Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Ursula Andress

Grace Kelly

Anita Ekberg

Ava Gardner


Elizabeth Taylor

Bettie Page

Racquel Welch

Brigitte Bardot

Jean Harlow

Farrah Fawcett

Jane Russell

 Marilyn Monroe

Diana Dors

 Jayne Mansfield

Mamie Van Doren

Sophia Loren

And now?

The Olsens by Jan Oliehoek


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Sasha said...

This post really downgrades EDs to make it seem like it's all about the quest to get to size 0

K8 said...

This post inspires me in so many ways. God, imagine flipping through a fashion magazine and seeing all these different types of beautiful female bodies! It is so sad we have come to a place where only one type of beauty is celebrated.

As far as downgrading EDs as the other commenter says, I totally disagree. There are a lot of reasons people starve themselves- and one of them is because of the idea that emaciation is the ideal. Of course there are other reasons having nothing to do with body image, but to imagine that the prevalence of EDs doesn't have anything to do with the celebration of emaciation by the media, is to deny the power these images have. We don't just see them, we are bombarded with them. They are everywhere.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but I have to say that this does NOT degrade EDs Sasha, it degrades size 0.

Val said...

I have a few things to say about this post. I love the idea of it and how it shows that women can be "sexy" at many different sizes, however, the photo or raquel welch was just as thin as many of the women that this site shows as being 'too thin." Also, I just wanted to point out that while I do understand what these posts and several other things mean by "size zero," I find it as an inappropriate term for "too thin," because yes I understand that by "size zero" or "double zero" they are mostly referring to 5' 7" and up models or even
5' 4", 5'5'' women and so on, for some women, size zero and double zero are perfectly healthy and don't even look underweight. I'm 5ft tall. I wear a size double zero. I think it's funny when people either get jealous of my size or go off on how unhealthy size double zero is. To people who are jealous I often remind them that it's proportionate to my height and when appropriate also let them know that with their shape, if they were 5 ft tall they would likely also be 00. For people speaking of the unhealthy and unrealistic stamp that size 00 puts on the standard of women I remind them that sizes are relative. Please understand I am not trying to underrate this post, site, or other articles about zero or double zero, I am merely mentioning that perhaps it isn't the best term to represent this issue as it isn't necessarily unhealthy at all.

Laura Rose said...

loved this post, all of them beautiful and stunning women...
i found this blog searching in the web for more info about a case of anorexia that really shocked me (Isabelle Caro) and i've been reading your posts since then... i have to congratulate you for all this amazing job you do, i hope you keep going on with it.
P.S: for Val, in my country a normal and healty size for a 5ft. person would variate from 2 to 4 and even 6 for curvier people, never 00. I'm 5'4, my weight is average and i use a size 8... but i'm not saying you're wrong, i know that all the countries have different scales of measurement..

Amanda Sage said...

The photos are sexy and awesome. I've always wanted to look like Marilyn.

kat said...

Hmm, not sure I understand this post, either. EDs were around a long time before size 0 and thinness has always been prized, womens bodies have always been modified, hidden and opressed. I don't think there has ever been a halcyon time in history when women's bodies have not been used against them. If anything, we're better off now, at least there is debate on the issues. Without even getting into the whole 'EDs are/are not about wanting to be thin thing I look forward to a time in the future when people's achievements and character make up more of their worth than their appearance. Farrah Fawcett was bulimic, btw and I really don't see much diversity in these photos.

Anonymous said...

while i agree that this post misses the psychological issues and reason for anorexia completely, essentially saying "you look hot without starving, so stop starving there young missy". i do think i draws attention to the fact that if it is not about looking sexy for the males out there, then why has the increase in anorexic models and stars increased anorexia.
as i have been told that anorexia is about lying, to other and to the self, perhaps it really IS about being sexy after all?

i must say i do agree that putting super thin women on there is pretty bone headed.

Anonymous said...

the author of this post has probably never heard about Twiggy or Dovima(they both were famous a long time ago). It is one thing trying to promote healthy eating habits, and another thing trying to label thin women as less attractive than heavier ones (which I think is what you are doing).

Anonymous said...

Yeah but at least their faces are naturally prettier than mine and im not even as big as them. If I lost weight my face would look like theirs...