymore.. i just want someone to talk to. not someone to talk me out of it but to just tell them what im feeling cause nobody where i live understands</3

Anonymous said...

i started w/ anorexia when i was 15yrs old. i am 28 now. the past 8yrs i have been bulimic. i eat semi normal otherwise although i also take laxatives to counter balance the meal i eat. i wake up each day and say to myself "ok, today is going to be a good day of eating normal w/ no bulimic episodes." it never goes that way though and that frustrates me. i wish i could control it. i just want to get my life back. i have lost so many yrs, so many good times w/ friends, so much money. i've been through all the therapies, nutrionalists, drs in the past so i know what i should be doing...its just doing it. it may be b/c i don't have a support system. then again i don't want people to know i am still struggling w/ this. a double edged sword huh? if anyone knows of support groups near the philly area that are helpful i would much appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

This makes me so sad. I realize how fragmented I am. I read the tips(nothing I did not know) and my Ed voice likes this....I look at the pictures and I am terrified. I do not want to die. I want to be healthy. At this time I am not. Most days I fool myself. This is a disease. I do not see what others see when they look at me. It started slowly. I was so overwhelmed with life I could not eat. Before I realized I was not in control of anything. How ironic. It has taken away years and I do not want to die from this. I have been in treatment for years and I pray if I continue I will be well and myself again. Not the ugly face of ana. I pray for my brothers and sisters fighting. Please keep fighting. To die to be thin is such a waste of our lifes. I know this and I pray I can keep this in mind as I continue to fight. Thank you for this wake up call.

Anonymous said...

I used to be anorexic,a bulimic and am now I am recovering. I have been stick thin, I have been overweight, and now I'm an average size 10 (Aust) and I am reasonably happy with myself. I was a model for an international hair label at this weight. I have an amazing boyfriend who can't stop touching my bum and telling me how beautiful I am-not a day goes by that he doesn't tell me I'm beautiful.
I would never want to go back to anorexia.
I am empowered now, I eat because this is the only life I have and I WILL ENJOY it.
I know people can get over this disease, you just have to let go...stop fearing about being judged, being rejected, being criticized for being fat, because that is all it is, is fear.
You are scared that someone will call you fat, you are scared of being fat.
But at the end of the day, who cares what other people think??
Every human being judges everyone else, everyday-for their hair colour, their opinions, the car they drive or the way they walk....judgment is inevitable, but the sooner you come to realise it DOES NOT MATTER,the sooner you will come to realise that your anorexia is a fear, a fear that you can overcome.
Once you throw away the scales, start enjoying a healthy diet and liking how you look in clothes (curves and all), you will be happy.
I just wish that you could see.
I just wish you could weigh it up....
Anorexia (I've been there)= dizziness,restriction, depression, shortness of breath, darkness, coldness,self-loathing, weakness, irrationality, secrecy, rotten teeth,aging skin and a body a guy wouldn't take a second look at, and YOU WILL NEVER BE HAPPY, NO MATTER HOW THIN YOU GET.
Normalcy/no anorexia= happiness, strength, willpower, smiles, a bright future, no worry, enjoyment of food, nice skin,no fears, sexy curves and a stable, powerful mind.
I value my intelligence, my strength, my beauty and my ability to look hot in a tight skirt.
You owe it to yourself, and I pray that this disease will no longer haunt you in the future.

Throw away the scales and get back your life, because at the end of the day, when the world comes to an end, and life ceases to exist,no one is going to commend you for starving and being thin.
True achievement lies in strength and the value and power a person has inside.

Anonymous said...

I used to be anorexic,a bulimic and am now I am recovering. I have been stick thin, I have been overweight, and now I'm an average size 10 (Aust) and I am reasonably happy with myself. I was a model for an international hair label at this weight. I have an amazing boyfriend who can't stop touching my bum and telling me how beautiful I am-not a day goes by that he doesn't tell me I'm beautiful.
I would never want to go back to anorexia.
I am empowered now, I eat because this is the only life I have and I WILL ENJOY it.
I know people can get over this disease, you just have to let go...stop fearing about being judged, being rejected, being criticized for being fat, because that is all it is, is fear.
You are scared that someone will call you fat, you are scared of being fat.
But at the end of the day, who cares what other people think??
Every human being judges everyone else, everyday-for their hair colour, their opinions, the car they drive or the way they walk....judgment is inevitable, but the sooner you come to realise it DOES NOT MATTER,the sooner you will come to realise that your anorexia is a fear, a fear that you can overcome.
I used to be anorexic,a bulimic and am now I am recovering. I have been stick thin, I have been overweight, and now I'm an average size 10 (Aust) and I am reasonably happy with myself. I was a model for an international hair label at this weight. I have an amazing boyfriend who can't stop touching my bum and telling me how beautiful I am-not a day goes by that he doesn't tell me I'm beautiful.
I would never want to go back to anorexia.
I am empowered now, I eat because this is the only life I have and I WILL ENJOY it.
I know people can get over this disease, you just have to let go...stop fearing about being judged, being rejected, being criticized for being fat, because that is all it is, is fear.
You are scared that someone will call you fat, you are scared of being fat.
But at the end of the day, who cares what other people think??
Every human being judges everyone else, everyday-for their hair colour, their opinions, the car they drive or the way they walk....judgment is inevitable, but the sooner you come to realise it DOES NOT MATTER,the sooner you will come to realise that your anorexia is a fear, a fear that you can overcome....

Anonymous said...

....Once you throw away the scales, start enjoying a healthy diet and liking how you look in clothes (curves and all), you will be happy.
I just wish that you could see.
I just wish you could weigh it up....
Anorexia (I've been there)= dizziness,restriction, depression, shortness of breath, darkness, coldness,self-loathing, weakness, irrationality, secrecy, rotten teeth,aging skin and a body a guy wouldn't take a second look at, and YOU WILL NEVER BE HAPPY, NO MATTER HOW THIN YOU GET.
Normalcy/no anorexia= happiness, strength, willpower, smiles, a bright future, no worry, enjoyment of food, nice skin,no fears, sexy curves and a stable, powerful mind.
I value my intelligence, my strength, my beauty and my ability to look hot in a tight skirt.
You owe it to yourself, and I pray that this disease will no longer haunt you in the future.

Throw away the scales and get back your life, because at the end of the day, when the world comes to an end, and life ceases to exist,no one is going to commend you for starving and being thin.
True achievement lies in strength and the value and power a person has inside.



corina said...

ok. wow. first of all this is an amazing site. i googled ana to learn as much about it as i can and this really does help. not only do you get to see the effects of ana over a long time period but you can also see the things that people who suffer from an ed think. and yes, they suffer. people who become anorexic or bulimic do not choose to be this way. my best friend is anorexic and bulimic and she tells me everyday that she wouldnt do it if she had a choice. you see, maybe i should explain this a bit to all the people out there who have commented on this site and have absolutly no idea what they are talking about or even looking at.

there are many things that will start or trigger an ed, but they are very subtle and hard to see as they are happening. one thing that surprised me was when i read a book written by psychologists, is that eating disorders can be started in young children. yes so that means that your 3 year old neice, could have the right chemical balance and mental state to develope an ed. this sounds horrible but it is so true. as i have found out myself from either my bfest friend, blogs of people suffering/recovering or psy. book on this subject, ana is a way of becoming perfect. children from about 6 or 7 months old can hear the tone of voice from a gurdian and can pick out the different tones, so if you are constantly angry and your voice has that tone to it, your child will always think that they have done something wrong and that in itself is the start of an ed. children need to hear that they are beautiful, loved and special. they need to be encouraged and not spoken to in a negative tone.

also, it is a chemical thing as well. as soon as you start dieting in an unhealthy way, you lose esential chemicals that keep a safe and healthy balance in your brain. but when you start to lose them you become unstable. not only does it become easier to lose weight by fasting because you lose your appetite, but also you lose your ability to have controle over your own body.

this site is amazing, but it is the people who comment calling people stupid and claiming that it is a choice and not a disease, you discust me. you seriously have a problem if you are going to sit there and trash this site when you know nothing about whats going on. and if you even bothered to read through the comments you would have thought twice before putting up such rediculas comments. i had to stop reading them because of how upsetting they were and because i was getting angry, hense this really long comment. there was one comment by two teenage girls around the age of 16 who said that they were eating chocolat at the time that they were typing their comment. you are horrible, thats what you are. you have no idea what you are talking about and for that you should not have even taken the time to make people who are suffering feel even worse about themselfs.

i am educating myself on eds for my friend, for myself, as i have the beginning stages of it and want to get out before i cant, and for my neice who is three, who already shows the sines that she will develope an ed.

i will not leave them to suffer in silence and by them selfs. i will never leave them and i will always be by their side to help them. if anyone wants to talkto me, maybe learn more about what im doing to help, to get some help no not even that some support, or to just talk about anything really my email is

i am a 16 year old girl, and i think i just verbaly out smarted more then half of the people who have left comments.

thank you for taking the time to read this and i hope that you will think twice before you trash a website on this topic again.

be strong and beautiful xx

Anonymous said...

this has gave meh something to think about, my sister died of anorexia and im heading that. my mum doesnt know how ill i am, i wih i could tell her but she wouldnt listen, i look at these sort of websites all day everyday, and to be honest they have ruined my life, i have follow all the advice on them and all they have done is make me more ill, but the websites are so intreging. i would like to say something:to all you girls and woman that are like me, STOP TAKING THIS ADVICE! you dont know what your getting yourself into, i look back now and i wish i diddnt start in the first place, my sister looked on these websites and i looked at her history on her laptop and found all these sites, they were stupid, but i was intreged by them. soon i will pass away and when i do just think while your reading this''a dead person is telling me what to do and why, perhaps i should listen'' i know that your thinking''eugh she is pthetic'' im not, i am telink the truth my waist is so small almost a toddelers hand could fit round it. im fed up of these websites and after i post this i am blocking all the sights because they make me feel like i have to follow them. i understand how you feel,i feel the same way, but we have got to fight this obsesstion with these sites! they are killing our lives (literally)...

Anonymous said...

To the girl who said "soon i will pass away and when i do just think while your reading this''a dead person is telling me what to do and why, perhaps i should listen"

TAKE YOUR OWN ADVICE SWEETY!! Seriously, get help... don't let your poor mom loose BOTH her children! For her sake, go get some help.

As for the rest of you, food is AMAZING... it keeps you alive! Eat HEALTHY, and live healthy, and it's possible to live past 40 years old. Looks seriously don't matter as much as think.

Anonymous said...

I just want to say I looked this sight up for 2 reasons 1 because I'm doing an article on eating disorders for my school newspaper and I wanted the inside look on it and 2 because I thought I might be able to find a tip on jere to lose the last few pounds so I can reach my goal.

I do how ever realize I have a problem I know if I continue on this road I can and will end up with a ED my friends and family keep telling me I'm to skinny and even though when I look in the mirror I don't think I look terrible still all I can think is eww how gross. I realize I might have a ED and I do want to stop befor it gets serious but I can not there is somethig inside of me telling me there's no such thing as to skinny that I HAVE to eat as little calories a day. I know that part of me is wrong and I don't eant to listen to it but it's taking over :(
I noticed many people saying you don't need tip they come naturaly. Such is partly true the strategies I use have all come naturaly but the part of me that is taking ove is telling me I'm not good enough and if I don't do something soon I'm going to gain a bunch of weight and I'm petrefied of gainin weight. In 6 months I have lost 16 pounds and when I started it was only because I was like I would rather lose a little now then a lot latter plus I just wanted to fix the one thing about myself that I could my weight. But now I'm more obsessed then ever I can't get weight of my mind I can't stop thinking of how to eat less. I'm tired of it I don't want to live like this
But that dreadful part of me is to strong and don't know how to ignore it. It's so good at preswading me. It makes me not want to stop even though I know I need to and want to. It really is a wurl pool it sucks in. There's no getting aways from it the more it pulls you in the tighter he grip gets.
Now that I've lost a bunch it's now well I don't want to have to go threw that again so let's get as far away from it. So now I have set 3 goals on top of my original goal that I haven't met yet. If I reach my lowest goal I'll be 17 pounds under weight. But thing is once I set a goal indint stop tell I reach it. I'm stubborn in that way. I don't mean to keep setting lower goals they just kinda set them selves. And I can't stop.

Right now I am about 140 pounds and 5 foot 10 my goal is 132 because that's the lowest I can go for my height m second goal is 128 because that's the lowest healthy BMI my 3rd goal is 120 because well it's not to much lower then 128 so I feel it can't hurt my 4th is 115 because once again it ain't that mug lower and now 110 is setting in for the same reason I don't want to reach these lower goals I want to reach 132 and 128 not the lower ones though but I know I can't atop I don't know how. It's to addicting :(

Any advise

my life after near death experiences said...,6610,s1-4-21-19981-1-P,00.html

The Thin Man
There's no doubt that cycling rewards weight loss. But without proper guidance, dieting like a pro can have dangerous consequences.
By Robin Chotzinoff

When he was a teenager, Shaun Riebl dreamed of turning pro. He raced with a hometown team on Long Island and closely followed his idols, tracking every twist and turn of their European tours. Though he couldn't afford expensive gear or coaching, he figured he'd emulate the pros whenever possible. Magazine stories at the time described the way Lance Armstrong weighed and measured his food. Jan Ullrich's inability to vanquish Armstrong at the Tour de France was frequently attributed to the weight he'd gained during the off-season.

here is an article by a bike enthusiast. 20% of all pro bycycle atheletes are anorexic!

I like the article.


Lane said...

I needed to look at this tonight, I've been sitting on these thoughts for days...
I'm just... I'm just missing being skinny, I miss my size 0 jeans & I know, I KNOW the terror I was in every second that I fit into those jeans. But alot of times the two manage to seperate themselves in your head. You just remember your body (which you then didn't think was thin but now you do) but this post always reminds me.

Anonymous said...

Someone made a statement about how all us healthy people are getting on here and criticizing those of you that have disorders. It was something to effect that we want to be thin ourselves and that's why we are looking on the site. No honey I am a grad student doing research on this disorder and in no way want to look like the walking undead. I feel sorry for you guys and encourage you to seek the treatment you need and deserve. What you see in the mirror isnt real. And if you are doing this as a way of acting out because of something else its not the answer either. Simply getting away from the negative environment you are in can often have a profound impact on your life. Don't do this to yourselves. You are worth so much more than this disease you are identifying with.

Unknown said...

why do girls have to suffer anorexia?? we have been discussing about eating disorder recently.. my instructor told us that people who suffered anorexia nervosa or bulimia are the people who has very low self esteem. due to lack of confidence of being who we are... why not accept on what we have... we can still be beautiful and attractive if we can accept on what we have.

Anonymous said...

i really want everyone to understand that anorexia is a disease not a choice. I am not anorexic myself but the rude comments are truely what is discusting and you should be ashamed. For all those who do have the problem please seek help and hang in there!

Kk said...

i just wanted to say these pictures are soo sad
A few years ago i used yo be bulimic, and my life was crazy, because all i care about was just begin skinny. Then one day i open my eyes and see that i was different then i got some help. But today im feeling much better.
All im trying to say is get some help because u are dying inside.
And no one need to die like this.

Anonymous said...

Ok People on here trying to make anorexics feel like retarded sickos. Grow up I am a recovered anorexic and the last thing people need to tell anorexics are that they are sick and gross I am pretty sure they know they are not being healthy and are their own worst critics. Also most anorexics are extremely intelligent and this is just a way to cope with other issues in their lives. It is a psychological issues so girls on here looking for a diet get off because you don't want this! Anorexics suffering on here aren't looking for tips they are looking for people to talk to. Anyone who thinks this is legit "pro" are not paying attention to the creators' message. The pictures on here are not thinspiration they are a warning. If you have never had an eating disorder do not judge people who do, until you have gone through it you have zilch understanding about the topic. I am a recovered anorexic and a psych major going to get my masters in addictive behaviors. So if you are just going to rip on each other grow up! This is a serious illness. You wouldn't pick on someone with cancer so don't pick on someone with an eating disorder, they are both deadly diseases.

Anonymous said...

I ended up on this page while looking for tips on bulimia and purging..
I've don't have a history of bulimia, or anorexia.However I have always had MASSIVE issues with how i look and very often felt like a complete failure...
Recently i've gotten more into the habit of purging, which is addictive because it's so dangerously easy.. and i've started looking up advice on it.
Thankfully i ended up on your website, which made me aware of the dangers it..which i had no idea about.It made me realise it is actually a disease. I'm going to do everything i can not to continue like this..nip it in the bud.before it is too late. Thank you.

Medusa said...

Anonymous (June 12/11)

Thank you so much for commenting. You did my heart good.

I'm so happy this posting gave you second thoughts about purging. It is deadly.

Hugs to you...


Anonymous said...

Im not sure you understand the implications of your information or should i say missinformation on your site, for a physically and mentally healthy individual what lies here is transparently clear, deeep physchological issues.For those that are involved in the activities they dont see the folly and serious consequenses of their actions.Rather than deterrring them i believe this site ecourages.You need to think hard about the lives of those unable to see as we do these testamonials are part of the problem no the problem not the solution
worried Dad

Anonymous said...

i am 5'5" and weigh 7 stone exactly but i have never been and never will be ana, mostly thanks to this site. the people who think i am clearly haven't seen these pictures and haven't see that i eattwice as much as they do. just saying this on behalf of the girls that naturally weigh under 100 lbs and are being called anorexic.... that REALLY HURTS AND IS AN INSULT, NOT A COMPLIMENT. it is understood that anorexia is a disease and we are happy not to be sufferers, it just makes me mad when people say we are.

Anonymous said...

people who are reading this article for "inspiration", know this... anorexia is not the way to lose weight. You cannot choose it (no matter how much you may want to) and you shouldn't. It is a psychological disease, and I would not wish it upon anybody. Weight loss is just a side effect of harmful thinking patterns, and many anorexics will struggle for their entire lives with food even if they have regained to a healthy weight - I fear this will be the case for me.

I am currently refeeding, and you know what? I HATE IT. I hate food, honestly I do, I can't help it, but I don't want to die. I had a bmi of just 15 only a few months ago, and now am just over 17... I have to reach 18.5 before I can stop, and even then I may have to put more on. I don't even know the damage I may have done myself yet, but thankfully I have the most amazing family who spotted it early on, but I did not have the will power to gain weight for nearly a year, I just hope I can repair myself.

Please don't waste you lives with this crap, it isn't control, it isn't willpower, it is the opposite.

Oops, gotta go eat (again).

Rhonda said...

Hi ermm.. ive been on the 2-4-6-8 diet for a while and ever since i started it i keep binging and purging the foods i have eaten and sometimes i want to stop but cant, it feels like i have no control. what should i do?

Lottiiee said...

No boy is going to want a stick for a girlfriend? Why pick death over being a healthy weight, having friends, having a boyfriend and a happy life?

I agree, being skinny is banging, looks better than being fat but this isn't being JUST skinny. its dying and all these girls look dirty. Having bones stick out and no boobs isn't what anyone wants to see.

if you really are willing to become a bag of bones then you're pathetic and need to MAN UP. Especially sticking your fingers down your throat and being sick. You're ridiculous.

I know its a 'medical condition' but you can still get over it, just as people with depression get over it. You man up and realize that life is worth more than being a bone.

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