Friday, September 25, 2009


anorexia, anorexic, arm, woman Forearm of an anorexic woman

In venae veritas (In veins, there is truth)...
...the palpable evidence that starvation has robbed you of all body fat, leaving a roadmap of protruding, twisted, blue veins all over your body.

Pretty, it's not.

And if you continue starving yourself to attain what you perceive to be that "perfect body," this will be you. I promise.

anorexia, anorexic, thighs, leg, woman

anorexia, anorexic, leg, woman

anorexia, anorexic, leg, woman

anorexia, anorexic, foot, woman

anorexia, anorexic, arm, woman

anorexia, anorexic, body, woman

anorexic, anorexia, body, woman

(This woman's breast implants are not only encapsulated, but have travelled east & west)

anorexia, anorexic, woman, hand

(Hand & thumb of a 46-year-old anorexic woman)

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Brandee said...

So sad that something that was supposed to give us beauty turns into such ugliness, disgust, and danger! I had the vein thing which would gross my own thrapist out. Not as severe as these photos but definitely noticeable even in my feet!
Love your blog.

Cerulean Butterfly said...

i have protruding veins, i like them - i dont have anorexia, i have veins like this anyway so stop picking on how people look, i dont wanna start thinking about my body as ugly. your sarcasm hurts.

Anonymous said...

I was at a night club years ago, it was a fancy establishment and the restroom was always full of young women like myself fixing their hair/make-up, especially after getting all sweaty dancing for hours. One night while primping I met a young beautiful lady in there. Her and I had a brief friendly chat, just small talk or whatever, but she was so thin, and what I remember caught my attention most was her veins. Every part of her had bulging blue veins, even around her face if I recall. I knew that she must be bulimic/anorexic. She was so pretty and had the most endearing aura-- all I wanted to do was hug her tight and beg her to stop! It was so hard not to, but I resisted. I hope to God she is okay now and that she got help. Why do veins bulge? Is it more anorexia or bulimia related? I have seen lots who don't seem to get it, hers was bad and she was only around 21-24 and probably still weighed in the high 80s/low 90s

Alice said...

I've first been caught by anorexia at 18, got more or less recovered two years later, gained most of my weight back and all, but the eating habits have stayed. I still can't stop counting calories, look with hungry eyes at all the tasty things in food stores, deceiving myself that I'll "buy them tomorrow" which I never do. And recently, in early morning hours, still half asleep I had a revelation that I'm still anorexic, 10 years later. The damned thing got stronghold of me. Found a lump in my thyroid, all due to it. I don't know how to get rid of this torturer inside me, a mere thought of gaining weight freaks me out and seems worse than death. Please tell me something good, king, inspiring, I'm at a loss now, am I condemned to be chained to anorexia for life? Thank you a lot for your blog, it helps so much!

Kourtnee said...


Thanks for the lovely comments on my blog! I must say, I used to like the look of veins running down my arms, but after seeing some other people with them in real life, and seeing these pictures- ugg! Never again will I find that attractive.

Great job on the post! =)


Medusa said...

Kourtney! Lovely to hear from you! Thanks so much for your kind words.

You are such an inspiration to those who are recovering from anorexia. Stay strong, hon, and keep blogging.

Sending love and hugs your way...


sarahlynn said...

My Mom died of anorexia. I swear - when I saw that last hand, I thought it was hers! If it weren't that she never let anyone take pictures of her, I'd think it was. It turns my stomach, but this is very much what anorexia looks like. Particularly long-term, end-stage Anorexia Nervosa. (It is, if people forget, an actual disease). Wonderful presentation - I wish it would have an effect on sufferers. If I had photos of my Mom at her sickest, I'd send them to you!

Medusa said...

(((Sarah Lynn)))

I'm so sorry for your loss.



Anonymous said...

This is so so sad, i was wondering, why has that happened to her thumb? is there a medical explanation?

Medusa said...

Anonymous, I am not a medical doctor but it appears the woman's thumb is infected. Most anorexics have suppressed immune systems, which makes them more susceptible to bacterial infections.

Muslimah said...

I suffer also from this ugly condition. I never thought I had a problem just thought I was pretty. I loved the veins, I naively thought they were a sign of health. I am currently in recovery, a healthy size seven. However the temptation is very real. If I could only lose a few more inches of stomach fat... Just a few more crunches.... I first realized I was sick when my size plummeted to double 0. I remember searching for something to wear for a night out and having to wander to the little girls section and purchase a size sixteen eighteen. It brings tears to my eyes to think of that day. Even more sad is that I did not try that skirt on because I knew it was too big!!!!! I walked out of the store disgusted with myself for not seeing the problem sooner. That day started the long road to recovery for me. But it is still a struggle everyday. I have gotten so fat I cant stand it I wanna remove my stomach with a knife!!!! Still I fight lately I started drifting away again. Im struggling. It is so hard...

Unknown said...

I'm not anorexic, but after a terrible argument with my husband that lasted most of the day (in January) my arm veins developed little lumps and now my arm veins bulge and created new bulging veins similar to those pictures. Idk what to do:'( I'm 5'5 and 117 lbs...I've been down to 109 with no vein issues, this is driving me insane!