Sunday, January 13, 2008


This just in from Heidi Diaz aka The Kimmer...


January 12th (2008) Updates :

KIMMER writes:


Kimmer: 277, Kimkins & K/E & Shakes -- 273 (-4)


Shiphips: 248, K/E w/ exercise -- 247 (-1)


Agentlefawn: 256, Kimkins & Atkins cycling -- 255 (-1)

Hey ladies, where's your updates:???


I'd added you to the 30-in-30 challenge, wow! 16 pounds in 10 days! OK, I want you and [USERNAME REMOVED] tested for steroids!


An orange dreamsicle sounds so good! Except that's it's 50 degrees here right now. It's supposed to be warmer today, maybe I'll try it this afternoon ... hmmm, do I have diet orange soda? Glad you're getting a firm grip on food/brain thing. It's so hard at times!


I'll bet Palm Springs was so nice! The air is crystal clear, which is amazing in itself in Riverside. You & hubby are so welcome -- it's my pleasure to share Kimkins with everyone. The idea is so simple ... cut back on carbs, don't go crazy with calories ... weight loss! Thanks about my picture, I've got to prepare myself mentally for the future updates. The photo thing is soooo hard for me! What is your 10th day weight for the 30-in-30?

Only you would be moving large furniture with a bad knee! Great menu. What medication do you take for your knee? My doctor prescribed naproxen (Advil but 2X as strong). Works like a dream for ankle pain.


Where have you been? Sure, leave us here struggling on our own ... Add a bit more fat if you think it's best. Keep in mind that all chicken, fish & beef have fat (even chicken breast is 20% cooked), so you're not fat free. Who knew that eggs yolks were 75% fat? Now no negative thinking missy! You want to lose, you will lose, we will help you. Have a few "buddies" that you swear to check in with 1-2 times a day. Post. Be accountable. I've heard lots of good things about Golden Corral (or maybe that was the portions, LOL!)

We have an ongoing "Kimmer's Back On Track" challenge that I'm aiming for May since it's my birthday. We have a 30-in-30 minichallenge going on also and we just weighed in for Day 10. You're too late for that, but we'll be doing another one (I'm hoping so since nearly everyone is beating me!!!)


OK, ma'am, marked down. I'm going to do better the mid-mark too, on day 20. I know what's holding me back, I've got to nip it in the bud! Me and my excuses. I hope we beat 100 pounds, too! I'm behind a bit in the bookkeeping and we're missing a few check-ins ... hey y'all, check in!


At least your husband boils the pork first. It's melts a lot of fat (have no idea how much). My friend boiled her spareribs before grilling. My mom never did so I don't, but now I'm thinking this would be the way to go this summer. Waxing floors burns LOTS of calories!


Welcome! We've always got room for one more and you'll never meet nicer people! Baby steps ... then bigger, then leaps.


I do find I'm bloated after salty things. We had lunch at a Chinese place the other day (great place to go before the 10 day weigh in ...) and the scale jumped 3 pounds overnight. I didn't each much, although the kung pao sauce was sweet and I skipped the wontons & fried rice. But I could tell it the next day, even my newly loose rings weren't as loose. I'm just waiting for 2 days of "good" to get past it. Thanks for the kind words about support. The anti-Kimmer thing has been going on for 10 years ...

I'm sorry you need to leave, but I understand. This is how some people are and this is how the anti-Kimmer crowd has always been. I can't say more than this right now, but I understand I hope you'll still lurk. I was looking forward to some exercises at my desk suggestions. /hug/


Thanks for being the voice of reason, and there are two sides. Isn't it odd to have people with no lives living through us? We're their reason for getting up in the morning. Odd.


I can't comment, but it is interesting that the people who lost weight with Kimkins and actively promoted it have decided to take other paths. It would be nice if people who took recipes for books that our members created, could give them credit ... but we wish them well nonetheless.


Woo hoo!!! 17 pounds in a month is solid weight loss! Ignore the Negative Nancies, this is apparently all they have. What roasted veggies are you planning? I always add carrots because it flavors the broth so nicely, but I limit myself to 1 3" chunk. Love the celery, turnips & bell peppers I add, too.


Thanks for the reminder. I had an invitation for lunch today and I passed on it because it's the weekend and, well ... you know me. I'm still recovering from the Chinese food, although I ate very little. The kung pao was loaded with carbs I'm sure. OK "mom" I'll be good today.


Come back on plan! That's an order missy! Like [USERNAME REMOVED] says, "one day at a time".


M&Ms & doughnut. OK, so what? It could have been a lot worse (trust me on that, LOL!) The worst thing about divorce in my eyes is that it's never over. It's hard to rebuild when there's always "something" going on. There's no end (like the anti-Kimmer group, there's no end with them either). Woo hoo on 10 minutes on the elliptical! What if you eventually try to add 2 more 10-minute sessions through the day? Easy for me to say I know!

Hello girl! Where have you been??? Gotcha marked down, let's focus on the day 20 weigh in! How's all those toys working out?

OK everybody, the last thing I'll say about the anti-Kimmer groups is this. Nothing they write is actually about you guys. It's all targeted at me. Try not to take anything personally. It's personal towards me.

The anti-Kimmer core group started at another website 10 years ago. So I say to them, "Go ahead and have at it." We're here, we're staying."

(all bolding mine)

Guess what, Kimmer? We're here, we're staying, too!

Many thanks to all my dedicated moles/ex-Kimkinites who work so hard and diligently to keep me updated on what's transpiring inside the Kimpound. Kudos to you all!

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Anonymous said...

She really thinks she is the reason I get up in the morning?

As if.

And a 10 year vendetta? WhatEvah.

Kat said...

Rings? NEW Rings? Sounds like she is still spending the money....she should be using it for those meds she says she can't buy!!

Anonymous said...

Again with the revisionist history! She has NOT been around for 10 years (well, perhaps in her brain she has). Her website did NOT start in 2000. Does she think that her fabricated longevity somehow lends her more credibility?

I'll take b*IIsh*t for $500, Alex.

Anonymous said...

voxhumana, she is not talking about her website, quit making things up. You guys are just looking for anything to twist to your way of thinking, bash, bash, bash.

Seriously, the moles at KK are pathetic. Does it make you feel like part of the gang to send info over? LOL.

And NO, I am not Heidi.

Anonymous said...

oh and kat...she never said she had new rings. "newly" loose rings is what she said. If you're gonna bash, get it right.

Anonymous said...

voxhumana, she is not talking about her website, quit making things up. You guys are just looking for anything to twist to your way of thinking, bash, bash, bash.

So what exactly is she referring to then, Genius? If she's had such a core group of enemies for 10 years, then it stands to reason that implying that SHE'S been around for 10 years?
I know for a FACT that she purported to have lost her weight in 2001, because her original Fitday logs showed her talking about 9/11.
Wanna try that again, Sockpuppet?

Anonymous said...

No one is defending Kimmer. Just pointing out your quick to bash comments that show how you don't bother to take the time to actually read what was written then twist it into what you want to read. LOL

Anonymous said...

sock puppet?? oh good comeback...get a life and leave us all alone....mkay?

Anonymous said...

how 'bout we leave you alone when you leave us alone?! We haven't done anything to you. Kimmer has. So leave the rest of us alone. K?

Anonymous said...

okay i am the anoyomous from a few days ago. You know the one w the bad grammar and spelling. Isn't it funny that after reading that all you could do was nitpick on my grammar. first off I am clearly not ms heidie. I have been doing Kimkins for a week and havent even actually had the opportunity to deal with heidie at all. I love how you guys here just go on and on about how the kimkins diet is so bad and the women doing it are just ohh so conviently stupid. Heres a hint maybe instead of all shipship bashing you could list the facts of why YOU FEEL the diet is so bad. Hey give the women interested in the diet a place to go to see the negatives and make an informed choice. who knows maybe tell your own story. I have a picture of christine on my computers main page she as backwards as it seems is my daily inspiration. Because of her I remeber to take my multi-vitamin,vitamin a vitamine bcomplex calcium daily and to grin and bear the nasty fiber supplement and am completly honest w/MY DOCTOR. He may tsk tsk but he gave me information to do it as healthy as possible and he will see me next month.You really think you are saving us from a diet danger.This diet isnt new ladys i paid my 79.00 for the support but have you heard of the stillmans diet from the 70's. I have done much worse things to myself in the pursuit of being thin. Ordering Phentermine offline ranges upthere as #1. Maybe you should take on the Online pharmacies when your done with kimmer. You see christine told us what bad things have happened to her w/o having to beat on or insult the intelligence of people choosing to do the diet. If you think whe are making the wrong choice again give us more information to go on otherwise its just name calling and bullying going on here and if thats the case you ladies need to just grow up.

Oh and before you get out your red marking pen try and get the message first:)


I love the loving kimkins support :)

Anonymous said...

Kimkin diet is bad because its creator Kimmer is a fraud who said she lost x amount of weight and kept it off for 5 years - why anyone would want to pay to go on the site to be given advice by a morbidly obese person who is clueless on how to lose weight.

Kimkins diet is un-healthy - it is too low in calories, it is too low in fat, it is probably too low in protein, it encourages fast weight loss. Most that join the site don't know what low-carb means - they are totally clueless and stay clueless. The fast weight loss is due to muscle breakdown so most that lose end up skinny/fat - no muscle tone.

Anonymous said...

SPEAKING OF UNINFORMED? you have no idea what you are talking about.

There is plenty of protein, the calories are not too low unless you choose to be so dumb. Use common sense folks, and the diet is just like Stillmans but with veges.

There is nothing wrong with the diet, you just hate Heidi, and are on a mission. THAT IS IT! LEAVE US ALONE!! Go enjoy your own life and save homeless puppies or something.

Anonymous said...

"The calories are not too low unless you choose to be so dumb".
You truly are a wonderfully, caring member of Kimkins aren't you - NOT!! Why don't you just piss off and continue your muscle catabolism with your perfectly safe diet!!

Anonymous said...

"Why don't you just piss off", "Yeh, I hate Heidi - she's a lieing bitch with no morals. She is ugly outside and inside!"

You ladies make your points so well. LOL Comments like these are just one of the reasons some people don't want to be associated with the Anti-Kimmer movement!

Anonymous said...

The Stillman's Diet is a severe ketogenic diet high in protein and low in fat and no carbs. Its used by some that may experience a stall. Some people are very impatient so may just want to do the Stillman diet until they reach goal. Kimkin's uses the same principle but is lowish to moderate protein and has some carbs - usually most members keeping carbs as low as 10g. Both of these diets are un-healthy long-term.
Its best to lose at a steady pace and a way that you can eat for life. Also, if doing low-carb it needs to be moderate to high fat for the full benefit.

OhYeahBabe said...

Wow. I don't even know where to start! Why is it that people are so threatened by the truth? Why is a person who has been on the diet for one week so heavily invested in it that she'd automatically rule out the thousands of hours of research that have been invested in finding the truth? I know the honeymoon of newly-induced ketosis can make a person feel on top of the world, but wow. Just wow. Use some common sense!