Tuesday, January 15, 2008



Have you experienced medical problems due to Kimkins?

Do you have any medically-documented health issues related to the Kimkins Diet?

Do you have some free time this weekend for an exciting opportunity to appear from the comfort of your home, on national television, in a prime-time spotlight?

If you have suffered any of the following doctor-verified medical conditions

• Dizziness
• Nausea
• Muscle fatigue or weakness
• Heartbeat palpitations
• Moderate to severe hair loss
• Bone and joint pain
• Mental changes - irritability, forgetfulness, confusion
• Bowel complications/symptoms of laxative abuse

as a result of your experience with the Kimkins Diet, and would likethis exciting opportunity to share your experiences with the public, please contact
KimkinsonABC@gmail.com within the
next 48 hours.

No travel will be required, and an ABC crew will come to you to discuss your experience.

If you know of anyone who fits the above-mentioned medical criteria, please tell them of this important opportunity to appear nationally.

Kimkins Logo by Morgan MacLeoid
of GoodCarbma:

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Anonymous said...

Can't WAIT to see whatever this is going to be on television with Heidi's mug and back shelf showing coast to coast.

But I feel so stupid. When I first read the email address I thought it was Kimkin Son ABC, and I thought, say what? Then I looked at it again and saw Kimkins On ABC.

Whoever did this - BRAVO!

Anonymous said...

Medusa, I love, love, love your blog. Excellent work!

2BIG4MYSIZE said...

thanks for helping to spread the word about the dangers of Kimkins.com and ther fraud
Kimmer pulled.
imagine claiming to be 115 pounds folowing a crazy diet you said allowed you to shed 198 pounds in just 11 months and then when exposed as still the morbidly obese before picture person those pounds aren't coming off at the pound a day promised rate and it isn't even as fast as those doing Atkins induction on LCFs are going and they are on just week 2 not month 3 like kimmer on kimkins is.