Monday, January 21, 2008



"If I had a hammer
I'd hammer in the morning
I'd hammer in the evening
All over this land
I'd hammer out danger
I'd hammer out a warning
I'd hammer out love between my bloggers and my sisters
All over this land..."


IF I HAD A HAMMER (The Hammer Song), words and music by Lee Hays and Pete Seeger

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OhYeahBabe said...

Right on! Medusa, you are the best!

Anonymous said...


Medusa said...

OYB and Yucky...

:channelling Elvis:
Well, thank you...thank you very much!

Anonymous said...

that is great and Kimmer need a bit of hammering. Keep singing Medusa and all the rest of the bloggers

Medusa said...

Thanks, 2big!

As we all keep hammering away, the walls of the Kimpire are crumbling, and Heidi will soon find herself hammering license plates in the prison's shop. Nice work if you can get it :^)

Anonymous said...

Argh! One of my favorite 60's songs, and you had to associate Kimmer with it! I'll forgive you only if you give us one really recent unphotoshopped piccy of Heidi!

Medusa said...

Anonymous...LOL! Sorry I ruined the Hammer song for you.

I'll do some digging and see if I can come up a recent unphotoshopped pic of our scammer.

Thanks for your comment!

Unknown said...

Man I thought I was the only one who went around humming the hammer song. I heard it in some commercials for lifetime music, I think it was, and the commercial seemed to run every hour. So it stuck.....
Too funny Medusa!

Medusa said...

honeybee...the hammer song is a little trip down memory lane, isn't it?

It gets stuck in my head sometimes, too. Hope when you hear it again it doesn't give you know, Kimkins nightmares.

Thanks for your comment!