Sunday, January 6, 2008


A little recap for those of you who may not know this interesting fact...

The Kimmer has had a longstanding affair with the Cap'n. Their relationship has been rather volatile in its on-again-off-again nature. But, for the most part, their relationship is "on."

Now, when The Kimmer gets into the Cap'n (no sexual innuendo intended), all hell breaks loose.

Well, imagine how delicious I found this little tidbit posted by the awesome MissMerize on LCF today:

"Public Diet & Fitness Journal for Kimmer"

"December 8, 2007"

Now, before you think you're losing your eyesight because you can't read the above screen shots, here is what The Kimmer purportedly consumed on December 8, 2007:

"Alcoholic beverage, wine, table, rose ( 8 fl oz )
Alcoholic beverage, wine, table, white ( 8 fl oz )
Rum ( 3 fl oz (no ice) )
Eggnog, made with whole milk ( 1 cup )
Fruit punch, alcoholic ( 8 fl oz (no ice) )
Martini ( 6 fl oz (no ice) )
Beer ( 12 fl oz )
Beer, lite ( 12 fl oz )

Activities: No activities entered for today.

Calories Eaten Today: Total: 1699" (bolding mine)

LOL! Now, surely there must be some mistake! Is someone playing a joke on The Kimmer and surreptitiously made these entries using Kimmer's name on Fitday? I can't imagine ANYONE doing that.

But, playing Devil's advocate, I'm going to assert that this Fitday entry IS actually what The Kimmer consumed on December 8, 2007.

So let's take a look at her day. She started off with a few glasses of vino, then she downed some Cap'n and eggnog (not too much fat in that, Kimmer!), then swilled a big glass of fruit punch (another low-carb beverage), then she had a nice, big straight martini, and finished the evening off with a few beers, the last being a "lite" beer. Lite beer...ha!

In total, The Kimmer allegedly consumed 57 ounces of hooch. Wowzer!

That must have been some little party she was having. After swilling that combination of booze, no wonder her Fitday shows there were "no activities entered for today." That's coma-inducing consumption.

I'm sure Heidi spent a lot of time that evening in the bathroom talking to Rraaaalph on the big white telephone. Hope you had a good time, Heidi! Cheers!


Kimmer's Fitday:

MissMerize's LCF post:


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OhYeahBabe said...

That picture made me laugh out loud. Good thing there's nobody around at the moment!

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Anonymous said...

Knowing Kimmer's love affair with the Captain, I hesitate to venture a much more mundane reason for her fitday posting - she needed the carb counts for a note she was posting to warn holiday makers about imbibing too many carbs. The note was posted the next day; the fitday wasn't erased.