Saturday, January 12, 2008


More from "Doctor Kimmer" to JANE DOE:

"JANE DOE - Thanks for clarifying about being monitored by your doc, and of course I would never repeat our conversations. For that matter, nor conversations I have with other members, either.

The facts of weight loss are that it's largely psychological. We all know "what" to do and "how" to do it. If it were only that easy! There's obstacles at every corner and darned near every one is a mental block. I've got a few of my own. Everyone does.

While I don't like the idea of forced low calories, I don't think it's helpful to force someone to eat either.. Part of long term weight maintenance is learning what works for you ... and this includes a lot of experimentation a long the way. Eat more, eat less, less carbs, more fat, cycling? We continue to try different approaches until it sinks in for us what works and what doesn't.

JANE DOE, last I checked you were over 18, not in danger of starving to death, you appear intelligent, and from your posts about fitness, not entirely ignorant about how your body works. I'm always interested in your feeding experiments and how they relate to your workouts. But I'm not about to become your (or anyone's) mother and tell them when and how much to eat.

We're all here to support each other. No public scoldings or lectures. We're here to help and encourage (which is a foreign concept on some websites).

It's not difficult for me to [word missing] our conversations private. In previous jobs much of my work was confidential or classified, so I was used to "not talking" about work, whether with coworkers or at home. I mean what I just posted. We're all walking a tightrope learning weight loss. Not just what works, but what works for us. Anyone can do Weight Watchers, for example. A fine program. But not for me. I'd quit in a week. Too complicated, weight loss too slow. BUT that doesn't mean it's not good for somebody else and I'll support them 100% if that's the way they want to go. Actually, I refer prospective Kimkins members to WW all the time.

What I admire most, JANE DOE, is your tenacity. I'm still thinking of you making homemade cinnamon rolls for your kids at Christmas and not eating one!

This is why we had a fasting forum. I support fasting, but what people tend to do is binge (and let's face it, probably not at a salad bar or weekend of fresh fruit & veggies), and then want to fix it by eating nothing. A punishment almost. What we're doing is filling our body with junk and then punishing it with nothing. Not good, but I think we have to find that out for ourselves. However, the fasting forum was taken down because members were recommending "products". Hmmm, I wasn't OK on that. I didn't know all of the products and some ingredients were questionable in my eyes."

(All bolding mine)

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Anonymous said...

Hey Medusa, just trying to catch up on reading the REAL blogs -- and we gotta say just wow.

Your initiative in attempting to save the starving woman, in reporting on anorexia and other deadly eating disorders, and providing an insightful and intelligent commentary on Heidi Diaz -- the weightloss world's version of the Nazi death camp "doctors" -- prove beyond doubt that the antikimkins movement must continue.

Here we all are, facing another year of Kimmer and her evil crap.
Do we have the stamina to see this thing through to the end? Will there ever be an end?

Or will the sadistic scam that is Kimmer's Kimkins continue, ignored by the feds and unnoticed by the would outside these boards and these blogs?

Will the desire for money and the desire to lose weight continue to spawn Kimmerish clones such as the MCD, and horrors yet unimagined?

Whatever this year brings, we're glad we can count on the intelligence, insight, heart and humor of the Nancy Drews, the ducks, the fascination thread posters, the ALCers, and the real bloggers.

BlondzRBest said...

Hi everyone, just found your blog through LCF (proud member since 2001). Just wanted to say great blog and KUTGW!!!!

She (Kimmer/Heidi) has sucked in alot of people, hope the fight to bring her down continues. I never joined her "board" because I've heard her "advice"....yeah right, for free for over 6 years.

I can't believe her site is still up and running.


OhYeahBabe said...

What the heck does Heidi Diaz know about weight loss? All she knows is how to use people, either to make money or to amuse herself by abusing them.