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In two posts at the beginning of January 2008, I put out a call for a mole to assist me in accessing the Kimkins website to monitor the posts of Heidi Diaz aka Kimmer.

Here are links to the two posts:

I immediately received a response to my second post from none other than NIKKI PILKINGTON, and this is her e-mail to me:

"I'm happy to help - I may still have a valid login for Kimkins - will need to check!

Wanting to check the background of Ms. Pilkington, I did the usual Google searches on her, and this is what I found at

The first thing that struck me was why on earth would an "Internet Marketing Expert" want to be my mole. As I read Nikki's profile, this popped out at me:

"I developed my skills in search engine listings, email campaigns, banner advertising, and more. I wrote articles, gave out advice, and slowly but surely built up a reputation for being the expert that could help people to make the most of their websites.

And over the last twelve years, I have helped small, medium and large sized businesses to realise their potential on the Internet, through a variety of services. Firstly running my own company, then running the online department of a marketing agency based in Northampton, and now working as, an Internet Marketing Company based in Milton Keynes and Leicester.

I now work with a team of associates that are all experts in their field; whether that be running an email campaign, dealing with online PR, or anything else that is needed. However, the search engine listings and online advertising is my speciality and will always be handled by me."

Well, alarm bells went off and I realized that, in all likelihood, there was a connection between Heidi Diaz and Nikki Pilkington. There is no doubt in my mind that Heidi Diaz has used the services of Nikki Pilkington to optimize Kimkins search engine rankings.

With that info re Nikki, I sent her an e-mail on January 2/08 thanking her for her offer to be a mole at Kimkins.

Nikki's response on January 2/08:


No problem - i've requested my password as I can't remember it.

I'll let you know what happens!!


And then this on January 3/08:

"I have my password, i'm going in :D"

Not having heard from Nikki, I wrote her again on January 5/08:

"Hi, Nikki!

Wondered if you've had a chance to check out Kimkins yet.

Many thanks.


Since I received no response from Nikki, I then made this post on my blog, hoping it would get a rise out of her:


To date, I have heard nothing from Nikki.

So Heidi, just a little time you enlist the services of a mole, make sure she is not so transparent.

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OhYeahBabe said...

Well isn't that a fine how do you do? You're a super slueth!

So Nikki is part of the reason we have so stinking much cleanup to do on the web. Great!

Nikki, say hi to your boss for us!

John Teidt has her name now, right?

Kat said...

Good Job Medusa!! Your feelers were out there and right on. She looks like another Russin Bride to me...very pretty and Maybe Kimmer should have used her pic as the after!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Medusa,
Don't you know that Heidi is FAR TOO busy, going to depositions, hiding money, covering her a** and keeping up with her members -who she's trying so desperatly to starve, to possibly have the time to "mole" around for you. Not enough time in the day! Must have been a "Captain" moment!
WTG Medusa! Great Catch!
You are my hero.

Hi, Heidi!!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! Reminds me of the old Spy vs. Spy feature in the old Mad magazines. It pays to check out your moles, Medusa, because some might be snakes in the grass. How convenient that such a busy, highly paid advertising exec had time to help out dear Heidi. Bought loyalty does have its rewards! I wonder if she'll ever surface again?

Avenue Girl said...

That picture got a rise outta me;)

Maybe I'll see if Wout is looking for a girl friend.

Oh, and I see she has some ezine stuff too!


Medusa said...

Everyone, thanks for your comments!

I'll keep you posted if I hear anything from Nikki or Heidi :^)


I think Wout and Nikki would make a lovely couple. They share so many similar interests :^)

Anonymous said...

Someone posing as Nikki/Nicky Pilkington a.k.a The Pilkster wrote some of the stuff at anti-kimkins, the website that's actually pro-kimkins.

Wonder what the real Nikki Pilkington would say if she found out somebody's been using her i.d.?

Anonymous said...

Ooohh I'm famous!!!

For the record, i'm not a russian bride (nor skinny or pretty LOL).

I have just been really busy with work and have had no time to look in KK, sorry.

But thanks for outing me Medusa - way to go :) My actual plan was to send you my login so you could mole away in your own time. I guess by now my login has been cancelled....

A long time ago (before jeannie and right at the beginning of KK) I was asked to promote it on a 'cost per signup' deal - I think I got one signup :) I had no time then for CPS deals and I have no time now.

I also have no time for people who post rubbish about me on the internet, when that is my livelihood and pays to feed my children. There is a phone number on every page of my website Medusa - you were welcome to call that at any time.

Anonymous said...

Oooh and, as a 'Kimmer' plant, i've not actually sent you anything medusa - how fab a mole am I? Surely if I were working for Kimmer I would have sent you 'something' ?

Or maybe i've been too busy with my new book launch, new clients and my family, to ferret around

I don't support Kimmer at all, but neither do i support the paranoia and false accusations that seem to follow her detractors.

Anonymous said...

If you have any interest in the truth whatsoever, you will allow this comment on your blog. It will be interesting to see how much integrity and maturity you have in how you act on this.

Firstly, let me make it clear, I am NOT Nikki. I'm posting anonymously simply because I have no inclination to register my details just to post on this thread. I am simply someone who has known Nikki as a friend for four years. She knows I'm posting this, but I have nothing to gain personally from doing so, aside from the knowledge that I have done my best to defend my friend.

And since I hadn't heard of Heidi Whatisname, let alone Kimmy Kimmikins or whatever she's called until 20 minutes ago, I'm pretty sure I'm a) not them either and b) here on their behalf.

So, if anybody has the slightest interest in the TRUTH rather than 'clever' little theories, allow me to enlighten you:

TRUTH #1 Nikki is not a Russian (not the CORRECT spelling there) bride. She hails from Leicestershire, UK, and as a teenage single mother struggled against some fairly daunting odds to build a successful business in her chosen field to support her family. She's no angel, she's a normal flesh and blood person.

TRUTH #2 The reason Nikki has not been in touch is a) she has a full-time business, which has in the last six months and completely unexpectedly become much bigger b) she has just moved lock stock and barrel to live abroad and c) she has been working on a book of her own (I'm not giving you the details of it so I won't be accused of using this blog to promote it).

In short, she has this inconvenient thing called a LIFE outside of the Internet. Some of you may want to give that a go some time. It might make you think twice about making judgements without knowing all the facts.

Should Nikki have offered to act as your mole when she has so many other demands on her time? No.

Should she have replied to your email? Of course. However, all she is guilty of here is that all-too common human failing of promising to do something in good faith and then getting distracted by more pressing issues.

And when your email inbox habitually receives 500+ emails every day as Nikki does and you are able to respond to each one, you can maybe get on her case about that.

You are doing a good job on this blog of raising awareness about someone who is a con artist and scam merchant. But Nikki is not involved in this. You have made a mistake so please show that you can acknowledge that.

Anonymous said...

How bloody ridiculous. I've known Nikki for years. The only things she's done wrong here are 1. signing up and getting a log-in on a site which later turns out to be a scam and 2. making an ill-judged offer to use that log-in to be your mole, and then being too busy to fulfil that role to your entire satisfaction.

And for that you expose her to a barrage of defamation and abuse. Still I'm sure she'll be glad to know that someone thinks she's "skinny".

What a bunch of lousy cowards you all are. And if you don't post this on the site you're an even bigger coward too.

Anonymous said...

This may seem like a silly question, Medusa, but if you wondered what had happened to Nikki, why didn't you just pick up the phone and call her rather than splash a load of frivolous and potentially defamatory insinuations about her all over your little blog?

Remind me never to agree to help you with anything, in case I should forget about it or get back to you later than agreed. I just don't do mega-spiteful.

Medusa said...

To Anonymous #1 & #2 (friends of Nikki)

Thank you for taking the time to comment on this blog post. I have posted an apology to Nikki today. She is a lucky lady to have such wonderful friends like you. We all should be so fortunate.

Anonymous #3...I promise not to ask you for help.

Anonymous said...

Can I suggest that you post your apology at the beginning of this shocking post instead of meekly tucked away at the bottom. You may well have posted a retraction but on the off chance someone doesn't hang around to read the rest of your blog then you are still dragging an excellent business woman's name through the mud.

You should be ashamed of yourself.

And no - I'm not Nikki either - another one of her many friends.

Medusa said...

To anonymous (last comment):

I posted my apology earlier this morning to Nikki in my new blog post here:


I have also edited this blog post to re-direct people to my new post.

Anonymous said...

Well, at least egg on the face is on the list of allowed foods on any good low carb diet :)

Seriously though, sincere condolences to the Medusa blogger, a blogger of integrity and heart, and congratulations to the real Nikki, who is blessed with friends willing to come to her defense. To all those friends, please know that we who are trying to help out in the effort to bring the scammer Kimmer to justice, and to persuade the federal government to shut down the scam,, we're learning as we go, we're trying our best to do what's right, and it's only natural that we're occasionally going to bungle things. The Medusa blogger's heart is in the right place, all of us here in the anti-Kimkins movement can attest.

Medusa said...

LOL, Team Yucky!

Yeah, egg is low carb, but I can't say much for eating crow :^)

Thanks for your wonderful comments.

Back to eating crow (burp)....