Sunday, January 27, 2008


Well, imagine my surprise this morning when I opened my e-mail and discovered messages from none other than my gorgeous (and very funny) mole applicant, the one and only NIKKI PILKINGTON!

It appears I have been barking up the wrong tree. You know, when you discover you're wrong, and I'm talking REALLY WRONG, it's only right to fess up.

Firstly, Nikki, please accept my sincere and humble apologies. I'm hoping you're of the opinion that any publicity, be it bad or good, is, as convicted felon Martha Stewart is so fond of saying, "a good thing."

Here are the messages I received from Nikki last night, and I have to say she's an awfully good sport:

"Oh my god!! I'm famous!!

seriously, there is no way I have anything to do with Kimmer, although a couple of years ago, whoever was in charge of PR (not jeannie) asked me to do some promotion. I think I got one sign up LOL

I haven't been in touch as I have so many new clients in my real business that i've had no time to be a mole - I was actually just going to send you my login so you could mole away yourself, but i guess you've ruined that now.... although i'm happy to help anti-kk sites with search engine positions....

As for the comment that i am a skinny russian bride - LOL i wish!! The reason i found kimkins in the first place is that i'm far from skinny!!! "


"Ooohh I'm famous!!! For the record, i'm not a russian bride (nor skinny or pretty LOL).I have just been really busy with work and have had no time to look in KK, sorry. But thanks for outing me Medusa - way to go :) My actual plan was to send you my login so you could mole away in your own time. I guess by now my login has been cancelled....A long time ago (before jeannie and right at the beginning of KK) I was asked to promote it on a 'cost per signup' deal - I think I got one signup :) I had no time then for CPS deals and I have no time now.I also have no time for people who post rubbish about me on the internet, when that is my livelihood and pays to feed my children. There is a phone number on every page of my website Medusa - you were welcome to call that at any time. "


[NOTE: This is the email Nikki received from Kimmer in response to Nikki's request for her password, which she had forgotten. I have deleted personal info from the e-mail]

"here you go - enjoy - please email me when you've posted your apology/

-----Original Message-----
From: Kimmer []
Sent: ***** ***** ***** *****
To: *****

Hi *****,

Who knows what happens with computers? I reset
your password below. [SNIP]

User: ********
Pass: *****


Ticket Details
Ticket ID:
Department: Membership & Payments
Priority: High
Status: Closed

"Oooh and, as a 'Kimmer' plant, i've not actually sent you anything medusa - how fab a mole am I? Surely if I were working for Kimmer I would have sent you 'something' ?

Or maybe i've been too busy with my new book launch, new clients and my family, to ferret around

I don't support Kimmer at all, but neither do i support the paranoia and false accusations that seem to follow her detractors."

"The first thing that struck me was why on earth would an "Internet Marketing
Expert" want to be my mole."

Why the hell not? Since when does what i do for a living affect my belief that Kimmer is bad?

"how crap a mole am I that i haven't sent you anything? if i were kimmer's 'plant' then surely i would have been in touch? LOL "

Nikki, you made my morning. You have a great sense of humour and are an extremely good sport. God, I admire that.

It appears that Medusa has pissed on her chips. But I'm hoping, Nikki, that you're the forgiving sort and that I'm still able to take advantage of your offer to "help anti-kk sites with search engine positions."

My fellow bloggers and I need your expertise, Nikki, so any help you can give us will be greatly appreciated, especially in light of the fact that Heidi Diaz aka Kimmer is still flogging her deadly Kimkins starvation diet and continuing to lure new people to her website, despite all the bad publicity out there about her and her deadly diet. Unfortunately, Kimkins continues to rank at the top of Google listings. Any help you can give us will be greatly appreciated and you will have our undying gratitude.

Now, how can I get my hands on a copy of your new book? I'll send you my payment via Paypal :^)


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Avenue Girl said...

And I was about to go knock on Wouter's door and see if he was hiding Nikki in the bathroom. LOL. This whole experience really is like a spy movie, people are disguised as different screen names, secrets are shared, no one knows who to trust and who is on what side, and the people running the show now offer us cryptic messages we need to decipher to figure out what to do next. Following trails that lead into the dark alleys of the internet - I think Nikki would have book number 2 right here. Not much work, and of course we would all promote it on our blogs!
I'm happy to hear the death of the mole was greatly exaggerated.

Medusa said...

LOL, avenue girl! Great comment!

Yes, you're absolutely right. With the thousands of hits our anti-Kimkins blogs get, Nikki's book sales would soar if promoted on our blogs.

Here's hoping she responds...

Anonymous said...

With all of Heidi's sock puppets, alter egos, imaginary friends, etc.... it sure is difficult to weed through the garbage and see the truth, sometimes. Unfortunately, innocent people get caught in the middle of Heidi's mess, every once in a while.

Nikki, thanks for being a good sport! And let us know if we can help promote your book. (The current one - or the Kimkins saga!) LOL

It's refreshing to know that someone with "real credibility", like yourself, isn't out there helping this scam artist.
Hope you will accept all of our sincere apologies for thinking that Heidi was behind the potential, "fake" mole theory.
Here's to selling LOTS of books.

Anonymous said...

We posted our comment in the other entry. Just wanted to send you a hug and sincere best wishes for better luck next time.

Hopefully Nikki will come forward with her own apology, for helping in anyway to assist Kimmer and Kimkins?

Anonymous said...

good to know this Nikki was a real Nikki and not the Nikki that was responding to the emails from the kimkineetes after the new Kimkins.commangement statement questions.

Anonymous said...

Hi people!!

avenue girl, i'm not in Wouter's bathroom :)

Glad it's all sorted out - my book is at 299 Steps to Website Heaven - :)

Keep on keeping on everyone - haven't had much time to catch up with what's going on with Kimmer and Kimkins - what happened with the court case?

Medusa said...

Nikki, lovely to hear from you. You have a lot of class.

avenue girl will be so delighted to hear Wouter's not hiding in your bathroom ;^)

Thanks for the info on your new book, 299 Steps to Website Heaven. I'll let the other bloggers know the name of your book, as well. I just signed up as an affiliate and, hopefully, we'll be able to send some business your way.

In the meantime, if you could give us any quick advice on upping our search-engine positions, please e-mail me and I'll pass the info on to my fellow anti-KK bloggers. We'd be eternally grateful, and you'd have our undying gratitude...and to maybe entice you, I'd gladly eat another plate of that not-so-delectable crow. Boy, it was nasty :^)

Update on Heidi:

She was deposed for a second time last week by John Tiedt, the lawyer representing the Plaintiffs in the civil class-action lawsuit. So the wheels of justice are turning, albeit slowly.

We're hoping it won't be long before the FDA, FTC and the other big guns lay criminal charges against her.

Kimmer is continuing to play with the lives of people desperate to lose weight by telling them to drop the calories they're consuming lower and lower. It's absolutely scandalous, and the only way to stop her is by sending her down the river to the Big House. And that won't happen soon enough for our liking.

All the best, Nikki.

OhYeahBabe said...

As Bart Simpson would say - D'oh! I'm glad she's being a good sport about it.
OhYeahBabe/Kimorexia Blog

Anonymous said...

Medusa, you are a class act ... and so is Nikki! I do hope she understands that many of us are suspicious by nature, and some of us by occupation ... no leaf left unturned an all. But we DO apologize when/if we in fact get it all wrong ...