Tuesday, November 20, 2018


Welcome to all my Medusa on Facebook followers!
I hope you join me here!

Below is a post I published today on my Medusa Facebook page:

"Facebook's shares are plummeting, and Facebook & Instagram have been down today throughout the US and Europe. Mark Zuckerberg has lost $18 billion since March. Since there is credible evidence that Zuckerberg met with the Kremlin and conspired with the GOP during the 2016 US election, intelligence sources are confident that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has an indictment waiting for him...so I will be deleting my Facebook and Medusa page today, though Facebook tells me that it will take 14 days for my Medusa page to be deleted. As I will no longer be posting on my Facebook Medusa page, I will start posting again on my Medusa website at www.2medusa.com. Thank you for all your support over the past few years and I hope you will join me on my website for updates! Cheers, Medusa"

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