Sunday, January 20, 2008


After viewing the exposé on the deadly Kimkins diet this morning on ABC's Good Morning America, I have come to the conclusion that anyone who joins Kimkins after viewing that scathing review is bereft of one iota of intelligence.

In case you missed it, here is a link to the video of the Kimkins exposé on ABC:

Heidi Diaz (Kimmer) and your diet were spanked...hard, hard, hard.

One of my favorite lines came from Dr. David Katz in response to SingingLass's ridiculous comment about hair loss being a common side effect of any diet. Hair loss results from "severe disruption of the body's hormonal balance," said Dr. Katz.

Check out my blog post here to find out more info on why the Kimkins diet will cause your hair to fall out in massive clumps:

Kimmer...I wouldn't expect an influx of new members, so put away your party hat & the Cap'n. Any extra hits on your website will only come from the curious who want to check out your mug and your fake "before and after" pics.

If any of the curious find themselves at my blog, Kimmer's fake pictures can be seen here:

Check out my blog post here to find out more info on why the Kimkins diet will cause your hair to fall out in massive clumps:

Anyone even remotely thinking about doing this deadly diet should check out the Kimkins Survivors website here...

...and then take a moment to read the blog posts below about anorexia nervosa and the Kimkins diet.

If, after reading all the links above, as well as the anti-Kimkins links on the right-hand sidebar of my blog, you still choose to do the Kimkins diet, please take a moment and write your obituary. Death by starvation is a long and slow process, and you may not have the energy to do it when you're nearing the end after following the Kimkins starvation diet. Your thoughtfulness will save your relatives a lot of time when they're arranging your funeral.


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Anonymous said...

This is so sad, so many people who have dedicated their lives to this. There are so many more jobs out there that would help people out more, maybe a shelter or pantry. Put this energy into helping others with physical labor instead of just typing.. Makeing little comments directed at Kimmer, or the Kimkins way of old are you. Grow up and do something useful. These people will take care of themselves, the starving people on the street can't, please help them. Be a big brother, or big sister or something.
This is really getting old.
FYI I am an adult female, 46yr, I lost 62 lbs in less than 4 months, did not take laxatives, minor hair loss, no heart palpitations, and a clean bill of health for my family Dr. I have maintained my wt loss since the first of October and no signs of anorexia, I weigh 150lbs, and am very happy at this wt. I am an adult, therefor I made this decision on my own and it was the best decision I have made in a very long time..Thank you Kimkins.

Medusa said...

Anonymous...I'll tell you what's "sad"...Kimkinites following Kimmer's advice (when she doesn't follow it herself) who end up starving themselves and ruining their health. That's what's sad.

And who are you to say we don't help others out in shelters, etc?

Yeah, I agree with is getting old...because of people like you who continue to support Heidi Diaz and her starvation diet plan. You and other Kimkinites can personally hold yourselves responsible for the perpetuation of this diet.

And if you think you've gotten off scot-free healthwise by following Kimkins, give yourself a few months and then come back to me and tell me how you're managing with your thyroid whacked, your hair falling out in clumps, chest pains, etc. I'd love to hear from you then.

Now, do something useful yourself and go stick your head back in the sand. I've had it with you and your like who are so blind that you can't see that the woman whose diet you're following is an admitted liar, thief, scam artist, and fraud who never lost a pound following her own Kimkins starvation diet, who is still morbidly obese, and used fake Russian Bride "before and after" pictures to depict herself.

With people like you visiting her website and buying into her weight-loss plan, she made $1.4 million through fraud and deception. If that is the kind of person you wish to be associated with, then good on ya', honey.

Now buzz off. I have work to do bringing that scammer and her diet down.

BamaGal said...

Medusa---very well said!!

As for anonymous, let me explain to you about caring for your fellow man. I happen to do alot of volunteer work for the homeless, animal shelter, domestic violence, and a host of others.

What the same hill do you do?

I join Medusa in saying I am sick to death of all the Kimkinites spouting about how the diet is fine and they lost weight. Whoopee dee do dah----starvation diets have long term consequences. Watch and see. You have forever changed your body. FOREVER. Not just a few months but the rest of your now shortened life.

An obese person can die from malnutrition quicker than a thinner person can.

Also see me in a year---the weight you lost will be right back plus some with it and you pay hell trying to diet ever again.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous,
So, I guess if it's worked for you and you "have seen" no adverse conditions, then it MUST be a "healthy diet"? Huh? What about ALL THOSE THAT ARE SUFFERING? What about all those that have ruined their health by following this unhealthy diet? What about those that ARE STARVING and dealing with VERY DANGEROUS eating disorders because of following the Kimkins diet plan to the tee?

You have no compassion or empathy for them?

You think because they are adults then it's OK to ruin their health.

I'll tell you what's SAD. Sad, is when a 46 year old adult can't see past their own stupidity to "see" the big picture. You could starve yourself all by yourself, without paying $80 to a scam artist. Anyone can loose weight by NOT EATING! But to sit there and say that just because you've seen no adverse effects in yourself - means that it must be healthy, is just plain stupidity. You can't possibly speak for all who've joined that site and followed that diet. You can't possibly "know" what others have had to deal with when it comes to their own health. Who are you to speak for them. Who are you to preach to the anti kimkins folks about what they should or should not be doing? What are you doing to help others? What are you doing to help your fellow kimkinites from falling into the dreaded eating disordered black hole?

Are you telling others on the kimkins forums to NOT use laxatives daily? Are you telling them that if they are losing handfuls of hair that they should eat more? Are you telling them if they are having heart palpitations that they should stop following the diet and see their doctor. Are you telling them that FOOD is not the ENEMY?
I've read the posts over there and NO WHERE do I see ANYONE preaching those things to those that are struggling.

If anyone should be ashamed of themselves, it should be YOU!
For continuing the perpetuation of a FRAUD! Your "seal of approval" could actually kill someone. Have you ever thought about that?

I agree with Medusa, Go Stick Your Head Back In The Sand!!! Because it's people like you who are helping to hurt so many. Once you come out of the "protective confines" of the Kimkins forums and start defending that crazy diet, you open yourself up to all that you get.

Oh, and congratulations on your weight loss. I do honestly hope that you "tweaked" the diet to be more healthy and that you do not have to come back here, down the road, and admit that you have ruined your health (like others have).

Medusa said...

Thank you, bamagal and kimkinscam, for your voices of reason.

I'm SO sick of the Kimkins rhetoric. It's right up there with Tom Cruise, Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard, and Jim Jones.

Again, thank you both so much for your comments.

Jimmy Moore said...

Hey ya'll, I lost 25 pounds since yesterday and it was so super easy to do. Wanna know how? I CUT OFF MY LEG!!! Screw the fact I can't walk anymore or the pain that hacksaw caused me and will continue to for a very long time. At least I weigh less!


Avenue Girl said...


Why do you waste your time typing here?

Shouldn't you be working in that shelter or pantry?

You got your diet, lost your weight, so what does it matter if KK is shut down now? Don't worry, we are doing the class action lawsuit so you will get your money back too.

Just be sure to get your friends email addresses.

BTW, it is still too early to see all those side effects. You may want to go to another doctor for a second opinion.

OhYeahBabe said...

Anonymous, we are fighting for a cause we believe in. We carefully research, we draw conclusions based on evidence, and we reach out to communicate and try to help.

You are spending your time defending a woman who lied and schemed to get your money, and reading blogs of people you don't respect.

Which sounds like a greater waste of time to you?

Medusa said...

avegirl and OYB, thanks for setting anonymous straight. I really appreciate your comments.

And jimmy moore...LOL! Thanks for your comment. That's one sure-fire way of dropping 25 pounds fast. :^)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, you are one stupid 46 year old. Kimkins was one of the best decisions you have made in a very long time!! Gee those other decisions must have been whoppers because this one is bad enough. Thank you Kimkins you say! Are you thanking a diet that is ruining people's health??

Anonymous said...

46yo anonymous-
You wouldn't lie for the big lying liar that lies....."the kimmer",now would you? Maybe you have just convinced yourself that the way you lost weight was not under some very low calories? You didn't sip of the "smooth move tea"? I mean if you are going to get on that high horse and look your nose down at those who are out trying to warn others about the dangers of the kimkins diet, you don't want to start off by lying. I mean that sort of takes away from the credibility of your statements.
So do you mind sharing how you spent the first month or two while losing that 62 pounds in 4 months?
Was it consuming 300-800 calories a day? Was it by limiting your foods, to the point that salads were a bad choice, because lettuce has some carbs?

As for the clean bill of health. Unless, a regular check-up involves a bone density test, body fat measurement to gage how much muscle you have lost, complete thyroid work-up-not just a TSH, an iron level, estrogen and testosterone level among others then I wouldn't say you have ruled out any damages the diet may have done to your health. I hope for your sake you don't have health issues in the future, but to not have any after doing kimkins, would be the exception, not the norm.
Now back to those questions.....