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Chloe Marshall Chloe Marshall

How refreshing...

Chloe Marshall, first runner-up in the 2008 Miss England contest, was crowned Miss Teen UK in December, 2008.

Chloe Marshall

Chloe Marshall

Chloe was the first ever plus-sized finalist vying for the title of Miss England. Seventeen years old, 176 pounds, and 5′ 10″ tall, she’s a UK Size 16.

Chloe Marshall

Chloe Marshall

“I’m showing girls curvy is beautiful and this is what I am. Love me or hate me at the end of the day.”

"Everybody thinks you have to be a tall, slim blonde and I'm a curvy brunette. "I want to show it is possible to be beautiful and not a standard size zero."

Chloe Marshall

Chloe Marshall

"The reaction I've had is great. Other girls have told me I have really boosted their confidence, which is terrific."

"I wanted to make a bit of a statement. When I studied the other entrants for the Miss Surrey competition I concluded that pretty as the contestants were, they were equally all uniformly blonde and Barbie doll like."

Chloe has never succumbed to peer pressure. "I didn’t give my figure a thought until my first day of secondary school, when I realised I was bigger than many other children. Someone called me ‘fat’. I was stunned by the nastiness of it."

"Children can be cruel so for a while the nicknames followed me. I got called ‘Fatty’ and it hurt. Mum told me, ‘You’re beautiful whatever size you are and never feel ashamed.’ "

Chloe Marshall

Chloe has been signed up by Stevie Walters of the Models Plus agency. "She is gorgeous and has a luscious figure. We are sure she will be snapped up by fashion companies who want to project a realistic and achievable image to their customers," says Walters.

With the startling rise of eating disorders; the increasing deaths of emaciated, anorexic models; and younger and younger children dieting, it's so wonderful and encouraging to see a young woman have such an incredibly strong sense of self.

Cheers to you, Chloe.


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Anonymous said...

Much as it's lovely to see Chloe win, i find it sad that she's referred to as "plus size". She's only 2lbs overweight, so it's clearly sending the message to everyone that she's fat, albeit beautiful. A body mass index of 25 is not "plus sized" i don't think.

Anonymous said...

She is so beautiful. I agree with Josie- I hate that all the focus is just on her being plus- sized. She is beautiful period. Not a beautiful plus-sized girl, just a beautiful girl. I often think that if I were as pretty as her I wouldn't have an eating disorder to compensate for my ugliness. Thanks Medusa. I love your site. You are doing a wonderful service and since I have begun following it has made me really be honest with myself about my recovery and that I need to push myself more.

Medusa said...

Josie, thanks for your comment. It's always great to hear from you. And you're IS sad that "plus size" connotes one being fat.

Unfortunately, a BMI of 25 or over (size 16 and up) is considered "plus size" by the fashion industry. Recent studies have shown, however, that BMI is not an accurate indicator at all as it does not distinguish between body fat and muscle mass.

And, Kimberly, thank you so much for your very kind comments. I really appreciate them. I wish you all the success in the world in your recovery. Hugs to you, hon.

You're right about Chloe. No matter her size...she is a beautiful girl with an amazing positive body image.

Anonymous said...

I was part of Chloe's PR team for Miss England, and I can't tell you how happy I am to see this story here, showing the world, especially ED-d people, or people in recovery who are reading this brilliant site, what is truly beautiful - a woman with confidence in her gorgeous natural shape.


Medusa said...

Smashing, thanks so much for your kind words.

Chloe is so beautiful and full of self-confidence, a woman comfortable in her own skin.

Please pass on my congratulations to Chloe. I wish her every success in the world. She is such an inspiration to so many.

~ Medusa

Anonymous said...

yes she is very pretty indeed... but I'm pretty sure she isn't 176lbs... she looks WAY bigger...

Anonymous said...

thanks from canada, was thinking about doing this, SSSSSOOOOOOOOOO glad your site was here to show me this is sooooooo not the way to go! i may be fat, but im ALIVE and would prefer to keep it that way, wish there were more honest sites like yours!

Medusa said...

To Anonymous from Canada...

Thanks so much for commenting and for your kind words. Lovely to hear from another Canadian ;^)

Yes, starving is no way to lose weight.

Sending hugs your way,


hollyann44 said...

Oh my gosh, Medusa, words cannot express how elated I am to come across your website. Long story short, I'm 30 years old, and was severely anorexic from ages 17 to 28. I am a HUGE fan of the HBO documentary "Thin", and your page came up in my search today for updates on the characters thereof. I learned only recently that Polly died last year, and I am devastated. I've made a video/tribute to her, and would love to share it with you and your readers. Are you on Facebook?

Also: AWESOME about Chloe Marshall! She is absolutely gorgeous, and WOW, whenever I feel myself slipping back into that anorexic way of thinking, I will look at these photos to bring myself back to reality and self-love. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for this and ALL of your posts/entries! And thank you for your website! You will help many, I am certain!

Love and prayers,
Holly H.


Medusa said...


Thanks SO very much for your lovely comments. You made my day :^)

Congratulations on your recovery! That is a such difficult journey and you did it. Kudos to you!

I was devastated, too, when I learned Polly had died. It's such a tragedy and her loss will be felt by many. I'm not a member of Facebook, so I won't be able to view your video there. If you uploaded it to Youtube, I'd be pleased to copy it and post it on my site.

Take care, Holly, and please keep in touch. You can reach me at any time at

I'm rooting for you, Holly, in your recovery. Sending hugs your way...

~ Medusa

Anonymous said...

Eita gordinha sensual!!!
Roberto Pimentel
Belém - Pará - Amazônia - Brasil

K8 said...

Oh wow, she's absolutely stunning!

Mel said...

Thank you so much for this article!

Chloe is an absolutely beautiful and young woman, someone I can look to for inspiration whenever I feel myself slipping off the bandwagon.

I hope she has every success in the world, congratulations Chloe!

Anonymous said...

and clothes can look great on bigger girls too

Anonymous said...

This makes me happy. I love confident curvy women; me being one myself! C;

Anonymous said...

Yes, she's beautiful, but I don't think she's just "curvy". Let's not abuse the word. Keep it real and say she's either plus or fat and don't judge the words.