Wednesday, January 30, 2008


So, yesterday, I'm minding my own beeswax and I suddenly get this message that Kimmer aka Heidi Diaz has started a new contest on her soon-to-be-gone diet website, Kimkins.

It's a "Pinky Swear" contest. Say what? The only time I recall doing a "pinky swear" was when I was in Grade 6.

Here's Kimmer's little challenge:

"Re: Announcing Kimmer's Pinky Swear Challenge...

OK ladies, get ready! I'm starting a list of names here: Kimkins and then Friday, February 1 I'm going to add everyone's starting weights. It's only 29 days, we can do it! I've got 2 things messing me up cheat-wise and those will be nailed shut!
Pinky Swear "

And a screenshot:

And take a load of Kimmer's new avatar:

Ewww, there's just something about that avatar that gives me the willies.

For those who may have no clue what a "pinky swear" is, here's Wikipedia's definition:

"Pinky swear
To pinky swear (in some regions referred to as the pinky promise) is when two people entwine their pinky fingers—and then kiss the back of their hands most commonly of the same respective hands—to signify that a promise has been made. The kiss is not necessary in all parts of America. Traditionally, the pinky swear is considered binding and tantamount to a handshake in terms of sealing a deal. The pinky swear originally indicated that the person who breaks the promise must cut off their pinky finger."

In modern times, pinky swearing is a more informal way of sealing a promise. It is most common among school-age children and close friends. The pinky swear signifies a promise that cannot be broken or counteracted by the crossing of fingers, the "I take it back" or any other trickery."

Kimmer, I gotta tell 'ya, this whole "pinky swear" thing is creepy. That's something kids in elementary school and playgrounds do, not some middle-age diet huckster.

And let's be honest, Kimmer (I know, I know, that's hard for you), you haven't lost a pound since you've started these weight-loss challenges on the front page of Kimkins, have you?

Your own Kimkins starvation diet is a bitch, no? So how on earth do you expect your members to follow it when you can't even do it yourself?

Now, what are you going to do on February 29th when the scale hasn't moved? Fudge your weight-loss numbers one more time?

And I have a suggestion for you about your comment in your post...

"I've got 2 things messing me up cheat-wise and those will be nailed shut!"

How about nailing that big yap of yours shut? That way, it will be harder for you to down those two things that are causing your amazing weight stall (i.e. Captain Morgan and Diet Coke). That'll work.

And you know, of course, if you're found out, this is your punishment...

"...the person who breaks the promise must cut off their pinky finger."

Hey, Kimmer, at least you'll drop a few ounces losing that finger, no? Might be worth it.


Well, it appears our Kimmer also had second thoughts about that hellish "pinky swear" avatar she was sporting. I thought it was perhaps she had suddenly found it creepy too.

But that wasn't it at all. Uber-blogger and sleuth, Mariasol, posted this on my blog this morning:

"She stole that photo too: Picasa

Seems that she prefers Eastern European photos."

Click on Mariasol's Picasa link above and you'll see Heidi's avatar in its original form. Nice photonapping, Kimmer. Nice that you gave your avatar attribution to its rightful owner.

And that's not all! A friend just checked the Kimkins website, and now Kimmer has this avatar:

Wonder where she pilfered that? Start sleuthing, Duckies!


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Anonymous said...

Oh, don't forget her other nemesis ... sugar cookies with sprinkles ....

Anonymous said...

It IS kinda creepy!
My daughter likes to pinky swear - but she's 9.
What are they pinky swearing to? Starving themselves? Keeping calories under 500? What exactly does "no cheats" mean at the Kimpire? Just asking!

mariasol said...

She stole that photo too: Picasa
Seems that she prefers Eastern European photos.

Anonymous said...

?!?! absofreakinglutely brilliant sleuthing, Medusa & Mariasol! You guys need to go into the online detective biz, seriously you guys are SCARY.

Ya know Kimmer can fudge the numbers and photochop herself all she wants -- the videocam at the deposition will be showing the real truth.

Anonymous said...

hey Medusa ... here's something that relates to your coverage of the anorexia/bulimia news ...

Anonymous said...

So everyone here has an avatar picture that they took? You guys have never taken a picture off the internet to use as an avatar. Whatever.....

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous:
Nope! Never stole a photo off the the internet. Stealing is stealing whether it's people's money for a fake diet program or someone else's intellectual property. As soon as the photgrapher clicks the shutter on their camera the picture is automatically copyrighted to the photographer. Just because it's posted on the internet DOES NOT mean it's free for the taking.

Anonymous said...

At least pinkies can't show the awful truth - Heidi as she really is. I wouldn't censor her on account of swiping THIS particular picture. It won't last long. But if pulling on someone's pinky will prevent any cheats, Heidi, you've been scammed. By yourself! Because you will still have to watch what you eat and drink. Nobody ever said dieting was easy, and how many days are left of your newly advertised "100 day Diet?" Hurry, Heidi, you've only a few weeks left to trash your metabolism completely!

Anonymous said...

uh oh ... we use Google Images all the time ... not for the purposes of stealing, of course.

We thought the reason for calling Kimmer on her pinky swear avatar or anything else is simply because she's Kimmer, the lying liar that lies, and we hate everything she does because everything she does is hateful?

OhYeahBabe said...

LMAO! Stolen pinkie photos!

You can't blame her. There's no way she could put a picture of her own hand in there. She'd have to find a friend to cross pinkies with, and she's too shy. And her hands would give her weight away.

Love ya, Medusa!
My blog: Kimorexia