Monday, February 15, 2010


Kendra Wilkinson photoshopped
So I'm looking at the above picture of Kendra Wilkinson from the February issue of OK Magazine, holding her new baby (whose head is almost the same size as hers), and something seems amiss with Kendra's head and neck.

So off I go on a search for another picture of her, hopefully taken in February, and, bingo, I find this one from a party she was at on February 13th, 2010 in Las Vegas:

Kendra Wilkinson
After comparing the two, I was shocked! Kendra appears to be a victim of body-snatching in the bikini shot. I hope she puts out an APB on that body of hers. Someone's stolen it. Maybe OK Magazine will offer a reward for its return.

So if you've just had a baby and don't look like Kendra in the first photo, don't sweat it. Kendra doesn't either.



Kendra's Bikini Body After Baby

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Demonica said...

OMG, that photochop is SO obvious! She may have lost some of her baby weight, but the body on the cover of that magazine looks identical to her former Playboy body. No way. I'm not buying that.

Love this site! I came across it about a week and a half ago while researching pro ana sites. Keep up the good work! I'm on here at least every other day!

Demonica said...

I know I just left a comment, but I have to I look a little closer at that picture, I can see the line where the neck and body are connected..the neck and body are slightly different skin tones

Lou Lou said...

shes always got that body on the show???? im sucha sucker though.

Arielle Bair, MSW, LSW said...

Good call!

And thanks for directing a few people to my site this last month. I've had chats with a few of them via email and am aware you "sent" them to me. :)

Love to you!

Medusa said...

Robin, thanks for your kind words!

That's what I noticed too...the line connecting Kendra's neck to "her" body. OK Mag needs to hire some better photochoppers.

Medusa said...


Check out Kendra's waist in the bikini pic. See how slim it is?

Now look at her waist in the second pic. Not even close. ;^)

Medusa said...

(((Arielle))) You're such a sweetheart.

Yes, I did recommend that a few of my readers, who were really struggling, contact you.

Thanks for all you do, Arielle, in helping those with EDs. You're the bomb.


Anonymous said...

Haha that is such a rubbish attempt at a photoshop!!!

Medusa I am SO HAPPY you've decided to keep the blog, you really are amazing :) And your recommendation of the WBB forum has been absolutely brilliant for me. Thank you <3

Anonymous said...

Thanks for staying here!!! I love your blog!!!! I have an ed myself and everytime I click your blog I have tears in my eyes! Thanks for your time and love to this blog!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps her neck and body are slightly different tones. My neck is tanned, but most of my body isn't because I always wear shirts and sweaters that cover my shoulders.

At any rate, it's not impossible to believe that some people work their butts off and have access to personal trainers and chefs who can help them drop the weight and gain a smaller body. I happen to like the post-baby photo. She still looks healthy and happy.

Medusa said...

(((Holly))), great to hear from you! Thanks so much for your sweet words.

I'm so glad you checked out We Bite Back. The forum is great and the members fantastic. So proud of you!


Medusa said...

Anonymous on February 16, 2010 @ 6:27 AM

Thank you SO much for your very kind words. I really appreciate you taking the time to comment.


Kourtnee said...

These photo shoppers really make me angry! Why does beauty have to be "flawless" flaws=real beauty. Flaws make one look exotic and unique which is beauty in my mind.

So GLAD, GLAD, GLAD you are blogging again!!!!!


Medusa said...


Yes, uniqueness is a thing of beauty.

So good to hear from you, sweetie. Love your blog. I'm so proud of you!


Brandee said...

omfg I am busting up laughing over here. I saw that magazine just a few days ago but don't buy body magazines anymore due to recovery. She looked fake anyway but this is ridiculous. and it's sad they try and make women feel they need to drop weight immediately after having a baby instead of focusing on being a mommy those first few precious months of having a newborn!!!!! I never exercised after giving birth. I breastfed and ate right and the correct weight fell off but it took a few months and I wasn't robbed of those precious first months with my precious baby boys!
Great post Medusa. Miss you!

Medusa said...

(((Brande))) Great hearing from you!

G said...

wow....those magazines should be ashamed for perpetuating such an unrealistic ideal of beauty...especially when it's downright fake.
Follow my blog, too if you want- I'm planning on doing a feature on exactly this issue.
I just followed yours :)

Anonymous said...


What can I say? THANKS :) I rarely have something useful to say, but I'm always following your site. Thanks for brightening my day.

May you have all the love you give back,


Medusa said...

Nanda, thanks so much for your sweet comment. You made my day :^)

Anonymous said...

I saw the episode of Kendra where she posed for this photo and her body did actually look quite similar to the first picture. I'm sure there were touch-ups and whatnot but I've seen worse. The second photo is not a good comparison because that dress is very frilly and would make anyone look larger than they actually are.