Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Lara StoneLara Stone

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Gracing the 8 different covers of the February 2010 issue of Love magazine are models Lara Stone, Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Kristen McMenamy, Amber Valletta, Natalia Vodianova, Daria Webowy, and Jeneil Williams, all in their birthday suits.

Their nakedness reveals how shockingly thin these young women are. I can only imagine how many young girls will start starving themselves after seeing these photos.

Natalia VodianovaNatalia Vodianova

Naomi CampbellNaomi Campbell

Lara StoneLara Stone

Kristen McMenamyKristen McMenamy

Kate MossKate Moss

Jeneil WilliamsJeneil Williams

Daria WerbowyDaria Werbowy

Amber ValettaAmber Valetta

(Photographs by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott)

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Thea said...

Kate Moss <3

Aga said...

Right, I know my body image etc. is not entirely up to scratch, but none of those models seem particularly emaciated to me, just very tall which exaggerates the thinness / slimness or however it should be called...

Anyhow - what I WAS going to say is that if a girl / woman starts starving themselves having seen those, it's not the fault of the magazine but THEIR disease that does it. I'm sure that there will also be plenty of girls who'll see those covers and think 'what a load of tosh' and finish their bit of cake without purging or guilt tripping afterwards? I'm in recovery and although I adore looking at women of various thin shapes (something I can't seem to shake off) I don't jump into self-harm any more.
I don't know just how much those women had been airbrushed and whatnot, but the pictures do not CAUSE EDs, they may trigger it, sure, but then again - so can this website or ANYTHING else, depending on an individual, no?

Yeah, I know, I should wrap it up at this cos' it's getting out of hand... anyhow, thanks for the blog Medusa, I keep being tempted to do the whole 'share your story' thing seeing how many other ED sufferers have? Thanks.

Cerulean Butterfly said...

i think they look healthy, to be honest.

i get your point, though, but i believe the catwalk models is a more burning subject; they are truly emaciated.

Anonymous said...

I look at these women and I just want to restrict to nothingness, to be just like them. Even though they are not emaciated, they are still very thin. Ads like these are why I skipped lunch today.

Aga said...

Sure, ads can be triggering but do you, Anonymous, really think that skipping lunch and harming yourself this way comes exclusively out of ads? I just think something had to be 'there', inside you, in the first place, before you saw an ad, otherwise I doubt you'd have such a strong need to hurt yourself... and you'd probably be able to find another trigger - such as a thin girl walking along in the street. That's my guess anyway based on my experience.

On another note - doesn't this magazine have demented covers featuring naked people in general? Beth Ditto (whoever she is, I'm not into the whole celebrity thing) is not exactly thin, far from it, actually, but in my old days her nude picture would easily have made stop eating on the spot and trigger a starve-binge-purge-starve cycle.

So... Shall we just ban pictures of people all together?

Cerulean Butterfly said...

that anonymous comment seems a bit fake..

Anonymous said...

Magnolia, anonymous isn't fake. She is real and she feels just like you do. Maybe she's just a bit more sensitive.

Cassie said...

Sorry but they don't look 'shockingly skinny' they look healhy, thin and toned.

Yeah so ads can trigger an eating disordered person but so can seeing a person on the street....
Seeing a thin person could trigger someone
seeing a healthy sized person could trigger someone
seeing a fat person could trigger someone

triggers are everywhere, banning 'thin' people posing on covers of magazines wont 'slove' anything

Anonymous said...

I would just like to say I am an avid follower and supporter of your blog. But I didn't think it's very fair to "blame" these women for the reason some young women are starving themselves. I'm pretty sure most of these girls were just born with these bodies and I also don't think any of them are shockingly skinny. In fact a few of them I found to be very beautiful. I am a 17 year old girl with an eating disorder and I don't feel any need to put myself on a fast after seeing these girls. I am sorry my english is bad as well. But I love your blog still!

K8 said...

I can't believe how many commenters think they look healthy.

I'd like to know their body fat percentages and how they maintain those figures.

I'm going to guess none of them looked half as smooth without airbrushing/photoshopping. They photoshop out the grotesqueness and we're just left with an impossibly smooth, impossibly slim figure.

Emily said...

Impossibly slim figure'
Are you serious??

I didn't develop an ED untill I was 21 and up untill that point, my body was much like those you're seeing on those covers, I was slim, toned and most importently I was very healthy.
And you know what? Even then I got people telling me I was 'too skinny' even though I was a 'healthy' size with a 'healthy' BMI
And yes, they most likey have been airbrushed, pretty much all pictures that apper in magazines have been airbrushed.

Honestly, i sometimes think the world has forgotten what a *healthy* slim women can look like, You know people come in all shapes and sizes, meaning you do get HEALTHY SLIM people, day in, day out we're fed pictures of either sicky skinny people and obese people and it's sad people have to look at someone who's not on the chubby side and go OMG I bet she's starving herself.

alexiacortez said...

hi, I just wanted to let you know about a singer named Miss Platnum. She's quite plump and beautiful at the same time too. also she has a very beautiful song called "give me the food". here's a youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hqkOnoLe70k
I don't know if some people find it aggresive but it makes me feel good :) peace to all.

Anonymous said...

well, I don't think they look that thin....they have a pretty and healthy figures. They are very far from anorexic ...

K8 said...

I stand by what I said- this body type that is so celebrated at the exclusion of every other way women can look- is not a natural state of being for the great majority of people. To me, it is just another example of the celebration of a pre-pubescent, teen-type of body. Sure there are probably some healthy girls running around with that figure. They are most likely about 14-15 years old. How old are these women? Don't you find it at all disturbing that their bodies all look almost exactly the same?
Sorry ladies, I only know 2 women (over 21) who have 3 inches of space between their thighs and they are both severely underweight.
The fact that you all find these images normal is much more disturbing than the images themselves.

Medusa said...

K8, you rock. I couldn't agree with you more.

~ Medusa

menina said...

Very beautiful your blog *-*

Kate Moss *-* She's perfect!

Congratulations for yours posts

I loved all


Noumi said...

Well they look perfectly fine for me...
I mean you've posted really really unhealthy skinny girls pictures here, that can't be compared at all with these ones.

jadedchalice said...

This makes me so sad, i am a nude art model, what must you guys think of me? Im way skinnier than that...im so scared. :( *wants to go cry in a corner*

Lisa K. said...

They look perfectly fine.
A lot of tall woman would look like this with the right light and a black and white filter.
I don't see too many bones sticking out in an unhealthy way.
The covers are aesthetically pleasing.

Anonymous said...

Just my 2 cents, but while all of these woman are very slender and none of them represent the average size woman, I don't find any of them shockingly thin or prepubescent. I'm rather petite height wise so if anything looks odd to me it's the length of their legs, although I'm aware that the camera angle exaggerates this.

manicrose said...

They are not shockingly skinny, they're perfectly healthy and toned. This is in fact the "natural state" for most women, except most of those same women are obese because of lack of exercise and the plentitude of fattening foods in the world today.

I agree with a previous poster--women who aren't chubby (like the majority of the world) are considered anorexic?? Really? According to my doctor I'm at the perfect weight for my height, but I still get comments that I'm too thin. And you know what? All those comments come from fat people.

Think about that for a minute!

Anonymous said...

just a couple of things:
1) cause and trigger can not be used as they can in physics.
2) environment has been shown to correlate to other psychological problems.
3) mighty big coincidence that anorexia is skyrocketing at the same time as the weight of models plummets.

so, no, Aga, you are well meaning but incorrect. as quality control guru Ch. St. once put it:
simply because not everyone who smokes gets cancer does NOT mean there is no CAUSAL relationship between smoking and cancer, between canerogenic substance and outbreak of desease.

the magazines, the literally billion dollar industries that shape our perception using sophisticated and psychologist advised techniques, are most certainly at fault.

i say this with all directness, because i believe it helps to know that you are not somehow damaged, or bad, or wrong, in your core being. this was done to you, it is not you. you can change and you can fight your way back to your true self, which is not anorexic. that you are in fact not condemned to this.

finally: just in case anorexia IS about looking hot, there seems to be some residual uncertainty here,:
Naomi is, bar none, the best body in the industry. and its her legs. look at her legs even her arms. she has serious tight muscle. round. you go starve and that firm, tight, toned shape is gone.

believe me once you loose that firm butt, it aint coming back.

Anonymous said...

ok well, after reading ALL the comments i must add: i am not saying these particular pics are to blame. as i said i do think naomi looks pretty fit. and i would agree that i would not consider those women in this post to be all anorexic.
but then that might just be a sign of me having been influenced by the media and my perception has been reset to a thinner version of thin.

and the question of what is a natural look and weight and bmi for our species is very complex and in no way can we claim to know that.

most likely it is split in the time before and after we switched from hunter gatherer to farming.

i find even the old theory that any woman who naturally has a super low body fat would not have made through the winters. twiggy would simply have starved to death in lean times. well i find that questionable, because it does not consider the ability to drive down metabolism.

in a hunter garther society, always on the move, though, its clear: too thin, and you ain't making it accross to the next camp site.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but... these girls look healthy. :/
They look like healthy, slim, feminine sizes.
They are not skinny... they are slim.
There happens to be a difference.
None of them look anorexic in any of these pictures. Lean and fit.
Learn the difference.

Anonymous said...

They all look healthy to me, not at all emaciated. None have their ribs showing, and Lara Stone has a very nice hour glass figure. So many people in the US and UK are now overweight that they have forgotten what a healthy body looks like!