Saturday, December 5, 2009


anorexic woman


anorexic woman

anorexic woman

anorexic woman

anorexic woman leg

anorexic woman

anorexic woman

anorexic woman

anorexic woman arm

anorexic woman foot

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Alyse Griffin said...

So I should know this...and I think I may but I thought I'd ask someone who is better versed in things like this but...why can you see all her veins so well...
Is it just because her skin is thin or she has no fat covering them?
Or is it something else?

Anonymous said...

OMG that is the most clunking bloody reality check. I wonder who this woman is, how she is? :/

Medusa you're amazing, this blog is amazing, thank you.

Medusa said...

(((Holly))) Lovely to hear from you.

The woman's name is Alex and she lives in Germany. She's 32 years old. And she's not shy about sharing her pictures.


Cerulean Butterfly said...

is she 32??!?!?!! she looks really old, how sad.

Medusa said...

Magnolia, yes, 32 years old. Not a typo, unfortunately.

Exahmia said...

Hi Medusa! No need to thank me, accually the one who needs to thank is me for your amazing site, I spent most of my night looking throught your blog, I am always searcing for blogs like yours in order to help me in my posts.

I have nothing against people who wants to be thin, as long as they do it in a healthy way, anorexia and bulimia are deadly (i've being there myself, my blog reminds me and helps me to keep me safe and away from them). And happly I have already met and help some girls :)

Your blog is truly an inspiration hope you don't mind I use pictures and some info (always link you back and of course I will never use your words as my own).
In my yesterday post I've only use pictures I saw here and I credit your site for those, I didn't use your words, I may translate what I've said there if you wish :)

Medusa said...


Thanks so much for your kind words!

I just wanted to thank you for linking to my site. No need to add my words to your post or the pictures.

Love your blog :^)


Anonymous said...

Alex is only 32??? Oh my gosh, That's 2 years younger than me :/

I am fighting my ED so hard, we can all do this. We're strong and beautiful.

Laila said...

omg...32...same as me...i'm glad i dont look like her tho, cause this was truly ugly...thats not thinspo, thats horrible.

Brandee said...

wow great post. With no words it speaks volumes! What I like, and should be noted to those who love their thinspo, is when you lose a certain amount your mind is starved as well and you literally become somewhat crazy. I got low enough to experience this to a degree where all I saw was fat no matter how horrible I looked and thankfully had a therapist I clicked with who stepped in when I couldn't see I was literally killing myself.
I am 33. I thought this gal was in her 60's/70's! She's flaunting it like a badge of honor because her mind is so incredibly ill. She has become a creature, not humn and that's what eating disorders do!
Your blog is incredible and gives me such inspiration for my recovery blog and book I am writing!
Love you Medusa. Big tight hugs!

Medusa said...

Thanks so much for commenting, Brandee.

You're so right...a starved body, a starved brain.

Big tight hugs right back atcha, hon. :^)


The Lion said...

I really think this kind of medical problems are still not taken as seriously by the medical asociations as they sould be... people are still dying...other are struggling.Sometimes I would like to be there to help them with some methods that are disconsidered and overlooked....emotional health is something that no shrink couch can give you...

Young Anorexic said...

I still have a prob with wanting this .. Is it me or someone working in me??? Please help a brother out.. Thanks. Meduusa you are great!

Beth said...

Dear Medusa,

Thank you for sharing these photos and this information. It really is quite gripping to witness the stark reality of humans gripped by states of mind which allow for complete repulsion toward bodily nourishment.

Hopefully your contributions aid in awakening individuals who become captivated by such states of mind.

There are so many different psychological influences which have the capacity to lead individuals in this direction. Popular and conventional societal influences only compound such mental states.

Regarding the woman in this post; do you have any updates on her? Any links to her progress? You stated that she was located in Germany and not shy about sharing her life. I can't help but wonder based upon these photographs if she is still alive at this point.

Thanks again for all that you are sharing here. Many Blessings, Beth.

Medusa said...

Hi, Beth

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to confirm if the woman in the photos is still alive. I sincerely hope she is.

Thank you so much for commenting. Much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

She is literally a walking skeleton with skin

Anonymous said...

she is literally a walking skeleton with skin

Bathysphere said...

I don't find this very helpful for several reasons. First of all, many people with anorexia will never look like this. You can die from anorexia without ever looking like that. I worry that people will see things like this and think "I (or my eating disordered friend or loved one) must not REALLY be anorexic, since I (or they) don't look like this at all." I have friends who've had difficulty convincing their parents to get them help for their eating disorders, because they didn't look horrifically emaciated.

Posts like this send the message that only stupid people would starve themselves, since starvation can lead to unattractiveness. The message that becoming unattractive is a terrible consequence of ED is destructive. You're confirming the belief that a person's (and particularly a woman's) value comes from their attractiveness. The problem with this woman's body isn't that it's unattractive. Lots of bodies are unattractive. The problem is that it's dying.

As an eating disordered person, I find posts like this marginalising and alienating. I'm not pro-ana, but I think it's important to recognise that at least some pro-ana people actually have eating disorders. The desire to have an eating disorder is itself a disordered thought. You can't shock people out of eating disorders or disordered thoughts any more than you can shock them out of schizophrenia or bipolar disorder. You can, however, make them feel more ashamed of their behaviour and the ways that it's endangered their health, which isn't productive. It might feel good for recovered and non eating disordered people to gawk at a sick woman's body and scoff at people still suffering, but don't pretend it's helping anyone.

Anonymous said...

I bet those pics work well as thinspiration - or better as making you feel sick in your stomach. Even I feel sick now after watching them and I don't even have an eating disorder. Yuk!
Poor people that are suffering from this disease. Thanks for your blog, it's really good as a daunting example.

Unknown said...

A walking grotesque, this is not "thinspiration" instead it is sickness.

Anonymous said...

Hi all, it's easy to have a predudice on a person not knowing what they have been through. People should not make comments on others without knowing the truth. I think if a comment is not positive keep it to yourself. People have suffered enough abuse in their lives.

Unknown said...

I have to agree with Bathysphere. Thank you for the very insightful comment. I understand this is supposed to encourage ED sufferers to get 'scared straight', but for most of us it doesn't work like that. I know the consequences can be ugly and deadly. The problem is that this is not a rational disease. Just just makes me feel bad about myself on so many levels...

Muslimah said...

This sight is helping me. Not ten minutes ago I looked at the ab roller in the corner collecting dust and desired it. It gripped handfuls of belly fat and groaned in disgust. I was not to far from being the lady in the pics. Not far in mentality. When people said I was too thin I told myself they were jealous haters. They were still fat and I was gorgeous. I was sick.... I only realized I was sick til a shopping trip landed me in the little girls section because I couldn't fit adult clothing any more. When I looked at my body I didn't see death or anything, only areas that needed more tone.

Blackmanga said...

That must HURT to sit down or even lie down anywhere with a body like that. Especially with the bone strength of a 100 year old from the looks of it.

Blackmanga said...

It must be agony to sit or lie down with a body like that. The pressure on her bones (with the tensile strength of a 100 year oldno doubt) and veins would be really painful.

Anonymous said...

I just cant fathom that some people do this to themselves. I understand that it is a disorder and not exactly a choice but this lady looks exactly like my starving, dying father did before he passed after 4 years of throat cancer. My point is please enjoy your life while you can girls and be happy how you are. Its easier said than done, but please if you are looking at this and thinking anything other than horror, then get some help. Just take that step and ask someone you love to help you! You wont regret it in the long run

Anonymous said...

While I do not support anorexia, I want to say that not all people this thin are anorexic.

My lovely neighbour has colitis and is dying from a lung disease. She barely weighs 83 pounds at the best of times and looks this thin. I would hope no one would shame her, thinking her anorexic if they saw her on the street.

Make no judgements.