Saturday, January 12, 2008


I am in receipt of another Anonymous comment on my blog post, WHO IS THE AUTHOR OF THIS MESSAGE? JANE DOE? HEIDI DIAZ?

And it smells like KIMMER to me:

"Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "WHO IS THE AUTHOR OF THIS MESSAGE? JANE DOE? HEI...":

You guys are idiots. Do you really think Kimmer has time to follow each anti-kimmer site and respond? You ladies need to get lives. I am leaving Kimkins...well not leaving, but at least not posting much anymore, what you have done here will probably set me back a bit, but will not defeat me. Again, I am under the care of a physician and I will listen to her before I ever listen to a bunch of busybodies, it is ashame that [NAME REMOVED] has taken this additional step, it is ashame that we can not even trust the people we call sisters on that site. The site itself will never go away, there are thousands of very happy people there, it will live on forever.

I've lost 18lbs in two months, please explain how that means I'm starving to death...what idiots. Now I need to figure a few things out, contact a lawyer and see what I can do to you about using my personal thoughts from a private site to sue you.

Oh and about the 'diet police' you know the authorities you have contacted...I wait with baited breath to see them knocking on my door to haul me away to jail for dieting...what idiots."

Heidi, it's "bated" breath. Good try, though!


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Anonymous said...

For someone who doesn't have time to follow all the anti-Kimmer posts, Heidi does quite well in keeping up with what they say. Maybe that's a fulltime job for a couple of her adminions, but I really don't think she'd send any worshippers with eyes wide shut to a site where a glimmer of light might shine. So someone, if not Heidi herself, is patrolling the opposition and posting various rebuttals. Anonymously, of course. With Heidi's knowledge and approval. Whoever it is is being made over in Heidi's image; so that they sound just like her. If it advises like a Heidi, snarks like a Heidi -QUACK!