Sunday, February 21, 2010


Crystal Renn, Jean-Paul Gaultier

When Crystal began modelling, she starved herself to fit the industry ideal of size 0. Then she had an epiphany, started eating again – and, as a size 16, now has the world at her feet.

Crystal Renn, Jean-Paul GaultierCrystal, wearing one of designer, Jean-Paul Gaultier's fabulous dresses

Crystal Renn, Jean-Paul GaultierCrystal and Jean-Paul Gaultier on the runway

Crystal Renn, beforeCrystal in her early modelling days, while she was restricting and starving herself

Crystal Renn, 2010Crystal now, looking fierce

Crystal Renn on the cover of HungryThe cover of "Hungry: A Young Model's Story of Appetite,Ambition and the Ultimate Embrace of Curves," by Crystal Renn

Crystal Renn, Hungry

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Kourtnee said...

Go healthy sized models!


Demonica said...

Oh wow! She's hot! She looks really good! Proof you DON'T have to be a size 0 to look good!

Exahmia said...

She is very beautiful :)

(how did you understand my post? Do u speak portuguese?)

Medusa said...

Exahmia, I don't speak Portuguese, though I've spent time in Faro and Albufeira.

I translated your post using Google Translator :^)

Laynie said...

I think that what she is doing is the MOST AMZING THING I have ever seen a recovering anorectic do. She looks so good, so content with herself, just wow. I hate to say it, but I don't feel like I could ever be that size & be ok with it. I mean, I am in recovery now, I can't imagine that.

I had inched up to a larger size like that once after being ED-free for a little while, but after I "realised" it I relapsed severley.

I don't know, I can imagine being better at the size I am now, but anything bigger just seems impossible. I don't know, maybe I could be as brave as her.

Anonymous said...

JP Gaultier was always one of my favorites. more power to him.

let's hope he makes it a regular thing. i mean he had to finally do something other than little male torso bottles.

let's see if other will fallow suit.

Facetious_Neophyte said...

I hope this is a sustained trend within fashion. The biggest irony holding up the waif as the pinnacle of beauty is that it more often than not is the exactly opposite of what is attractive to the average guy. Please don't misinterpret my words: I know that eating disorders are not developed or sustained over wanting to reel in guys. I just find it odd that the industry is so steadfastly focused on this as the absolute most beautiful form that a woman could have.
I am a woman, and spent five years in the Marines. I was almost always one of the few if not only female in my platoon. I was always really laid back, and so my guys would feel comfortable to discuss women, many times in a highly prurient manner (it wasn't harassment, and the best I can do for an explanation to those who haven't experienced military life is it an odd sort of bonding method alongside pranks and all around vulgar talk.)
These are mostly teenaged males in an environment that is both saturated and designed towards that mentality. Still, I don't think I ever once heard talk about how much they liked (insert skinny female celebrity) or express that as a preferred body type. They may have had different preferences for particular features (legs, breasts, what have you), but the common denominator was those preferred features could only be found on a curvy woman. This reinforced by discussions of liking curvy figures, curvy actresses or models, and even the pinups they would hang.
If these guys (acting on the most superficial and impersonal of impulses) flat out eschewed the hyper skinny frame then how on Earth did fashion designers and photographers get it in their heads that the image they should champion is the antithesis of what the average man by and large prefers? Why is the glamorous archetype foisted upon woman and girls so mind boggling out of touch with the interests of the average guy? I never truly considered this disparity until after I began to browse your blog. I am also curious about the women body building circuit. These too generally fall outside of the interests of the average guy, albeit in the opposite direction. So, why too is this venerated as the pinnacle of what a woman 'should' look like?

Unknown said...

Personally, I don't understand how you are promoting health by showing images of Crystal Renn. She looks overweight to me(BMI>25), not healthy. Not to mention that those pictures are probably not helping because the lower weight ones are more flattering (to me, at least). Think about it, Crystal's higher weight could be the result of an overeating disorder. Such disorders don't seem to bother you as much. Overweight people may suffer from eating disorders too. You do know that obesity is a much more common problem,don't know?
I also don't know why you don't publish any of my comments, do you only publish favorable ones? What happened to freedom of speech? I am not promoting anorexia.
Oh, and what is that picture of Keira doing in your blog? Leave her alone, she looks absolutely healthy there. She just happens to have a small upper body in relation to her lower.
I am the same and I look underweight when my BMI is almost 20.
Oh, and FacetiousNeophyte, not only are you objectifying women way more than the fashion industry does, but you are speaking for all guys. Yeah, of course, guys can not have different preferences. They are just some ill-programmed machines that are supposed to like this or that. All of MY guy friends prefer thinner women to heavier ones, but I do not go around saying that what my friends like is what ALL guys like.

Anna said...


You are objectifying women way more than the fashion industry does. You are also belittling men by saying they are just some ill-programmed machines that are supposed to like the same thing. Men can and do have different preferences. I have some male friends and they prefer thinner women as opposed to heavier ones, but do I go around saying this is what ALL men like? Nope.
To the owner of this blog: I don't understand why you don't publish any of my comments. Do you only publish favorable ones? What happened to freedom of speech? It's not like I am promoting anorexia. Oh, and what is the picture of Keira doing on this blog? She looks healthy there. She just has a small upper body in relation to her lower.

Anonymous said...

okay but the picture of her in the flowery dress on the runway literally looks like its out of a baroque painting she's so beautiful