Wednesday, January 30, 2008


KIMMER!!! Get up from that old computer chair and get your grove on, honey, 'cause...

"When the walls come tumblin' down, When the walls come crumblin' crumblin'
When the walls come tumblin' tumblin' down..."

And, Kimmer, if you liked that, this will really get ya' rockin'...enjoy your freedom while you can...

Some people ain't no damn good
You can't trust 'em you can't love 'em
No good deed goes unpunished
And I don't mind bein' their whippin' boy
I've had that pleasure for years and years
No no I never was a sinner--tell me what else can I do
Second best is what you get 'til you learn to bend the rules
And time respects no person--what you lift up must fall
They're waiting outside to claim my tumblin' walls
Saw my picture in the paper
Read the news around my face
And now some people don't want to treat me the same

When the walls come tumblin' down
When the walls come crumblin' crumblin'
When the walls come tumblin' tumblin' down

Some people say I'm obnoxious and lazy
I'm uneducated--my opinion means nothin'
But I know I'm a real good dancer
Don't need to look over my shoulder to see what I'm after
Everybody's got their problems--ain't no new news here
I'm the same old trouble you've been havin' for years
Don't confuse the problem with the issue girl
It's perfectly clear
Just a human desire to have you come near
Wanna put my arms around you
Feel your breath in my ear
You can bend me you can break me
But you'd better stand clear

When the walls come tumblin' down
When the walls come crumblin' crumblin'
When the walls come tumblin' tumblin' down

~ John Mellencamp, Crumblin' Down

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So, yesterday, I'm minding my own beeswax and I suddenly get this message that Kimmer aka Heidi Diaz has started a new contest on her soon-to-be-gone diet website, Kimkins.

It's a "Pinky Swear" contest. Say what? The only time I recall doing a "pinky swear" was when I was in Grade 6.

Here's Kimmer's little challenge:

"Re: Announcing Kimmer's Pinky Swear Challenge...

OK ladies, get ready! I'm starting a list of names here: Kimkins and then Friday, February 1 I'm going to add everyone's starting weights. It's only 29 days, we can do it! I've got 2 things messing me up cheat-wise and those will be nailed shut!
Pinky Swear "

And a screenshot:

And take a load of Kimmer's new avatar:

Ewww, there's just something about that avatar that gives me the willies.

For those who may have no clue what a "pinky swear" is, here's Wikipedia's definition:

"Pinky swear
To pinky swear (in some regions referred to as the pinky promise) is when two people entwine their pinky fingers—and then kiss the back of their hands most commonly of the same respective hands—to signify that a promise has been made. The kiss is not necessary in all parts of America. Traditionally, the pinky swear is considered binding and tantamount to a handshake in terms of sealing a deal. The pinky swear originally indicated that the person who breaks the promise must cut off their pinky finger."

In modern times, pinky swearing is a more informal way of sealing a promise. It is most common among school-age children and close friends. The pinky swear signifies a promise that cannot be broken or counteracted by the crossing of fingers, the "I take it back" or any other trickery."

Kimmer, I gotta tell 'ya, this whole "pinky swear" thing is creepy. That's something kids in elementary school and playgrounds do, not some middle-age diet huckster.

And let's be honest, Kimmer (I know, I know, that's hard for you), you haven't lost a pound since you've started these weight-loss challenges on the front page of Kimkins, have you?

Your own Kimkins starvation diet is a bitch, no? So how on earth do you expect your members to follow it when you can't even do it yourself?

Now, what are you going to do on February 29th when the scale hasn't moved? Fudge your weight-loss numbers one more time?

And I have a suggestion for you about your comment in your post...

"I've got 2 things messing me up cheat-wise and those will be nailed shut!"

How about nailing that big yap of yours shut? That way, it will be harder for you to down those two things that are causing your amazing weight stall (i.e. Captain Morgan and Diet Coke). That'll work.

And you know, of course, if you're found out, this is your punishment...

"...the person who breaks the promise must cut off their pinky finger."

Hey, Kimmer, at least you'll drop a few ounces losing that finger, no? Might be worth it.


Well, it appears our Kimmer also had second thoughts about that hellish "pinky swear" avatar she was sporting. I thought it was perhaps she had suddenly found it creepy too.

But that wasn't it at all. Uber-blogger and sleuth, Mariasol, posted this on my blog this morning:

"She stole that photo too: Picasa

Seems that she prefers Eastern European photos."

Click on Mariasol's Picasa link above and you'll see Heidi's avatar in its original form. Nice photonapping, Kimmer. Nice that you gave your avatar attribution to its rightful owner.

And that's not all! A friend just checked the Kimkins website, and now Kimmer has this avatar:

Wonder where she pilfered that? Start sleuthing, Duckies!


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Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Since the lid was blown off Heidi Diaz's claim to have lost 200 pounds in a year, going from 318 pounds to 118 pounds, and the revelations that she has NEVER lost a pound doing her own Kimkins starvation diet and that she used Russian bride pictures as her "after" pictures to depict her amazing weight loss, Heidi Diaz aka Kimmer has continued to spout shameful lies and deadly advice to her members at Kimkins.

One of my fellow bloggers, MJR, has recently posted some scandalous exchanges between Heidi Diaz (Kimmer) and members of Kimkins.

I have gone through Heidi's interviews with Jimmy Moore and screen shots taken from her website and have amassed just a very small collection of her lies and shocking advice. Here are just a few:

"I've lost weight many times in my life."

"I've been at goal for nearly 6 years and my old 318-pound life seems like eons ago!"

"As my 40th birthday approached I had a talk with myself, 'Kimmer, this is getting ridiculous. Lose a little, gain it back, lose a lot, gain it back. You need to either do it once and for all, or give it up and accept your size 26 life.'"

"Slowly I sat myself down on the couch and knew this was it. No more excuses. What had I let happen to myself? How in denial can a person be? "

"Yes, 160 pounds lost in 7 months and 200 pounds in just under 1 year. It's totally possible!"

"The weight losses that Kimkins member post are just as impressive (in some cases, more so!) I lost 17 lbs the first 10 days, which is typical for me and Kimkins, after that roughly 4-6 lbs a week. No sweat."

"I find it hard to believe that some people consider a “stall” to be no weight loss for 4 weeks! Yikes! After just 4 days I'd be demanding a Congressional investigation! There is absolutely no reason, none, to "stall" unless you want to."

"I have always lost weight quickly."

'I accept all compliments from handsome men! Losing 200 lbs has literally been like freeing an albatross from around my neck. I was so desperately unhappy. Despite lying to myself that my size didn't matter, and although I was blessed with good health despite 300+ pounds, I knew I was harming my body."

"Now, a slim size 4, I look back and wonder what took me so long to get serious? I now fit into theater seats without even touching the arms! Seat belts aren't anxiety provoking. My confidence has soared! No longer do I fear developing diabetes."

"But probably the most blessed part of being thin and healthy is the pride my children have in me. No longer do I wonder whether they might be embarrassed by their 318-pound mom at school events or the mall. It almost seems as though they show me off!"

"First, I removed all of the instant “pop in your mouth” junk and stuck whatever else in the freezer. Second, as I dropped my pounds my “too big” clothes were donated to the homeless shelter where I volunteer. Third, I needed a reminder the first few days so I placed masking tape in a large X across my bedroom doorway so as I woke in the morning I'd automatically remember I was on a mission to lose 200 pounds!"

"I don't ever want to regain my weight. As a reminder, I hung onto a pair of size 26 jeans which I keep hanging in a corner of my closet. I bring them out once a week and try them on. Once again, I can't believe I was ever that big! What was I thinking?"

"No one knows better than I how miserable it is to be obese."

"Not everyone gets from A-Z in the weight loss game the first try. Or the second."

"Frankly, when I see the tight knit family our Kimkins members have built for each other, I almost wish I was starting my weight loss journey all over again. Almost."

"OK fellow fasters, today is the day! Last night I taped my bedroom doorway with a piece of thin masking tape, so I'd walk through it this morning and it would remind me today is the start of my 30 day water fast (I'm a creature of habit and would have gone right to the fridge for a glass of diet 7-Up or Cystal Light otherwise, LOL ) This morning I weighed 136."

"I started at 318...and then my final weight now is between 118-122 or just in between there. And it did take 11 months. And that includes losing 11 lbs the first day, I’m a water sponge, I retain water like no one you’ve ever met."

Jimmy Moore: "So how long has it been since you’ve kept the weight off?"
Heidi Diaz: "It’s been five, five and a half years."
Jimmy Moore: "So a little more than five years, you’ve maintained right around that 118-122 mark."
Heidi Diaz: "Yeah. Yeah."

"Kimkins is a combination of the original 1972 Atkins, a little bit of Stillman’s, plus my own tweaks, with a lower calorie emphasis."

Jimmy Moore: "Well um, just to make it real clear, about how many calories do you think that is?"
Heidi Diaz: "When I checked it seemed to be between 1400 and 1700 a day (J: OK) which is, which is perfect for carbs seem to be 80 to 100ish, sometimes I go over..."
Jimmy Moore: "Is the Kimkins diet safe to do over the long term, now you’ve been eating this way what, six or seven years now, and you seem to be doing well –"
Heidi Diaz: I haven’t died yet – "

"I also turn teenagers away...we have teenagers on site, but teenagers as I know first hand, tend to be extreme."

"Don’t panic about low calories."

"As long as you have sufficient body fat you don’t need to eat calories."

"As you lose weight, your body will need fewer calories."

"Your calories were a bit high at 1350′ish."

"If I am already deep in to kimkins (on week 3) and losing about a pound a day on 500-700 calories."

"Eating beef for the first time can cause a temporary “scale” stall."

"For me it was Captain Morgan & Wild Cherry Pepsi … and not just one."

"The bottom line for the Domino Effect is that when your carbs are cut to the bone and you FOLLOW YOUR INSTINCT and not eat when you’re not hungry … calories get very low and you lose like crazy! "

"I knew my calories would drop like a rock once my appetite was gone, but low calories alone aren’t enough. It has to be very, very low carb low calories. "

"Consider countries where food is scarce and citizens very thin. Why aren’t their bodies holding onto fat? Isn’t that supposed to be what happens? Remember holocaust victims who survived on very, very little. Both examples lost weight quickly on very low calories."

"Well 24 lbs in 2.5 weeks is excellent by any standards! What are you eating at 300-500 calories? Your carbs must be around 4-6 per day?The most common “domino interruption” cause is adding a food."

I am refraining from commenting on Heidi's lies and advice because, frankly, I am at a total loss for words.

The sooner this piece of shite is locked up, the better...and hopefully before one of her members at Kimkins dies.

Some of the above quotations were taken from a recent blog post by my fellow blogger, MJR. Please take a moment to read her wonderful blog post here:

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Monday, January 28, 2008


A little ditty to start your Monday morning off, Heidi. Enjoy!

Cab Calloway...Minnie the Moocher

Minnie The Moocher
by the incomparable Cab Calloway

Hey folks, here's the story 'bout Minnie the Moocher
She was a red hot Hoochie Koocher
She was the roughest toughest frail
But Minnie had a heart as big as a whale

Hidey Hidey Hidey Hi
(Hidey Hidey Hidey Hi)
Hodey odey odey oh
(Hodey odey odey oh)
Heedey Heedey Heedey Hee
(Heedey Heedey Heedey Hee)
Hidey Hidey Hidey Ho
(Hidey Hidey Hidey Ho)

She had a dream about the King of Sweden
He gave her things that she was needin'
He gave her a home built of gold and steel
A diamond car with platinum wheels

Hidey Hidey Hidey Hi
(Hidey Hidey Hidey Hi)
Hodey odey odey oh
(Hodey odey odey oh)
Heedey Heedey Heedey Hee
(Heedey Heedey Heedey Hee)
Hidey Hidey Hidey Ho
(Hidey Hidey Hidey Ho)


He gave her his townhouse and his racin' horses
Each meal she ate was a dozen courses
She had a million dollars worth of nickels and dimes
She sat around and counted 'em all a million times

Hidey Hidey Hidey Hi
(Hidey Hidey Hidey Hi)
Hodey odey odey oh
(Hodey odey odey oh)
Heedey Heedey Heedey Hee
(Heedey Heedey Heedey Hee)
Hidey Hidey Hidey Ho
(Hidey Hidey Hidey Ho)


Poor Min'
Poor Min'
Poor Min'

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Sunday, January 27, 2008


Johnny Giovanni Righini: "One male's journey through anorexia, bulimia and orthorexia nervosa... "

These remarkable videos by Johnny Righini (MyOwnStickFigure) should be seen by anyone contemplating ANY starvation diet.

I would ask that after viewing them you leave a comment of encouragement for Johnny on his YouTube page here where more of his videos are listed. Thank you.

Anorexic Attack: Part 1...

Anorexic Attack: Part 2...

Checking in, progress, dinner...

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Well, after being delivered a well-deserved big plate of comeuppance from Nikki Pilkington and dining on crow for breakfast, I settled down in my easy chair to read some recent blog posts of my fellow anti-Kimkins bloggers.

So pour yourself a nice, big cup of coffee, and enjoy these great posts:

Back Across The Line:

Kimkins Diet Review

Say "No" to Kimkins

Now, if you've still got some coffee left and some time to kill after you've finished reading those great blog posts, take some time to watch the amazing HBO documentary, THIN, by clicking the link below. You won't be disappointed.


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Well, imagine my surprise this morning when I opened my e-mail and discovered messages from none other than my gorgeous (and very funny) mole applicant, the one and only NIKKI PILKINGTON!

It appears I have been barking up the wrong tree. You know, when you discover you're wrong, and I'm talking REALLY WRONG, it's only right to fess up.

Firstly, Nikki, please accept my sincere and humble apologies. I'm hoping you're of the opinion that any publicity, be it bad or good, is, as convicted felon Martha Stewart is so fond of saying, "a good thing."

Here are the messages I received from Nikki last night, and I have to say she's an awfully good sport:

"Oh my god!! I'm famous!!

seriously, there is no way I have anything to do with Kimmer, although a couple of years ago, whoever was in charge of PR (not jeannie) asked me to do some promotion. I think I got one sign up LOL

I haven't been in touch as I have so many new clients in my real business that i've had no time to be a mole - I was actually just going to send you my login so you could mole away yourself, but i guess you've ruined that now.... although i'm happy to help anti-kk sites with search engine positions....

As for the comment that i am a skinny russian bride - LOL i wish!! The reason i found kimkins in the first place is that i'm far from skinny!!! "


"Ooohh I'm famous!!! For the record, i'm not a russian bride (nor skinny or pretty LOL).I have just been really busy with work and have had no time to look in KK, sorry. But thanks for outing me Medusa - way to go :) My actual plan was to send you my login so you could mole away in your own time. I guess by now my login has been cancelled....A long time ago (before jeannie and right at the beginning of KK) I was asked to promote it on a 'cost per signup' deal - I think I got one signup :) I had no time then for CPS deals and I have no time now.I also have no time for people who post rubbish about me on the internet, when that is my livelihood and pays to feed my children. There is a phone number on every page of my website Medusa - you were welcome to call that at any time. "


[NOTE: This is the email Nikki received from Kimmer in response to Nikki's request for her password, which she had forgotten. I have deleted personal info from the e-mail]

"here you go - enjoy - please email me when you've posted your apology/

-----Original Message-----
From: Kimmer []
Sent: ***** ***** ***** *****
To: *****

Hi *****,

Who knows what happens with computers? I reset
your password below. [SNIP]

User: ********
Pass: *****


Ticket Details
Ticket ID:
Department: Membership & Payments
Priority: High
Status: Closed

"Oooh and, as a 'Kimmer' plant, i've not actually sent you anything medusa - how fab a mole am I? Surely if I were working for Kimmer I would have sent you 'something' ?

Or maybe i've been too busy with my new book launch, new clients and my family, to ferret around

I don't support Kimmer at all, but neither do i support the paranoia and false accusations that seem to follow her detractors."

"The first thing that struck me was why on earth would an "Internet Marketing
Expert" want to be my mole."

Why the hell not? Since when does what i do for a living affect my belief that Kimmer is bad?

"how crap a mole am I that i haven't sent you anything? if i were kimmer's 'plant' then surely i would have been in touch? LOL "

Nikki, you made my morning. You have a great sense of humour and are an extremely good sport. God, I admire that.

It appears that Medusa has pissed on her chips. But I'm hoping, Nikki, that you're the forgiving sort and that I'm still able to take advantage of your offer to "help anti-kk sites with search engine positions."

My fellow bloggers and I need your expertise, Nikki, so any help you can give us will be greatly appreciated, especially in light of the fact that Heidi Diaz aka Kimmer is still flogging her deadly Kimkins starvation diet and continuing to lure new people to her website, despite all the bad publicity out there about her and her deadly diet. Unfortunately, Kimkins continues to rank at the top of Google listings. Any help you can give us will be greatly appreciated and you will have our undying gratitude.

Now, how can I get my hands on a copy of your new book? I'll send you my payment via Paypal :^)


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Friday, January 25, 2008



In two posts at the beginning of January 2008, I put out a call for a mole to assist me in accessing the Kimkins website to monitor the posts of Heidi Diaz aka Kimmer.

Here are links to the two posts:

I immediately received a response to my second post from none other than NIKKI PILKINGTON, and this is her e-mail to me:

"I'm happy to help - I may still have a valid login for Kimkins - will need to check!

Wanting to check the background of Ms. Pilkington, I did the usual Google searches on her, and this is what I found at

The first thing that struck me was why on earth would an "Internet Marketing Expert" want to be my mole. As I read Nikki's profile, this popped out at me:

"I developed my skills in search engine listings, email campaigns, banner advertising, and more. I wrote articles, gave out advice, and slowly but surely built up a reputation for being the expert that could help people to make the most of their websites.

And over the last twelve years, I have helped small, medium and large sized businesses to realise their potential on the Internet, through a variety of services. Firstly running my own company, then running the online department of a marketing agency based in Northampton, and now working as, an Internet Marketing Company based in Milton Keynes and Leicester.

I now work with a team of associates that are all experts in their field; whether that be running an email campaign, dealing with online PR, or anything else that is needed. However, the search engine listings and online advertising is my speciality and will always be handled by me."

Well, alarm bells went off and I realized that, in all likelihood, there was a connection between Heidi Diaz and Nikki Pilkington. There is no doubt in my mind that Heidi Diaz has used the services of Nikki Pilkington to optimize Kimkins search engine rankings.

With that info re Nikki, I sent her an e-mail on January 2/08 thanking her for her offer to be a mole at Kimkins.

Nikki's response on January 2/08:


No problem - i've requested my password as I can't remember it.

I'll let you know what happens!!


And then this on January 3/08:

"I have my password, i'm going in :D"

Not having heard from Nikki, I wrote her again on January 5/08:

"Hi, Nikki!

Wondered if you've had a chance to check out Kimkins yet.

Many thanks.


Since I received no response from Nikki, I then made this post on my blog, hoping it would get a rise out of her:


To date, I have heard nothing from Nikki.

So Heidi, just a little time you enlist the services of a mole, make sure she is not so transparent.

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Thursday, January 24, 2008


Many people are under the misconception that a person suffering from anorexia is young and thin as a rail. Not true...not by a long stretch.

Death by starvation, as a result of anorexia nervosa, happens to older and overweight people, as well, which many find startling and almost incomprehensible.

On my recent blog post,

KIMMER...MEET ISABELLE CARO..., I received the following comments:

OhYeahBabe said...

"People need to understand that you don't have to look like Isabelle Caro to be anorexic. I think that's a significant point of confusion for people who want to stick to Kimkins because they think they are not anorexic yet. "

2BIG said...
"Excellent point OYB

thank you Medusa for blogging about this hidden aspect of and paid advice Kimmer is giving about cutting cals every time somebody posts about their perceived stalling of weight loss. "

Yucky said...

"She gets it. She just doesn't care. Same goes for the starving women. Kimmer don't care like that. "

Barbara B said...

"Why oh why don't they understand that the heart is a muscle and when you starve your body it will break down muscle as a last resort."
Kat said...

"Sad, just so sad...OYB is don't have to be thin to be anorexic...those of us who followed KK and started to feel the affects of the starvation diet she was promoting are proof of that!!"
Recently on Low Carb Friends were these recent posts:

From BamaGal:

" don't have to be 80 lbs soaking wet to have anorexia---you can be 400 lbs and be anorexia and it kills you quicker than the smaller person..."

From cjkane :

"I mentioned in my comments at GMA that while overweight, my mom is anorexic.">

From SMP:

"...the popular stereotype of the anorexic is always a skeletal female. Whenever a fat person is rushed to ER, anorexia is the last the last thing the doctors think of. Like that one poor guy, linked many threads and hundreds of posts ago, who feared food so much that he starved to death at 600 and plenty pounds. So much for Heidi's theory. Here's a little blurb I picked up-
Jon Brower Minnoch (1941 - 1983) of Bainbridge Island, WA; 6 ft 1 in, estimated as weighing "probably more than" 1400 lbs in 1979, at which point it took 13 people just to roll him over in bed. Minnoch, like many of the heaviest people, suffered from massive edema: his weight was augmented by at least 900 lbs of fluid at its peak. The former taxi driver had always been unusually heavy, reaching 400 lbs in 1963, 700 lbs in 1966, and 975 lbs in 1976, but he claimed to have been in no way handicapped by his size until a 500-calorie diet sapped his muscle strength and left him at the brink of death.'

(Are you taking note, Heidi? He was fat but healthy until he tried a starvation diet.)

'Subsequent hospitalization brought him down to 476 lbs in 1981, mostly through the loss of 12 to 14 pounds of fluid per week. He was readmitted later that year after regaining 200 lbs in seven days. Although physicians at University Hospital in Seattle persisted in treating him with a 1,200-calorie diet, he weighed about 800 lbs at the time of his death. Other details of his physical condition were withheld from the press. Minnoch was the father of two children by his 110-lb wife, Jeannette.'

And we thought we had water retention problems! He died at 42 years of age within 7 years of trying a 500-calorie diet. Hope those KK'ers don't suffer the same fate in a few years.'

And finally...


To read this excellent article, "I Got Anorexia at 50," please click the link below:



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Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Diabetes and its Current Treatment Methods

Today's Diabetes Treatments

Diabetes is a devastating disease that accounts for 3.8 million deaths every year. A diabetic’s body can no longer produce insulin, a hormone necessary for processing glucose. Glucose is needed for energy, and so without a supply of insulin, a diabetic will die. There are two types of diabetes.

Type 1 Diabetes

Usually begins in childhood
Rapid onset
Unknown cause
With no way of producing insulin, a type 1 diabetic will starve to death without a constant external supply of insulin.
To make matters worse, insulin must only be injected at the right time, when glucose levels are high.

Type 2 Diabetes

Usually occurs in adults
Can sometimes be controlled by diet and exercise
In advanced cases, type 2 diabetics also have to rely on artificial insulin.
If diabetes isn’t managed well, and a diabetic frequently has too much glucose in their blood (known as hyperglycemia), it will cause dangerous secondary complications that could result in blindness, heart attack, stroke, and amputation.

On Monday, January 21st, 2008, Strawberry on LCF posted the following:

jan 21-08

"Well, I went to look at kimkins site and there is one post on Kimkins blog that makes me very upset, about "are your diabetes meds making you fat". And discusses weight gain associated with insulin and some of the meds. The implication is that if you are taking (NEEDED) diabetes medication, perhaps going off the meds will make you lose weight.

Its a common, dangerous practice among young teen girls who are supposed to be on insulin to not take their insulin, so that they cant get the calories from sugar eaten. Of course, the sugar then soars to dangerous highs in the blood and tears up kidneys, blood vessels, nerves, etc. The same thing happens to someone who doesnt take a diabetes medication such as glyburide.

I'm all for trying to come off meds and lose weight and naturally get blood sugar under control when doing low carb. But to plant the idea of stopping diabetes meds when they are needed is completely irresponsible.

Physicans are completely aware of weight gain as a possible side effect with some meds and try to use meds capable of causing weight gain sparingly, and only when necessary. And weight gain will be minimal if diet is controlled correctly so that there isn't excess sugar in the first place.
LINK: " (bolding mine)

Kimmer's blog post that Strawberry is referring to on the Kimkins website is as follows:
"Thursday, January 17, 2008

Are Your Diabetes Meds Making You Fat?

Diabetic? Many Kimkins members are, including me. The diagram above shows that sulfonylureas (like the glipizide I take) help your pancreas create more insulin. Insulin is the fat storing hormone.

I found this blurb a quick explanation of why our diabetes meds can be triggering weight gain or not letting us lose as quickly as we'd like.

"Is your weight going up even though you haven't been eating more? Take a look at your diabetes medications —— they could be the culprit.

Some diabetes medications could make you gain weight. To put it simply, as you get better control of your diabetes, you no longer lose glucose in your urine, so your body retains those calories.

Some classes of diabetes drugs are more likely to cause weight gain than others. Sulfonylureas (such as glyburide and glipizide), meglitinides (Prandin), and insulin can cause weight gain.

The drugs most commonly associated with weight gain and fluid retention are the thiazolidinediones (glitazones), such as pioglitazone and rosiglitazone.

It's not safe to let your blood sugar levels increase in order to lose weight. To prevent weight gain, you'll need to improve your lifestyle efforts by making better food choices and exercising more often.

You can also talk to your doctor about trying other medications. Some drugs, like Metformin, work like the glitazones, but don't cause weight gain. They can even help with weight loss. You can try switching to this type of drug, but watch for other side effects, including gas, bloating, or diarrhea. Keep in mind that you can't take this drug if you have heart disease.

Also, alpha-glucosidase inhibitors (such as acarbose and miglitol) don't cause weight gain, but can cause side effects such as bloating or diarrhea.

Being female, overweight, or having kidney disease or high blood pressure raises your risks of developing edema (water retention) from medication. If you believe water retention is an issue for you, talk to your doctor about trying diuretics or switching to a different medication in order to control your edema."

Posted by Kimmer at 5:26 PM

Labels: acarbose, diabetes and weight gain, edema, flitazones, glipizide, kimkins, Metformin, miglitol, prandin"

Here are screen shots of Kimmer's post:

And here is a post from Kimmer on February 6, 2007 from her Kimkins website:

"Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Type 2 Diabetic Gets Off Meds With Kimkins!

I'll admit, these are my very favorite success posts on the Kimkins website!

From Kimkins member "Sweetstell":

"What a great lady! How come I had never heard of Kimmer till I stumbled onto the site of Living La Vida Low Carb and another big loser directed me here! In 8 days I have lost 7.5 pounds!

And I'm a Type II DIABETIC!!! It's been great getting off my Metformin and having normal readings!"

Wow! A few days on the super effective Kimkins diet and this sweet lady was able to get off of her diabetes medication!

Many Type II diabetic members report needing much less (or no) medication after a few short weeks on Kimkins. Even Type I types typically reduce their insulin dosage (with doctor's approval, of course).

If you or someone you know is diabetic, do them a favor and tell them to check out Kimkins! Be sure to check in with "Sweetstell" and give her a big HIGH 5!

Good job, Stell! Keep it up!

Posted by Kimmer at 7:53 PM

Labels: diabetes, health, kimkins, Kimmer, Metformin, type 2 diabetes, type II diabetes, weight loss"

And here are those screen shots:

On September 4, 2007, the blogger, KimkinsExposed, posted this:

"Kimkins, Not Safe for Diabetics, as per TOS
September 4, 2007...

Kkatastrophediet posted today about the changes to the Kimkins site Terms of Service. Within the change is a notable warning,
'This program should not be attempted by anyone with the following conditions without prior approval from their physician: pregnant or nursing mothers, patients with history of gout, kidney failure or disease, gallbladder issues, those under the age of 18 and those with blood glucose issues such as diabetes or hypoglycemia. The content relayed on is not to be interpreted as advocating the self-management of your medical condition(s) or those of your family.'

Contrast that with the promotional page ‘‘Thinking About Kimkins?’’ that lures the unsuspecting with the following bold statement,

Is Kimkins good for diabetics? Kimkins is perfect for all diabetics!

It appears Kimmer (Heidi Diaz) will say anything to convince those reading her promotional material to sign up and pay her $60, even if it means potentially compromising the health of someone with diabetes. How shameful. "


And the following newspaper article written by Trish Crawford, which appeared in The Canadian Press this morning, January 23, 2008, supports the comments made by Strawberry on LCF:

"Diabetic girls skip insulin to lose weight, warn MDs
‘Life-threatening’ behaviour, experts say

By TRISH CRAWFORD The Canadian Press
Wed. Jan 23 - 7:07 AM

TORONTO — A dirty little secret is shared by many young women with Type 1 diabetes — when they skip their insulin, they lose weight.

This is dangerous and potentially life-threatening behaviour, experts in the field warn, but one that is hard to quash in a world obsessed with body image.

Psychiatrist Patricia Colton, who works in the eating disorders clinic at Toronto General Hospital, has had one diabetic patient in her 20s go blind, and another the same age suffer renal failure as a result of avoiding their medication.

Doctors started guessing females were deliberately skipping their insulin as a weight control measure in the late ’80s, Colton says, and notes that recent studies have revealed it is widespread, affecting approximately a third of diabetic young women. Though Colton was concerned media coverage of the issue might spark copy-cat behaviour, it has become so widespread "it is too late to keep it a secret."

"They are wiping out 80 years of progress in diabetic medicine," says Colton, adding that the initial effects are nausea, depression and exhaustion but get more serious over time.

"It is extreme behaviour but it is tied into the mindset of our culture. They are under pressure to put a high premium on their weight, to believe that their success is based on looks."

Many difficult health issues, from smoking and drinking to drug use, involve "a high degree of denial, especially for young people," she says. They may know the dangers but think it won’t happen to them, and that rationale underscores the disconnect between what young people know and what they do.

Colton treats women with eating disorders by helping them achieve small goals and build on those successes while creating a sense of hope and self-control.

Dr. Denis Daneman, head of pediatrics at the Hospital for Sick Children and a diabetes expert, headed a 2001 study that established the breadth of the problem. The study looked at 356 girls with diabetes and 1,098 without the disease in Toronto, Ottawa and Hamilton. One in four of the diabetic girls had an eating disorder, compared with 10 per cent in the group without diabetes, he says. Older girls were more likely to skip their insulin injections as a tool for weight loss.

Adolescents are more likely to have their medicine controlled by the parents, he says, but as girls gain more independence they are increasingly likely to experiment with their insulin. The study showed 35 per cent of girls aged 16 to 22 admit to purposefully stopping their insulin for weight loss.

Many of them were already experiencing eye damage as a result, says Daneman, and damage to nerves and kidneys was expected, as well. The big impact will probably be felt by these young women when they are over 30, he says, adding it will affect mortality.

"This is acutely life-threatening," he says.

However, it is a thorny problem to solve since many women wish to be thin and diabetic women have a foolproof way to achieve that goal, he says. Daneman points out that before the discovery of insulin, diabetics were known for being "scarecrow thin."

Once females are prescribed and begin taking insulin they frequently gain weight, he says, which may be the result of either the medication itself or an increased appetite. So, while they are healthy, these young women may be upset with their body image, he says.

He speculates that diabetic girls learn the insulin secret from each other.

"Young people in general are notorious for ignoring possible longer-term consequences in favour of short-term benefits," York University psychology professor Jennifer Mills writes in an e-mail."
(all bolding mine)

My fellow blogger, OhYeahBabe, has written an excellent post on her blog, Kimorexia, about Heidi Diaz's unconscionable advice to diabetics. Please check out her blog post here:

If you are either a Type 1 or Type 2 diabetic and considering taking yourself off your diabetic medication, as suggested by Heidi Diaz aka Kimmer, PLEASE CONSULT WITH YOUR DOCTOR IMMEDIATELY !!!


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Hope you enjoyed the song, Heidi!

John Tiedt is loaded for bear today, so good luck in trying to keep all those lies straight in Round 2 of your deposition.

"I hear the train a comin'
It's rolling round the bend
And I ain't seen the sunshine since I don't know when,
I'm stuck in Folsom prison, and time keeps draggin' on..."


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Monday, January 21, 2008



"If I had a hammer
I'd hammer in the morning
I'd hammer in the evening
All over this land
I'd hammer out danger
I'd hammer out a warning
I'd hammer out love between my bloggers and my sisters
All over this land..."


IF I HAD A HAMMER (The Hammer Song), words and music by Lee Hays and Pete Seeger

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*SNATT: "Slightly/Semi-Nauseous All The Time (a Kimkins-ism," and a "good thing," according to Heidi Diaz, but not in the Martha Stewart kinda way)

As a result of the airing of ABC’s Good Morning America show yesterday featuring the Kimkins diet scam and the fraudulent, Heidi Diaz aka Kimmer, many of you are searching madly off in all directions for the fake pictures of the scammer Heidi Diaz...and not only her own fake before-and-after pics but those of her fake Kimkins success stories.

Heidi has gone through many transformations using fake "before and after pictures," which she posted on her Kimkins website to show her amazing weight loss, the most famous fake picture of all being of Lesya, whose picture Heidi photonapped from a Russian bride site.

As well as her own fake pictures, Heidi photonapped pictures of other Russian brides to depict fraudulent weight-loss success stories on her Kimkins website.

Below are photos depicting Heidi’s amazing fatification-thinification-fatification journey from the past to the present:

Pre-2006...The Real Kimmer

The real Kimmer

The many faces of Kimmer
(NOTE: the picture on the far right of the woman in the white dress has also been determined to be fake)

The "Patio Chair/Lawn Chair" fake Kimmer

(if anyone recognizes this woman, please leave a comment on this blog post or e-mail me!)

Kimmer's famous fake "after" picture using the photo of Lesya, the Russian bride.

And a fake Kimmer "after" photo (from the Woman's World Magazine feature) using Tatiana's picture:

Russian bride link- Hotrussianbrides Profile Page
Full Length pic-Tatiana
Also seen here- Tatiana

Kimmer...both real pictures

Kimmer's recent photoshopped weight-loss picture on Kimkins:

The real Kimmer from her deposition in the civil suit in November 2007

Picture of the real Kimmer from January 2008

The wonderful and amazing HoneyBee2 posted every one of those fake Kimkins success-story pictures, which were found by the wonderful ladies (Duck Detectives) at Low Carb Friends (LCF), on her blog at LCF.

Click the link below, which will take you to HoneyBee2's blog at LCF, to view Kimmer's fake success-story pictures.

This scam pulled by Heidi Diaz on members of Kimkins, who joined her Kimkins website in the belief that these "amazing" success stories were true, shows just how devious Heidi truly is:

And now a warning to anyone considering joining Kimkins...

The Kimkins diet is a deadly starvation diet created by a fraudulent, lying, evil, remorseless, unconscionable scammer, Heidi Diaz aka Kimmer. Caveat emptor.


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Sunday, January 20, 2008


Hey, anonymous !!!

I just finished reading a wonderful post directed to you by MJR at Kimkins Scam.

Please take a moment out of your busy servitude to the homeless at the shelter, the pantry, the starving in the street, yadda, yadda, yadda, and read MJR's post.

I can assure you that you will be enlightened.

Here is the link, anonymous, to MJR's post:


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After viewing the exposé on the deadly Kimkins diet this morning on ABC's Good Morning America, I have come to the conclusion that anyone who joins Kimkins after viewing that scathing review is bereft of one iota of intelligence.

In case you missed it, here is a link to the video of the Kimkins exposé on ABC:

Heidi Diaz (Kimmer) and your diet were spanked...hard, hard, hard.

One of my favorite lines came from Dr. David Katz in response to SingingLass's ridiculous comment about hair loss being a common side effect of any diet. Hair loss results from "severe disruption of the body's hormonal balance," said Dr. Katz.

Check out my blog post here to find out more info on why the Kimkins diet will cause your hair to fall out in massive clumps:

Kimmer...I wouldn't expect an influx of new members, so put away your party hat & the Cap'n. Any extra hits on your website will only come from the curious who want to check out your mug and your fake "before and after" pics.

If any of the curious find themselves at my blog, Kimmer's fake pictures can be seen here:

Check out my blog post here to find out more info on why the Kimkins diet will cause your hair to fall out in massive clumps:

Anyone even remotely thinking about doing this deadly diet should check out the Kimkins Survivors website here...

...and then take a moment to read the blog posts below about anorexia nervosa and the Kimkins diet.

If, after reading all the links above, as well as the anti-Kimkins links on the right-hand sidebar of my blog, you still choose to do the Kimkins diet, please take a moment and write your obituary. Death by starvation is a long and slow process, and you may not have the energy to do it when you're nearing the end after following the Kimkins starvation diet. Your thoughtfulness will save your relatives a lot of time when they're arranging your funeral.


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Saturday, January 19, 2008


ABC News

Last night, on ABC's 20/20, was a stunning report on Sue Harootunian, 47, who waged a losing battle with anorexia nervosa for over 20 years.
"Slowly starving herself to death, she avoided eating in front of her family and began jogging obsessively. Eventually, her 5-foot 4-inch frame wasted away to a mere 80 pounds -- so fragile that death was a real possibility."

Sue Harootunian
"The image of a grown woman struggling with an eating disorder may seem incongruous, but in recent years, experts have detected a hidden epidemic raging in homes all across America, with mothers struggling to save the lives -- not of their daughters -- but of themselves. " (BOLDING MINE)
To read more about Sue and her struggle, click here:
And an upcoming report from ABC's Good Morning America will focus on the Kimkins diet scam and one of the most notorious scammers of all time, Heidi Diaz aka Kimmer.
The report will air tomorrow morning (Sunday, January 20th, 2008) on Good Morning America, so please check your local listings for the time of airing.
In an effort to update people searching for information on the deadly Kimkins diet, Heidi Diaz, Kimmer, and anorexia nervosa, I am re-posting here some recent blog posts regarding eating disorders, including anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa, caused by VLCDs (very low calorie diets) of which the deadly Kimkins starvation diet is a prime example.

Isabelle Caro
The Nolita ad campaign has shocked people with its image of an anorexic woman

Heidi Diaz...this is what your Kimkins starvation diet can lead to...

"September 25, 2007

Hard-Hitting Ad Shows Naked Anorexic Woman

Isabelle Caro

"The Nolita ad campaign has shocked people with its image of an anorexic woman.

Back in 1992, photographer Oliviero Toscani caused controversy around the world with his pictures of a man dying of AIDS which formed part of a Benetton advertising campaign. Now he is back in the headlines with an equally shocking image of a naked anorexic woman, which a fashion chain is using to raise awareness about eating disorders.

The Nolita advertisement, timed to coincide with Milan fashion week, appeared Monday in Italian newspapers, including a two-page center spread in La Repubblica, and on billboards in Italy. A slogan above the naked photograph reads "No Anorexia."

Flash&Partners, the fashion group that owns the Nolita brand, said in a statement that Toscani's aim was "to use that naked body to show everyone the reality of this illness, caused in most cases by the stereotypes imposed by the world of fashion."

Isabelle Caro
Isabelle Caro
The woman in the photo is Isabelle Caro from France, who is 27 years old and has been anorexic for 15 years. She weighs a mere 68 lbs. and suffers from the skin disease, psoriasis.

Isabelle Caro
Caro said, "I've hidden myself and covered myself for too long. Now I want to show myself fearlessly, even though I know my body arouses repugnance. I want to recover because I love life and the riches of the universe. I want to show young people how dangerous this illness is. Just because modelling is seen as glamorous, [the industry] seems to think it is outside normal health and safety issues. It is time it started taking care of its workers."
Many people blame the fashion industry and the obsession with stick-thin size zero models for the rise in cases of anorexia. Calls for action within the British fashion industry led to a full-scale investigation into the problems by a panel of experts this year.
The report by the Model Health Inquiry, which was published last week on the eve of London Fashion Week, made 14 recommendations including requiring models to pass medical checks before being allowed on the catwalk and barring appearances from those under 16.
Unveiling the report, chairman of the inquiry, Baroness Kingsmill, slammed the fashion world for allowing young girls to be exploited.
In Madrid and Milan, authorities have banned the appearance of ultra-skinny models on catwalks by forcing models to carry certificates proving they are healthy. Last year, super-skinny models were banned from Madrid Fashion Week. The ban covers girls with a body mass index of below 18 -- 18.5 to 25 is considered to be "normal."
Italy's health minister Livia Turco backed the campaign and said: "The disturbing image of Isabelle Caro could open an original channel for communication and encourage people to shoulder their responsibilities in the area of anorexia."
Italy's Ministry of Health supported the Nolita campaign and Health Minister Livia Turco said it can "promote responsibility towards the problem of anorexia." Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana also praised the ad. "Finally, someone says the truth about anorexia, that it's not a fashion problem but a psychiatric problem," the Italian news agency ANSA quoted the celebrity designer duo as saying.

The issue was brought to the forefront after the starvation-related deaths of South American models Ana Carolina Reston, 21, and sisters Luisel and Eliana Ramos. All died in the past year. 22-year-old model Luisel Ramos collapsed and died at a show in Uruguay, after having gone days without eating properly.
Luisel Ramos
"Luisel Ramos (born c. 1984 – August 2, 2006) was a Uruguayan model.

On August 2, 2006, at 9:15 p.m., Ramos died of heart failure caused by anorexia nervosa while participating in a fashion show during Fashion Week in Montevideo, Uruguay. Ramos had felt ill after walking the runway and subsequently fainted on her way back to the dressing room. She died at the age of 22.
Ramos' father told police that she had gone "several days" without eating. She was reported to have adopted a diet of lettuce leaves and Diet Coke for the three months before her death. At the time of her death she had a body mass index (BMI) of about 14.5 due to having weighed little more than 7 stone (98 lb, 44 kg) despite being 5 ft 9 in tall (1.75 m). The World Health Organization considers a BMI of around 16 to be starvation.

In the wake of Ramos' death, the Madrid Fashion Week (held in September 2006) set a minimum BMI of 18 for all models. In December that year, Italian fashion designers banned size zero models from walking down their catwalks.

On February 13, 2007, her 18-year-old sister Eliana Ramos, also a model, died at her grandparents' home in Montevideo of an apparent heart attack, believed to be related to malnutrition. " (from Wikipedia)

Isabelle Caro...
Isabelle Caro

For those who may feel that this billboard campaign could "promote" anorexia nervosa, please read this excellent article by Susie Orbach of the Guardian Unlimited:

"I am surprised to read that colleagues working with girls and women with eating and body difficulties have responded negatively to the pictures of Isabelle Caro, the 27-year-old actress who weighs just 31 kilograms, displayed on billboards across Italy.

The startling and disturbing images are part of a campaign to raise awareness about the dangers of going on hunger strike. She's been on one since she was 12. The campaign, shot by Oliviero Toscani, who has shocked the world before with his provocative campaigns for Benetton, is supported by the fashion industry in Italy and has been mounted to coincide with Milan fashion week. The industry has become worried, and for good reason, that they are inadvertently promoting body hatred in girls and women.

My colleagues are concerned that the Toscani pictures will be aspirational. They are certainly correct that visual culture is reconstructing our relationship to the body. We can't but help look at ourselves from the outside to see whether our bodies sufficiently reflect an acceptable version of the 5,000 digitally enhanced images that are beamed at us per week. This is particularly the case for girls and young women and my colleagues worry that girls, perhaps those who are already hooked into the proAna sites will chase the elusive dream to fit in through acquiring a diminished body.

If visual culture can invoke a feeling that we need to be thin, perhaps the pictures of Isabelle Caro will become glamorised in such a way that they invite us to mimic her. It's possible but I doubt it. I think we are not yet inured to the horror they portray. We can still see them. It takes more than one or two images to change our visual landscape and I think they will become a rallying point for campaigners against the body hatred which eats into so many of our children's childhoods, adolescence and young adulthood.

We need to address the problem visually because it has in large part created visually. Yes, eating problems start in the home, sometimes unwittingly passed on by mums and siblings who have body anxieties of their own which in turn owe much to the ubiquity of art-directed visual culture. Yes, anorexia and the starvation that goes with it have to be addressed emotionally and sometimes medically, but if we fail to challenge worship of just one body type, we will miss an important dimension to transform the problem.

Bodies today are rarely where we live from. They become our production. Our personal statement about who we are. We work on them. We spend a fortune on them. We decorate, transform and manipulate them. Cosmetic surgery is worth $14bn this year, and expected to increase by a $1bn for next. The number of girls and women (and increasingly men) who suffer with severe eating and body difficulties, sometimes obvious like bulimia and obesity, sometimes hidden in bulimia or binge eating, is rising and reaching into earlier and earlier age groups.

We do need to campaign. And at the visual level - which is where this campaign is located. Shocking images are one way, pictures of women of different sizes, as in the Dove campaign, and the deconstructing of the beauty industry through videos are others. We need the best our art directors can do to democratise our visual field so that all of our beauty and variety is included. We need to face the public health emergency that is body hatred (in all its manifestations from obesity to anorexia) and transform the role of visual culture so that it becomes part of the solution and not the problem."
One of the comments on this blog post was made by OhYeahBabe, and it is an excellent comment. I was remiss in not pointing this out in my blog post.
Here is OhYeahBabe's comment:
"People need to understand that you don't have to look like Isabelle Caro to be anorexic. I think that's a significant point of confusion for people who want to stick to Kimkins because they think they are not anorexic yet."
So right you are, OhYeahBabe. Thanks so much for taking the time to point that out. Kudos to you!



http: //


http:// www.




pro ana

"Ana's Last Night *

Lying here hungry ...
My whole body in pain ...
Should probably eat something ...
But I feel too ashamed ...

Starting to shiver now ...
Beginning to shake ...
God how I love this ...
How my body just aches ...

Got up for some cold water ...
Then to take a cold shower ...
Remind myself that soon ...
I'll be a delicate flower ...

Did 3 hours exercise ...
But I must do some more ...
Still got one pound to loose ...
Like the pound I lost before ...

Whoa, got a dizzy head rush ...
Colors dancing all around me ...
Like little tiny faerie angels ...
Wanting to set me free ...

Oh wow, I'm floating with them ...
Going high up in the sky ...
I finally made it! ...
To the thinness that is I ..."

What is PRO-ANA?

"Pro-ana refers to the promotion or support of anorexia nervosa as a lifestyle choice rather than an eating disorder. It is often referred to simply as "ana" and is sometimes affectionately personified by anorexics as a girl named Ana." (from Wikipedia)

What is PRO-MIA?

"Pro-mia is the belief that bulimia nervosa is a lifestyle choice rather than an illness."

This belief, along with pro-ana, has been criticised for creating an environment in which those suffering from eating disorders might not seek treatment. Pro-mia supporters respond that they do not recognise bulimia nervosa as a disorder worthy of treatment but much like any social activity which, taken to extremes, can cause physical and psychological harm. They argue that although some of the pro-bulimia/anorexia sites promote the conditions in a positive way, the majority of them are a place where individuals can cope or share their pain with one another.
"(from Wikipedia)


"Thin Commandments **

If you aren't thin, you aren't attractive

Being thin is more important than being healthy

You must buy clothes, cut your hair, take laxatives, starve yourself, do anything to make yourself thinner

Thou shall not eat without feeling guilty

Thou shall not eat fattening foods without punishing oneself afterwards

Thou shall count cals and restrict intake accordingly

What the scales say is the most important thing

losing weight is good, gaining weight is bad

You can never be too thin

Being thin and not eating are true signs of willpower and success"



The starvation experienced by persons with anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa can cause damage to vital organs such as the heart and brain. Pulse rate and blood pressure drop, and people often experience irregular heart rhythms or heart failure. Nutritional deprivation causes calcium loss from bones, which can become brittle and prone to breakage.

In the worst-case scenario, people with anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa starve themselves to death. These conditions kill up to six percent of their victims.

Many people who followed the Kimkins starvation diet developed serious eating disorders, ultimately becoming pro-ana and/or pro-mia.

Two of the most prominent people who suffered disordered eating as a result of the Kimkins diet are Christin Sherburne and Deni Huttula, the two women featured in Woman's World magazine when that "magazine" (term used loosely) did a cover story on the deadly Kimkins Diet.

Since the publication of the magazine, both Deni and Christin have left Kimkins and reported the following potentially deadly effects they suffered, and continue to suffer, as a result of following the Kimkins diet:

From Deni:

"Kimmer's words in response to questions about people who think Kimkins is proana:

'Low Calories/Pro Ana We are low calorie after ketosis kicks in or with the shake option, but those calories are identical to post-WLS patients (500 cal a day for months), original Optifast and Medifast (450-700 cal a day for months). I don't think we can fight the '1200 calorie a day mentality'. Some people cannot understand that your body takes the calories it needs from body fat if the calories you eat are too low to sustain current weight. If you need 2500 calories (250 lb person) and eat 500 (number picked for easy math), the other 2000 are taken from body fat. In Jimmy's interview I meant what I said about take a Weight Watcher or Jenny Craig meal and remove the starches. What's left? Kimkins. There is no health advantage to adding carbs or extra fat, so why is removing them (and having less calories)
dangerous? 1200 calories a day is an arbitrary number (like 8 glasses of water). Anorexia is a psychological disorder.
Do we have people with ED on Kimkins? Of course. I weighed 318 pounds and you don't get that big without an improper relationship with food so I have an ED. But low calories aren't an ED, otherwise all of the WLS patients would be medically classified anorexic.' (bolding mine)

"I have seen Kimmer on NUMEROUS occasions tell people to eat less, even when they were eating less than 800 calories a day. She personally recommended to me when I started to stick to ranges between 600 and 800, and to drop to closer to 500 if I stalled. This is what Kimkins is... there is no way you can possibly stick to the "rules" of the plan and end up with more than 800 calories on a regular basis."

~ and ~

"Here's my side effects:

1. extra periods (told this was normal)

2. loss of hair ... loss of about 60% of my thickness if not more. (told it was normal, and even looked it up online for myself! Saw that it said it was common in people who were dieting and skimmed over the part that said "fad diets" or nutritionally deficient diets.)

3. Lightheaded dizzy spells- never mentioned these to anyone .. they were not an everyday occurrence, and I had them sometimes prior to this diet so I easily ignored them.

4. Weird blurred vision- like my eyes would dilate at different degrees... things would get fuzzy and look far away and warped.. I would then readjust my own "focus" and a few minutes later it was back to normal. Again.. I didn't mention it.. figured it was a fluke.. it only happened a few times.

5. heart flutters- never mentioned these to anyone either. Even when they happened, I dismissed them in my mind as quickly as I could. (these are still happening randomly)

Other strange things I noticed:

6. Peanut butter CRAVINGS... like really super cravings... and I knew I wasn't the only one having this. I read post after post after post about people who were feeling guilty for giving into peanut butter or any kind of nuts. So, I wrote this off as "normal"

7. Milkshake CRAVINGS... again.. these cravings were much stronger than any craving I'd ever had before dieting. I heard lots of other people also talk about craving milkshakes, including my mom who also did the diet.

both of these "cravings" were something that I, along with many others, chalked up to a strange coincidence, and I either ignored it.. or caved in a little and then felt extremely guilty about it.
Now, I'm really wondering if there is something in the peanut butter(nuts) and milk shakes that our bodies were SCREAMING for!!! Like maybe more fat? Calcium?

I often typed in "listen to your body" over and over again in posts.. and it wasn't until late August that I started to realize that even cravings were a way that our body tells us what it needs.

Anyway... I still don't know if there's anything wrong with me or not.. my doctor has ordered lots of tests to see where I'm "depleted" of certain things, and warned me strongly that while being extremely overweight isn't good for your health, or for you heart... that sometimes losing it all super fast and not getting all the nutrients necessary for bodily functions.. is an even quicker route to heart disease.

So, now I'm wondering.. where inside Kimkins does it list "possible side effects"? Where is the "warning label", the "if these symptoms arise, get it checked out announcement" ?
With EVERY weight loss pill or plan that I've ever been on, there has been a warning list.. and a "common side effects" or even "in extreme cases side effects" list.. that I always read. I know myself.. and I just about always choose NOT to take medicines that have side effects that concern me. If I had been warned about these things, I don't think I would have joined. If I had been warned about the possibility of these things, I certainly would not have convinced others to join!

The sad part really is, is that I didn't realize that I wasn't the only one with these symptoms until I started reading OFFSITE.I hated reading those "other forums" because they made everything sound so bad. They made me feel bad, and they exaggerated things so much. But, the symptoms they mentioned sounded vaguely familiar to me. They knotted up my stomach, and made me want to either fight or run away and pretend I never heard what they said.
I saw some try to fight them....
and I resorted to my usual, curl up and ignore it technique for awhile.

If I did mention my worries to others inside Kimkins I only got pats on the back and reassurances that of course everything would be fine, and "that's normal, don't worry!"

And NOW.. it's even worse.. if you even ask about a negative effect, you're likely to be "accused" of stirring up the pot, or if you point out your negative side effects, you're likely to get banned. :(
How is that safe for other members??? Shouldn't everyone be made aware of symptoms to be on the look out for? I'm sure there are lots more negative effects that I didn't have... and from the stories I've heard elsewhere.. I can only count myself lucky.

This is not a joking matter, this is not time for a "band-aid" announcement that "of course, you should always check with your doctor". Or even comments to make those of us who "ignored symptoms" appear stupid or crazy or "extreme". This is time to get real and time to take your health seriously.

How many of you truly talked to your doctors about your plan?

Did you show him the food list?

Did you mention that you really only eat a few items on that list?

Did you show him your fitday?

Did you write symptoms off as normal because you heard someone else had the same thing?

I said that one of the reasons why I wanted to lose weight was because I wanted to be here long enough to see my kids and future grand kids grow up.

Now, it's possible that losing weight has lowered the chances of that actually happening.

I remember when we often joked about how Kimkins didn't need that little small print disclaimer of "results not typical" on our success stories.

Perhaps she does need to put up a disclaimer that "results ARE typical" on the side effects listing!!!

If you're still doing Kimkins, as written or not... please stop for awhile and really take a look at your own symptoms. Don't glorify your "pros" list and minimize your "cons" list.

You can get those "pros" with lots of safe plans, and eliminate the cons. Just think about it. And don't ignore the promptings of your heart right now." (all bolding mine)

From Christin:

"The diet program is unsafe and can cause severe damage beginning with slow, unrecognized starvation and malnutrition.

Through the next few months, the dangers of this program became increasingly evident as more members began complaining of the same symptoms and side effects. Slow and steady starvation methods utilizing a caloric intake of significantly less than 1000 calories a day was the norm. The daily intake of less calories and less fat was not only encouraged, but praised as new members began to feel “snatty” (Slightly Nauseous All The Time), lightheaded, and generally weakened. Tips for controlling hunger varied but all were primarily synonymous with little to no caloric intake. All for the sake of losing weight fast. But at what cost to the individual’s physical and psychological condition?

Disguised eating disorders emerged; serious malnutrition indicators like hair loss, heart palpitations, electrolyte and potassium deficiencies were commonly reported. I did not learn of the potentially deadly side effects of my eating habits till after I completed the program. I had shrugged the symptoms that I had off as “typical” or short term.

Bottom line, starvation works to take off pounds – here, just like in Ethiopia or Dachau. The difference is that in those sad places, the people knew they were starving. Kimkins moderators are merely overweight peers with eating disorders of their own (speaking from personal experience), completely unqualified to assess what constitutes nutritional dangers.

Do not let the tantalizing beauty of rapid weight loss hinder the ultimate goal of a better life and good health.

There are many effective and safe weight loss programs out there today. Diet responsibly; do your research; always remember to speak with your physician regarding your plans. Do not desperately trade obesity for broken health."


Ana Psalm **

Strict is my diet.
I must not want.
It maketh me to lie down at night hungry.
It leadeth me past the confectioners.
It trieth my willpower.
It leadeth me in the paths of alteration for my figure's sake.
Yea, though I walk through the aisles of the pastry department, I will buy no sweet rolls for they are fattening.
The cakes and the pies, they tempt me.
Before me is a table set with green beans and lettuce.
I filleth my stomach with liquids,
My day's quota runneth over.
Surely calorie and weight charts will follow me all the days of my life,
And I will dwell in the fear of the scales forever.

Ana Creed **

I believe in Control, the only force mighty enough to bring order to the chaos that is my world.

I believe that I am the most vile, worthless and useless person ever to have existed on this planet, and that I am totally unworthy of anyone's time and attention.

I believe that other people who tell me differently must be idiots. If they could see how I really am, then they would hate me almost as much as I do.

I believe in oughts, musts and shoulds as unbreakable laws to determine my daily behavior.
I believe in perfection and strive to attain it.

I believe in salvation through trying just a bit harder than I did yesterday.

I believe in calorie counters as the inspired word of god, and memorize them accordingly.

I believe in bathroom scales as an indicator of my daily successes and failures

I believe in hell, because I sometimes think that I'm living in it.

I believe in a wholly black and white world, the losing of weight, recrimination for sins, the abnegation of the body and a life ever fasting.

Ana Prayer **

Forgive me Ana for I have sinned. It has been 30 seconds since my last confession.
I am weak, fat, and not worthy of such support.
I am ready to fall. I pray, please make me thin, tiny, non-existent.
Take me away from food, block it out.
I pray please for your guidance, for your firm voice to ring out in my head.
Yell at me please. Scream!
Keep me alone and away from the cupboards.
Help me to stay strong.
Be with me always and I will not forsake you.
Guard me from eating, committing sin against you.
I should rather than suffer than sin for there is strength in suffering.
Ana, I love you, please make me thin.







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I have spent the last 24 hours contacting various law-enforcement agencies regarding a woman who is a member of the Kimkins website who is starving to death.

The first report of this starving Kimkins member arrived in comment form on one of my blog posts. This was the message:

"Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say that I am a member of Kimkins, and one poster there is very very troubling to me. I know the LCF board has mentioned her, but it is getting scary to see how little she eats, and how much she exercises.

She won't listen to ANYONE else on the board to eat more, she tells us to mind our own biz. Not sure what else to do, but she is frightening me with this behavior. Any suggestions?


January 8, 2008 5:10 PM"

I was able to obtain a screen shot from the Kimkins website of this post made by the starving woman. I have cropped it to hide the username of the woman.

And this is what she said in her post:

"Ok, Now I know something is wrong. Last night was the most difficult night I’ve ever had on Kimkins...I was starving and it was all mental so it was especially difficult. I held it together and went to be [sic] especially early in order to sleep through the thoughts of different foods.

I survived.

Jumped on the scale this morning and I am still 246. Yesterday I was saying it must be my scale, but when I got on the scale in the gym it read 242...the same number as a week ago. I got out the tape measure and it read 46.5", ok, that is a solid 46.5 for the first time...that’s good, I’m still slimming there.

How is it possible that I am losing inches and not losing weight. I know the answer I am in the shrinking phase. HOWEVER, this is very frustrating. Today is day 26 cheat free. 26 days of being VERY VERY VERY good...not cheating once and I’ve only lost 18lbs...WTH. I’m angry.

Ok, I am entering day 2 of shakes only...I hate this. It’s not that I can’t do it, but I knew this was going to be very difficult for me. I’ve never done well on just fluids...never. Something in my mind tells me loud and clear that nobody should have to go to all liquids to lose is a difficult message to fight. There are many medically sponsored diets that are all we know they are safe, that is not my problem, it is that...if I’m exercising I should not have to diet and if I’m dieting I should not have to exercise thing going when I’m exercising and following a diet to the letter and still not seeing the scale go down it is very difficult for me to wrap my mind around.

Understand, this has happened EVERYTIME I’ve dieted. This has nothing at all to do with this woe. It happened on Atkins, on South Beach, on WW, on every diet I’ve ever done. It is not that I can’t diet, it is that I get to this place where my body defeats me. I can’t let that happen this time. I want to see what is on the other side of this...ride it out to it’s [sic] end...but how long will it continue? How long will it take for me to feel good about what I’m realize victory.

Victory...2 full sizes gone. Rings fitting like they should, breast smaller, face looking thinner, longer. I’m feeling lighter when I walk, people are noticing...

Victory...26 days cheat free, one body roll gone, my hands are looking smaller. I’ve purged my closet and shopped in the "normal sizes"

But for me victory will be seeing the scale go down for in the end that is the goal.

I just need one lb. I see everybody else dropping weight. I’m in every challenge I can jump in. I am exercising and being supportive. I just can’t understand why I can’t have the same results...I should be at least 30lbs down by now...why has the good Lord denied me that extra 12lbs?

Ok, enough of this feeling sorry for myself for now. I just needed to get it out. It is not [sic] 4:53AM I am going to jump on the treadmill this morning and am going to do double duty this afternoon with weights AND a run. My fitday shows me that my activity far out plays my intake...that is that I’m burning far more than I am taking in. Traditional thought would say that I should be dropping weight like crazy...mabye [sic] when my body finishes shrinking the scale will start moving...shrink away body, shrink away.

I expect to be at size 14 by 230 at this rate (I usually hit a 14 at 225 but we will see). I’m not sure how to set goals now...I have 4 days (including today) to lose SOMETHING for Kimmers mini-challenge...what if I’m still 246 on the I stop participating in mini-challenges...I hate to lose but I am losing left and right every challenge I accept...when does that start working against me?

I am entering that self-loathing stage...that sad deeply depressed stage that I always go through. I don’t want to show this on the site, I want to run and hide, but this time instead of running from it I think I should face it and work through it.

I am still eating clean, my stomach feels bloated this morning because when I got up I drank 67.6 oz of Diet Lipton White Tea...not only was I hungry but I was now I’m dragging and I don’t want to try on any clothing for fear that I am not bloated. Not to mention TOM is on it [sic] way...darn.

5:16AM Still not on the treadmill...I don’t think I’m doing it this stomach feels like it is going to burst. I just tried on 8 pairs of size 16 slacks...not one fit...all way to [sic] small. I am chalking up my size 16s that I am wearing as vanity sizing...that is size 18 slacks with a size 16 tag. There are simply too many that don’t fit for me to think I am a size I change what I previously posted and state I am not down 2 sizes just one. 18s are roomy, but the majority of 16s don’t fit. So I still can shop in the normal sizes...I just have to go for the largest size in that category."
Heidi Diaz/Kimmer, I want you to know that members of the law-enforcement agencies I contacted are now watching inside your Kimkins website.
I would strongly suggest that you contact this member immediately. She is starving to death.
I am closing this post with what, failing intervention, will be this poor woman's epitaph:

"I want to see what is on the other side of this...ride it out to its end"




Like many dieters, the starving woman at Kimkins, makes entries in her online Fitday, noting what foods she has eaten that day.

Fitday tracks your daily food intake and provides a breakdown on calories, carbohydrates, fats, proteins, etc.

Below are a list of links to the shocking daily entries of this woman. Please note that I have changed her username at Kimkins, which appeared on all her Fitday entries, to Jane Doe.

When you click on these links, a pop-up box will ask you whether you wish to "Open" or "Save" the file. Please click "Open," and after viewing the page, click on your browser's Back button to return to this post to view further entries.

I am at a loss for words.

PHOTO by Sharon Kizziah:

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