Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Meg Ryan after weight loss, December 2009

Meg Ryan, December 2009

Meg Ryan before weight loss, 2007
Meg Ryan, 2007

The story and more pics are here...

Meg Ryan exposes a worryingly thin frame in Hawaii

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Anonymous said...

I don't see her looking much different in comparison to the older photo. She's wearing a bikini and carrying a child in that one, which makes her boobs/arms look bigger.

She is no anorexic. I understand the dangers of that disease, but let's not pretend every thin person has some (eating) disorder because that is just pure hogwash.

Brandee said...

anonymous I just want to thump you. Look again. her veins are showing in her arms and her bones in her chest are gross and my God look at her bony face! like a big fricken duh.
and i am sorry but most sickly, vein popping, bone showing people have anorexia or cancer so take your pick before making another lame, shallow comment.
Speaking from my own true honest knowledgeable experience~
Hugs Medusa.

Anonymous said...

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