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On January 3, 2008, my blog post, WARNING: HELL DIDN'T FREEZE OVER !!! KIMMER RAISES THE MEMBERSHIP PRICE AT KIMKINS, covered two comments that I had received from LINDA (aka Lindzy).

These are Linda's comments, both posted on my blog on January 3, 2008:

"Anonymous said...

I started reading your blog yesterday, AFTER I had already signed up for the 10 reasons newsletter. I received the newsletter just now, and she tells me that I can join for a one time payment of $79.95. What happened to the lower price I wonder??? Could it be someone is trying to cash in all that she can before she is shut down??? I am a co-leader of a weight loss group. We meet tonight and I am signed up to do the program this evening. It will be titled "Stay away from this trap!", starring Heidi Diaz. (bolding mine)

January 3, 2008 4:45 PM"

"Anonymous said...

My name is Linda, I am the one that notified you of the price change. BTW, I emailed her and asked how and why the price went up by $20 in less than a 24 hour period. I just checked her website and the price has been changed,BUT if you go into the Kimkin affiliate (get free membership) area you still get $19.99 per referral which comes out to $59.97, no matter how I try to add it up. Oops....we forgot to change the price there! Te he! (bolding mine)

Well, I have just received this update from Linda, who has also posted this information on her blog, Cherry Charm:

"Monday, January 7, 2008

What a deal!!!

I had emailed Kimmer aka Heidi on the raising of her price. The following is from the email response she sent me....

'Hey Linda!

Sorry for the delay in answering, we've had a zillion new members since New Years!
We had planned to raise our price a modest $20 on January 1st to compensate for our increased expenses. Our credit card processing fee rose from 2.9% to 14.5% plus web hosting, tech support and administrative increases. We're still far cheaper than Weight Watchers or South Beach that charge $350+ per year!

Since you had the eagle eyes to spot the change, I'll make you a deal. Go ahead and join at $79.95 then write me back with your receipt number & home address. I'll mail you a certified check for the $20 difference. Fair enough? (bolding mine)

Welcome! Kimmer'

This is Linda's original e-mail to Kimmer:

On Jan 3, 2008 12:44 PM, [SNIP] Linda wrote:

Why did the price of being a member get raised $20 in less than 24hours?

And this is the original message Linda received from Kimkins when she signed up for the Kimkins "10 reasons"newsletter:

"-----Original Message-----
From: []
Sent: Thursday, January 03, 2008 1:20 PM
To: [SNIP] Linda
Subject: Welcome to 10 Reasons


Thanks for signing up for "10 Reasons" to join Kimkins Weight Loss
You'lL receive 10 separate emails a few days apart so you're not flooded with constant messages.

The most common question asked is if we really only charge a one time fee. Yes! You pay only $79.95 and not another penny -- ever. Once you complete Join Now you'll receive a "welcome" email and have access to the website, the diets, food lists, grocery list, live chat room, private messaging and community forums. Plus direct access to me in the Kimkins Cafe if you have any questions.

Summer is only a few short months away. How do you want to spend it? Sweaty and hot from dragging around those extra pounds -- or wearing cute outfits in a much smaller size?Your choice.

If you have questions right now you can email me directly at Congrats on taking that first important step toward health and dropping those extra pounds!

Happy Losing,
Kimmer, FounderKimkins Weight Loss'

Sounds like a screaming deal to me! Sign me up....NOT! Such a crock of crap! Notice that she says she has had a "ZILLION of new members sign up" why don't I believe that??? If I have my way, her website will be closed down and she will never have another person join!
Posted by Lindzy at 7:09 AM "

Sooooo...Kimmer's going to provide "a certified check" to would-be members who complain about the price increase to placate them ??? How interesting!!!

Wonder which bank account those refund checks are going to be drawn on? Couldn't be one of the frozen ones now, could it?

Linda, I can only hope that other would-be members who are being lured by Heidi Diaz/Kimmer to join Kimkins are as savvy and determined as you.

And thanks so much for the update! You GO, girl!



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Anonymous said...

if she had a million new members since Jan 1 why did she need to raise the rate at all as her profit on them would more then pay for the % increase in credit card fees. so the fee on the $59,95 membership went up $6.96 and Kimmer neeeded $20 to cover that?

Getting Greedy Kimmer?

Princess Dieter aka Mir said...

My policy concerning Heidi Diaz: Don't believe a damn thing she says.

I don't believe she's had a zillion new members. I don't believe she had her rates increased by that much. I don't believe anything that comes out of her mouth. Period. Unless it's, "I'm a lying skank."

It's safer that way.

The Princess

Mayberryfan said...

Am I going to believe Kimmer when she says "the check is in the mail?"


Kimmer is a lying liar that lies. Save your money and your health!

OhYeahBabe said...

The check's in the mail. That's RICH! Stop the fraud! Kimkins members may join the Kimkins lawsuit. Here is a video that explains how easy it is to join the Kimkins lawsuit.

Avenue Girl said...

Aww, come on Kimmer! Raise it again! I dare ya! Raise it again.

She had like a zillion fires to try to put out is more like it.

That's what happens when Hell starts to circle in around you.

OhYeahBabe said...


Considering the Kimkins diet? Read this first: Kimkins Diet Scam Update.