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Rachel & Clare Wallmeyer

UPDATE:  March 13, 2011

 TROUBLED: Rachel Wallmeyer was strangling her twin sister 
as police arrived at their Grovedale home, a court heard.

"Twin's kill threat against sister in court

Aleks Devic | February 19th, 2011

RACHEL Wallmeyer phoned police and told them unless they came in 15 minutes she would kill her twin sister after a dispute over cask wine.

She sobbed in the Geelong Magistrates' Court yesterday as her lawyer said she would plead guilty to threatening to kill identical twin Clare Wallmeyer and unlawfully assaulting her.

In documents tendered to court, the prosecution alleged Rachel phoned police at 10.30pm asking them to come to their Grovedale home on November 19, last year.

"In the next 15 minutes (she was) going to kill her sister and that her sister's life was in danger if police didn't get their soon," police allege Rachel told the 000 operator.

The court heard police arrived 10 minutes later and found Rachel's hands tightly wrapped around Clare's throat while lying on top of her and Clare's face turning blue.

"At the time (Rachel) was repeatedly saying 'I'm going to kill you' to the victim," documents reveal.

"Police then restrained the accused and once the accused was removed off the victim, the victim took a deep breath and began to cough.

"(Rachel) then continued to crawl along the ground towards the victim stating 'I'm going to kill you'."

The prosecution said the sisters were drunk during the altercation and Rachel was angry that Clare came out with a cask of wine after telling her there was no wine.

Clare was taken to hospital after the incident and was later joined by Rachel who became unconscious while being interviewed at the Geelong police station.

A charge of attempted murder was dropped.

A plea of guilty was also entered for a theft charge.

Police told a previous court hearing the sisters were alcoholics and had a volatile relationship.

The matter was adjourned for a plea hearing to enable a psychiatric report to be prepared. Rachel, who is banned from living with her sister, returns to court on April 5."

Source: Twin's kill threat against sister in court

Original post ( November 22, 2010):

I've been following the lives of Rachel and Clare Wallmeyer for quite some time, and almost fell over when I came across this story published in Australia's Herald Sun newspaper today:

"Geelong anorexic sister 'tried to kill twin'

By Karen Matthews

"Well-known Geelong anorexic twins, Rachel and Clare Wallmeyer, were in court yesterday with Rachel charged over the attempted murder of her sister.

A Geelong court was told Rachel was allegedly caught in the act of trying to throttle her sister when police arrived at their Grovedale flat at the weekend.

Rachel, 40, of Camira Court, fronted Geelong Magistrates' Court yesterday charged with attempted murder.

She is also charged with recklessly causing injury and unlawful assault.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Peter Beard said police were called to the twins' Camira Court flat about 10.30am on Saturday.

"When they arrived they found Rachel Wallmeyer sitting on top of her sister with both hands tightly around her neck, attempting to throttle her," he said. "Clare's face was blue and Rachel was yelling, 'I'm going to kill you'."

Sgt Beard said police dragged Rachel away but she continued to kick out at her sister while being arrested.

'Both women were extremely intoxicated," he said.

"Both are alcoholics and have an extremely volatile relationship."

Sgt Beard said a 12-month intervention order prohibiting Rachel physically assaulting her sister was taken out by police at Geelong Magistrates' Court on September 7.

He said the main concern of police was the escalating level of violence directed by Rachel towards her sister.

"Police are very concerned for Clare's safety," he said.

The prosecutor said it was likely the attempted murder charge against Rachel would be withdrawn at some stage and replaced by a lesser charge.

Margie Bourke, for Rachel, said no animosity remained between the sisters and suggested any concerns could be addressed by bail conditions that included the women reside at separate addresses.

The lawyer said Rachel suffered from depression connected with anorexia and had ongoing psychological issues regarding alcoholism and the use of prescription drugs.

"The bond between them is very strong and they accept that alcohol is damaging their relationship," Ms Bourke said.

Magistrate Stephen Myall said the risk of re-offending could be adequately dealt with by the imposition of separate residential conditions.

Rachel was granted bail and the matter adjourned to Geelong Magistrates' Court for committal mention on February 2."*

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*Source: Geelong anorexic sister 'tried to kill twin

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Medusa! I just realized I hadn't stopped on your blog in a couple of weeks. No updates though, hope everythings all right and you are back soon. Love your blog.

Anonymous said...

Rachel looks a little healthier? Or is it an old picture or something? Fantastic blog Medusa, keep it up xx

Medusa said...

Lady Treefrog, that is a current picture of Rachel. I agree she does look so much healthier.

Thanks for your sweet comments about my blog. Much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

That's great she's at least improving in one aspect of her life, this whole story is so sad :( I hope they both can find inner peace with the world and themselves.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't it seem like they might have had a chance for recovery if they were seperated?
Being in constant competition with your identical twin sounds like a terrible dynamic

Unknown said...

Sad News today of Rachel and Clare passing, it has been a hard life for them and their family, We hope they find peace and happiness in a better place....MW