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The Writer by Richard Baumgart


 As I am still far behind in answering emails and posting stories, I am going to hold off posting new stories for the next little while.  

When I am caught up, I will be open to receiving your stories again.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

~ Medusa


I regularly receive many thought-provoking comments and stories from many of my readers, so I've decided to open up my blog and share some of them with you.

If you have a story or opinion you'd like to share, or an issue you'd like to raise, about eating disorders, depression, pro ana, etc., please forward it to me, granting me permission to post it.

As well as your story, please send a picture or photo that's meaningful to you to post along with your story.  It can be a photo (or photos) of yourself or, if you're uncomfortable with that, just a picture that you like (an inspirational photo, etc.).

My e-mail address is *

I can't promise I'll post every submission as I receive hundreds of e-mails weekly.  I hope you'll understand.

~ Medusa

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