Sunday, October 25, 2009


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Just when I thought I'd seen it all...

"Anna Rexia

In Stock - Immediate Delivery

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"You can never be too rich or too thin.

Knit dress with glitter screenprint. Includes headband, choker neckband, removable "Anna Rexia" badge and ribbon tie belt.

Available in Adult Sizes: Small(2-6) **SOLD OUT**, Medium(6-10), Large(10-14), 1X/2X(16-18), 3X/4X(18-20)

Shoe -"Mary Jane w/Heel"(Mary Jane-50)


That "ribbon tie belt" is a tape measure.

What's next? A costume mocking AIDs victims?

I'm speechless.


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Cassie M. Matiska said...

That is absolutely wrong. I am outraged. Gah.

SamiBTX said...

First of all, the costume looks nothing like anorexia. Where is the grey skin, lanugo, bruises, receeding hairline & haunted eyes?
You'd most likely have to be told what the costume is anyway, it makes little sense & is utterly tasteless.

Brandee said...

WTF! I thought I had seen it all with Ralph Lauren's anorexic model he touched up! This is ridiculous. it's blatantly making fun of a disease!
I have noticed pro ana blogs get a lot of followers whereas pro recovery ones don't! I have also noticed after reading several comments from pro ana peeps, no don't do this anymore, have realized they don't take it seriously. It's a big game and they are so ignorant about it all.
I love Halloween and am actually hoping to find a hot dog costume and call it my 1 starch 1 protein costume and wear it proud and send a photo to Reasons edo to thank them!
This is just sick!

Medusa said...

Brandee, I'd love to see a pic of you in that hot dog costume! Too funny!

Speaking of Ralph Lauren, I've been working on a post and hope to get it up tonight. His photoshoppers need some anatomy lessons.

Take care, and stay strong, hon!


RE-ANA said...

OMG! Some people just don't get it there's a thin line between humor and mockery. It's not funny at all... but I guess some find it amusing since the other sizes are already sold out mostly the small size. How ironic.

Anonymous said...

This costume just goes to show how little knowledge or insight our society has on this disease. I have been in treatment for anorexia before (and I still struggle to an extent), and I am ashamed to tell friends about my problem for this very reason--eating disorders are trivialized and misunderstood in our culture. I don't see this outfit as an intentional insult (although it is VERY insulting), but as a byproduct of the ignorance that pervades many people's understanding, or lack of understanding, for this disease.

Little do the designers of this costume know, anorexia causes much more horror than any halloween costume. We only wish we could just take it off at the end of the night and go back to being ourselves!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and the people who shell out 50 dollars for that outfit are going to be disappointed when they receive a scrap of material and a strip of measuring tape. You could easily make that outfit at home, not that any of us would want to.

Anonymous said...

that is truly sick, they obviously have no idea what anorexia is. I'm sitting here contemplating stabbing my stomach cause i'm tormented for eating a slice of cheese cake yesterday, and yet they sit there mocking real torment.