Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Imagine my surprise last night when I checked out the Kimkins website for the last time in 2007, only to discover that Heidi Diaz/Kimmer has a new picture up!

Now, before you go to her site and raise her hit ranking on the web, which is not a good thing, above is her most recent weight-loss picture for your viewing pleasure.

This latest picture, where Heidi is wearing more makeup than a whore on a holiday (no disrespect to whores intended), I must say is a vast improvement over her badly photoshopped picture which appeared on her website on December 14, 2007:

What I find most amazing in viewing her latest picture is not only the amount of weight she alleges she has lost doing her own Kimkins starvation diet, but her penchant for the color red.

Let's take a look at some of her other red outfits...

First of all, the lovely Lesya, the woman from the Russian bride website whose picture Heidi Diaz/Kimmer scoffed to represent her "after" picture on the Kimkins website. Not a good choice, Heidi.

Then, we have Heidi at her deposition in the civil action:

And now a closer look at Heidi's new picture on her website:

You know, Heidi, every time I see another picture of you, I see RED.

How can you, in all good conscience, continue to lure unsuspecting people desperate to lose weight to your website in the hope that they will pay big bucks to you to learn how to literally starve themselves by following your deadly Kimkins diet? How?

Which brings to mind another RED ...

(from The Shining)

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Anonymous said...

Geesh, give credit where credit is due. She looks great for her weight. (And if she takes a deep breath, the corset will bust and it's head-for-the-hills, boys time.) She looks good in red, just not Leysa good. (wink)

Anonymous said...

Kimkins.com and

Kimmer leave a lot of folk seeing red. Thanks for sharing the pics so we don't have to hekp her site ranking to see them.

Anonymous said...

You ROCK....LOVE LOVE LOVE the REDRUM reference!!!!!

Medusa said...

anonymous, thanks for the laugh! Great comment!

2big, welcome back, dear! Thanks for your comments!

And beachfires! Great to hear from you. I always enjoy your posts on LCF.

I hope Heidi "gets" the REDRUM ref. :^)

Anonymous said...

thanks for the welcome back I hope the link to here works from my blog so even more folk can see that red. Kimkins.com

are not the answer folk with new yrs resolutions need to find for their weight loss wants.

Anonymous said...

I actually think she looks pretty good in that pic. Must be all of the AHA and staying out of the sun ;)

At the rate she's going, she's not going to lose any 198 lbs in 11 months....

Medusa said...

2big, the link from your blog works perfectly. Thanks so much.

Please check out 2big4mysize's blog here:


OhYeahBabe said...

I think you might be the best blogger ever!

Considering the Kimkins diet? Read this first: Kimkins Diet Scam Update.

Kimkins members may join the Kimkins lawsuit! Here is a video that explains how easy it is to join the Kimkins lawsuit.

Medusa said...

OYB, thank you!

Flattery will get you everywhere :^)

Thanks for doing such a great job at spreading the word about Kimkins and Kimmer. Kudos to you!

Anonymous said...

Red is the color of war.

Medusa said...

mayberryfan! Great hearing from you. Love your posts on LCF.

I hope no whores were upset with my comment...but I do hope Kimmer was. :^)

And thanks for commenting on my post!

OhYeahBabe said...

LMAO! Well, I asked my whore friends and they all said no offense taken.

Kimorexia Blog

Resolve not to get ripped off by scams like Kimkins!

Medusa said...

Phew, glad your friends didn't take offence, OYB.

I'd hate to have a horde of whores on my tail (no pun intended) :^)