Wednesday, January 9, 2008


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I have spent the last 24 hours contacting various law-enforcement agencies regarding a woman who is a member of the Kimkins website who is starving to death.

The first report of this starving Kimkins member arrived in comment form on one of my blog posts. This was the message:

"Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say that I am a member of Kimkins, and one poster there is very very troubling to me. I know the LCF board has mentioned her, but it is getting scary to see how little she eats, and how much she exercises.

She won't listen to ANYONE else on the board to eat more, she tells us to mind our own biz. Not sure what else to do, but she is frightening me with this behavior. Any suggestions?


January 8, 2008 5:10 PM"

I was able to obtain a screen shot from the Kimkins website of this post made by the starving woman. I have cropped it to hide the username of the woman.

And this is what she said in her post:

"Ok, Now I know something is wrong. Last night was the most difficult night I’ve ever had on Kimkins...I was starving and it was all mental so it was especially difficult. I held it together and went to be [sic] especially early in order to sleep through the thoughts of different foods.

I survived.

Jumped on the scale this morning and I am still 246. Yesterday I was saying it must be my scale, but when I got on the scale in the gym it read 242...the same number as a week ago. I got out the tape measure and it read 46.5", ok, that is a solid 46.5 for the first time...that’s good, I’m still slimming there.

How is it possible that I am losing inches and not losing weight. I know the answer I am in the shrinking phase. HOWEVER, this is very frustrating. Today is day 26 cheat free. 26 days of being VERY VERY VERY good...not cheating once and I’ve only lost 18lbs...WTH. I’m angry.

Ok, I am entering day 2 of shakes only...I hate this. It’s not that I can’t do it, but I knew this was going to be very difficult for me. I’ve never done well on just fluids...never. Something in my mind tells me loud and clear that nobody should have to go to all liquids to lose is a difficult message to fight. There are many medically sponsored diets that are all we know they are safe, that is not my problem, it is that...if I’m exercising I should not have to diet and if I’m dieting I should not have to exercise thing going when I’m exercising and following a diet to the letter and still not seeing the scale go down it is very difficult for me to wrap my mind around.

Understand, this has happened EVERYTIME I’ve dieted. This has nothing at all to do with this woe. It happened on Atkins, on South Beach, on WW, on every diet I’ve ever done. It is not that I can’t diet, it is that I get to this place where my body defeats me. I can’t let that happen this time. I want to see what is on the other side of this...ride it out to it’s [sic] end...but how long will it continue? How long will it take for me to feel good about what I’m realize victory.

Victory...2 full sizes gone. Rings fitting like they should, breast smaller, face looking thinner, longer. I’m feeling lighter when I walk, people are noticing...

Victory...26 days cheat free, one body roll gone, my hands are looking smaller. I’ve purged my closet and shopped in the "normal sizes"

But for me victory will be seeing the scale go down for in the end that is the goal.

I just need one lb. I see everybody else dropping weight. I’m in every challenge I can jump in. I am exercising and being supportive. I just can’t understand why I can’t have the same results...I should be at least 30lbs down by now...why has the good Lord denied me that extra 12lbs?

Ok, enough of this feeling sorry for myself for now. I just needed to get it out. It is not [sic] 4:53AM I am going to jump on the treadmill this morning and am going to do double duty this afternoon with weights AND a run. My fitday shows me that my activity far out plays my intake...that is that I’m burning far more than I am taking in. Traditional thought would say that I should be dropping weight like crazy...mabye [sic] when my body finishes shrinking the scale will start moving...shrink away body, shrink away.

I expect to be at size 14 by 230 at this rate (I usually hit a 14 at 225 but we will see). I’m not sure how to set goals now...I have 4 days (including today) to lose SOMETHING for Kimmers mini-challenge...what if I’m still 246 on the I stop participating in mini-challenges...I hate to lose but I am losing left and right every challenge I accept...when does that start working against me?

I am entering that self-loathing stage...that sad deeply depressed stage that I always go through. I don’t want to show this on the site, I want to run and hide, but this time instead of running from it I think I should face it and work through it.

I am still eating clean, my stomach feels bloated this morning because when I got up I drank 67.6 oz of Diet Lipton White Tea...not only was I hungry but I was now I’m dragging and I don’t want to try on any clothing for fear that I am not bloated. Not to mention TOM is on it [sic] way...darn.

5:16AM Still not on the treadmill...I don’t think I’m doing it this stomach feels like it is going to burst. I just tried on 8 pairs of size 16 slacks...not one fit...all way to [sic] small. I am chalking up my size 16s that I am wearing as vanity sizing...that is size 18 slacks with a size 16 tag. There are simply too many that don’t fit for me to think I am a size I change what I previously posted and state I am not down 2 sizes just one. 18s are roomy, but the majority of 16s don’t fit. So I still can shop in the normal sizes...I just have to go for the largest size in that category."

Heidi Diaz/Kimmer, I want you to know that members of the law-enforcement agencies I contacted are now watching inside your Kimkins website.

I would strongly suggest that you contact this member immediately. She is starving to death.

I am closing this post with what, failing intervention, will be this poor woman's epitaph:

"I want to see what is on the other side of this...ride it out to its end"




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Anonymous said...

thank you.

I'm adding this page to the other links in my hidden dangers of Kimkins blog page cause this needs to be seen and gosh darn it you know you write it so much beeter then I do. and Kimmer need to be stopped. I don't want to see any more pages on

Anonymous said...

Those poor scrawny girls look agonizingly familiar. Each one represents the breaking hearts of family members and friends who vainly try to prevent slow death by starvation. Been there, doing that.
And then there are the binge-eaters. They feel guilty for submitting to their bodies' desperate cries for sustenance. Eating disorders are a cute term for a vile mental aberration that turns food into an enemy, and relatives into police. Anyone who encourages such behavior should be forced to live as an anorectic for a while, with strict limits on calories.

Anonymous said...

I feel *SO* bad for this girl. I really do. She is absolutely tormenting herself, to try to "measure up" to the rest of them. Ugh. I just can't say anymore.

. said...

What shake plan is she on, the 800 calorie one? or the 450?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for another very powerful post, Medusa! What is encouraged over there IS a crime.

Princess Dieter aka Mir said...

This is so very, very difficult to read, so sad, so beyond sad, because it's a human being who is so obsessed with what the scale says that she's not listening to any common sense sort of idea. If you are really hungry, that hungry, you need to eat. Period. Eat healthy stuff, but EAT.

It doesn't occur to her that her body is desperately trying not to burn calories because it is in starvation mode. Kimmer and her "there is no such thing as starvation mode" has a lot of her acolytes brainwashed. And this gal, exercising and living on liquids is just blinded to anythin gbut the scale. God in Heaven, get through to her.

THe Princess

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this, I am the Kimkins member who posted the original post. It is not that we don't try to tell her to eat more, it is that she will NOT listen.

She is 42 years old, not a child, and she said she will leave if people don't stop telling her to eat more. If she leaves, how will we able to at least keep a watch?

Please don't think this is encouraged by most members, it is NOT. At least not now.

I am glad that someone will be watching though.

Again, this is a good thing.


Barbara B said...

This was almost unbearable to read. needs to be shut down and the longer it takes, the more victims there will be. Thank you so much for focusing on this.

OhYeahBabe said...

If anyone wants to know what they can do to help stop this from happening to anyone else at Kimkins, go to What Can I Do to Help?

Cindy Moore said...

I cannot imagine what this poor woman must be going through!

I started out (on low carb, not Kimkins) bordering on morbidly obese,and had failed on so many other diets....but I never went through the self-hatred that this woman is experiencing!

Has Kimmer answered? Is there any way to find out if there have been any personal msgs from Kimmer? Sad to say, but HD can simply claim that she doesn't encourage this kind of dieting if there are no comments from her...while we all know she does!

Anonymous said...

We're in awe of your determination to save this woman. Will the police care? Can they actually do anything?

Here's hoping.