Sunday, May 16, 2010


Kate, author of the blog, This Is Not a Diet, recently brought to my attention Simeons' Protocol and the dangerous hCG diet.

In part, this is what Kate wrote in her email to me:

"I'm really interested in helping people who need to lose weight do it the right way- through moderate eating and exercise. I really hate fad diets, crash diets, and diets that make you buy products or make unrealistic claims.

As a person who has recently lost a lot of weight, I spend a considerable amount of time on a calorie counting diet website and I've noticed a really freakish trend this last month.

It's called "Simeon's Protocol" or the hCG diet. Google it and you will find nothing but ads. Google "hcg dangers" and you will find nothing but ads. It's very disturbing. This is a "diet" that asks people to inject themselves with a hormone (hcg), which is a banned substance, and then tells them to eat 500 calories a day for 43 days. The next phase is to gorge yourself for some period of time before returning to the starving-yourself phase.

Here's what Diet Scam Watch has to say:

Diet Scam Watch - hCG"

Kate's written a compelling post on this starvation diet here:

Diets in Review is also warning of the dangers of the hCG diet:

"You won’t see me promoting quick fixes or fad diets anytime soon. But every once in awhile something comes along that seems so dangerous I have to call it out. That’s why I’m going to help reveal the truth behind the HCG diet."

Read the entire Diets in Review article here:

Please take a moment to read Kate's post, Diet Scam Watch's warning, and the Diets in Review post.

Be forewarned that if you embark on this starvation diet, you will suffer serious medical consequences.

Thanks again, Kate, for the heads up on this dangerous starvation diet. Much appreciated!

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Anonymous said...

I´ve just read this article after reading your post: HCG DIET: Look Elsewhere for Weight Loss. Is my English really THAT bad or are there actually a lot of people stupid enough to praise this diet ... (no offense but something like that -.-)
Thanks for the post, Medusa!

Kate said...

Thank you for posting this and linking to my blog. I am sorry to say there are a lot of people doing this diet right this minute. And they will defend it as a valid way to lose weight. A lot of it is part of a money-making pyramid scheme, but at the base there are untold numbers doing permanent damage to themselves without understanding that this is a scam.

It makes me very sad. I hope that we can help educate people that they don't need to do anything drastic in order to lose weight. If you do happen to be overweight, as I have been, and you do need to lose weight, you can do it without causing yourself any harm. The most attractive body will be achieved through moderate diet and exercise. Starvation isn't the way to go.

Thanks again for posting,

UsOnEarth said...

I see that u posted some news on Aimee Moore (who was on Dr.Phil in 2008). I would like to know if u have more news one her. Thank yo

Brandee said...

My oldest sister did this and tried to convince me last year to do it knowing I was under 100 pounds at 5'8 at the time facing hospital treatment!!!!! It's sick. Any fad diet is sick. The best diet is everything in modertion period, end of story! So many are dying from diets and suicides from the depression of it. Less than 2 weeks ago I lost a friend to this deadly disease of anorexia and she was in recovery! It's deadly at any point, any day, any time!
Hugs Medusa!

Anonymous said...

my 75 year old mother did this diet in the 70's and lost weight. She just re-did simeon and lost 30 lbs in 30 days. her skin was so dry, she looked so strange, but she insisted that she felt Grrrr-eat! she got me to try it. i went 1 week at 300 calories a day plus the hormone and i got so sick I had to stop. I couldn't perform my duties at work! My mom still thinks I'm a quitter, and believes i am not a good person because of my weight. sigh. she has terrible food issues going back to childhood, and now she has 2 fat adult children.