Monday, June 9, 2008


I came across this post this morning in my travels:

"One step forward, two steps back... Via 6 choc-chip muffins, 300g of chocolate hobnobs and 2L of icecream...

June 8, 2008:

The title says it all. I do not feel good right now. The worst thing is I'm waiting to amke sure people are sleep because I want to carry on.

That beautiful dress will not fit...

Why is this so hard to beat? Definatly wallowing right now. Self pity is not an attractive quality."


Been a lazy day. The binge has continued throughout. Really sore tummy. I wonder if it's possible to literally 'bust a gut'? I can't stand straight. ** I wonder how many people start diets on Mondays? Fresh, new and full of promises.

My new start seems to be a circle.

Tommorrow I'll start again tommorrow. I'll try find my positive attitude. Depression does not help this. That black cloud brings out my worst attribute. Though I'd rather have them then walk around like im wrapped in a duvet. Feeling pain sometimes is better than feeling nothing. Rambling now.

Sugar high perhaps.

I can't vocalise any of this.

Forget this and try again."


To answer this young woman's question:

Yes, it is "possible to literally 'bust a gut.'"

And here is the tragic evidence:


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Anonymous said...

The link is now gone; it says that the user has deleted the video.