Wednesday, March 3, 2010


sad girl

From Niina, dedicated to all the girls who have been hurt by thoughtless words...

"Do you remember the girl we teased,
the girl who begged us to stop, oh please?
the girl who grew before we did
and we tormented because of it?

I saw her now, on my way,
she never grew after that day
the day we told her she was fat,
and would not fit in because of that.

It turns out she stopped to think
and found herself at the brink
Finally she let go
forgot to eat, that's what I know.

And tried to shrink away from us,
became so tiny that thus
finally that's all she was

And now I saw her, on my way
Beneath the headstone, there she lay
Like a fairy, so thin and small,
robbed of wings by the names we call."


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Anonymous said...

Loved it.
1 word at the wrong moment and you change the life of a person forever.
People should think really hard before saying something.

Kourtnee said...

I was teased for being heavy when I was little- I wanted to shrink and hide. When I got very thin, I got teased for being "anorexic."

Stop the teasing- you never know how it could effect someone.

Demonica said...

I was teased for being "fat" when I was younger. To this day I still have a hatred of my body and no matter how thin I ever get, it will not be good enough. I seriously do not know if I can ever totally get over it.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm crying....I just-that is so true-hard hitting home...Thank you...infinitely-thank you.-JAc

jillian said...

I was the bully. I will never forgive myself for all the hurt i put others through. I am so sorry

Unknown said...

This made me cry a bit. I remember one time when boys yelled at me to buy a bra when I was already wearing one. I was always dressing wrong and looking wider than I was. Another time two big girls were discussing how they wanted to lose a few pounds and I said I would also like to, and one of them said "No offense but where would you rip them from?" To them I looked normal weight but to myself I looked much wider than most other girls.