Friday, January 11, 2008


Is this anonymous message I received from JANE DOE, the starving woman at Kimkins, or HEIDI DIAZ/KIMMER or ????

"Poor me. I'm just starving myself to I've lost 18lbs in 2 months. I am under the care of a physician and am feeling fine. One should not lose more than 2 lbs a week, that would equal 16lbs in 2 monhts...oh goodness I'm 2lbs over that...I will probably fall over dead. Fitday is a waste of time, I might start out posting for the day but then I get busy, I'm working, I have children, know life, so I think I've only once posted everything I've eaten in a day in Fitday...I posted a link to Fitday because I really wanted to keep myself more accountable in counting every calorie...actually what happened is that I continued with my usual pattern and only posted one meal and then life happened and I never went back. Thank you for the concern, but it is not necessary. I'm very healthy and doing well. To anonymous, I'm glad you posted here, Kimmer will be very interested to see just how two faced you are...please continue giving me complaints against you for her, sooner or later you will be banned." (bolding mine)

Comments anyone?

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OhYeahBabe said...

OMG, I never thought of Heidi Diaz! Of course it's her!!!! I feel like a total idiot for missing that. I thought it was Jane Doe, initially.

Anonymous said...

That's Heidi. It is snarky, threatening, and contemptuous all in one. And Jane Doe had far more than one entry on Fitday. Her desperation as evidenced by her obsessive exercising , coupled with extreme caloric deficit, then wondering why her losses weren't greater shines through. This is a red herring post.

Anonymous said...

To Jane Doe -
My heart goes out to you because I said the very same things when I was within Kimkins. I publicly pronounced my low calories and the "fact" that I WASN'T starving. But the truth is: I WAS WRONG. I'm not a doctor, and neither is Heidi (your Kimmer). Now I know you'll say she never claimed to be. True, so why trust her over what so many medical professionals have found to be true over and over and over again. Dr Atkins yes, was doubted at first... but again.... BIIG difference, he was a doctor. He began his studies with real live people, not random people that he got to join his practice over the internet. Jane, my heart breaks for you. Please take a moment and think about the real reason that you are trying so desparately to do this.... they don't want to look over your malnourished grave and say.... "she was only trying to lose weight."

Anonymous said...

You guys are idiots. Do you really think Kimmer has time to follow each anti-kimmer site and respond? You ladies need to get lives. I am leaving Kimkins...well not leaving, but at least not posting much anymore, what you have done here will probably set me back a bit, but will not defeat me. Again, I am under the care of a physician and I will listen to her before I ever listen to a bunch of busybodies, it is ashame that Mulcas has taken this additional step, it is ashame that we can not even trust the people we call sisters on that site. The site itself will never go away, there are thousands of very happy people there, it will live on forever.

I've lost 18lbs in two months, please explain how that means I'm starving to death...what idiots. Now I need to figure a few things out, contact a lawyer and see what I can do to you about using my personal thoughts from a private site to sue you.

Oh and about the 'diet police' you know the authorities you have contacted...I wait with baited breath to see them knocking on my door to haul me away to jail for dieting...what idiots.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Medusa for bringing this tragedy out from hiding and making it public so Jane DOE can get the help she needs.

Folk use that under a doctors care rubbish cause very very few diets show their daily food intake to thier doctor laid out in terms of cals, fats, protein and carbs saying i'm eating lean meats and veggies sounds great but the plan as sold on by Kimmer is a dangerous VLCD lacking in vits minerals and EFAs because the amount of those healthy veggies is limited forever un like Atkins and the only enough fat to make this work ( use in cooking) causes followers to be deficient in all the Omegas.

Jane please if you are so sure you are doing it right show your doc your entire food consumption and exercise logs as Christin did her cardiologist. The negative answer he gave her should match your doctor's when your doc actually understands how little food you are consuming as those lean meats and veggies.

Anonymous said...

Heidi Diaz is Satan incanate. This most recemt post isn't from the Jane we're all worried about, it's definitely straight-up Kimmer. There just isn't one shred of decency in that woman!

Jane, you have freinds here. Let us help you.