Thursday, June 5, 2008


"She shocked the modeling world this week by posing totally nude on TV for all to see on CBS’ The Insider, weighing in at...169 pounds.

Plus-size model Nancy Hayssen proves once again, in an industry dominated by anorexic and bulimic models, that you can be sexy at any size by taking part in this controversial ad campaign.

Nancy Hayssen

In the stir of the recent disturbing anti-anorexia billboard by No-Lita fashion company of anorexic French model, Isabelle Caro, with a weight of only 60 pounds, the question has been raised again during Fashion Week: are models too thin?

Isabelle Caro

The fashion industry’s continued move towards skinnier and skinnier models has come under fire from several sources, mainly because of the negative influence it has had over young women and the rise of anorexia and bulimia.

In the last 20 years, fashion models have gone from a size 8 to a size 0 for runway models. Within the same time period, the average American woman has gone from a size 10 to a size 14.

TV Shows like “The Insider” and “Entertainment Tonight” are now getting involved in reversing the skinny ideal along with spokespeople like Nancy Hayssen, a beautiful plus-size model, by speaking out to women everywhere to recognize beauty in women no matter what their size.

Calling her “Plus Size Perfect” and “Full Figured Fabulous” the media is taking a new look at how beauty is defined. With the constant message in the media that women can only be beautiful if they are skinny to the bone Nancy became determined to prove otherwise.

Coined as the “next Anna Nicole Smith”, Nancy proudly says, “I’ve always been happy and confident of my voluptuous body. I believe ‘sexiness’ and beauty is a state of mind.”

There are over 8 million people in this country who are anorexic, bulimic or have eating disorders. Most of them are young women. “The fashion industry and Hollywood have spread the myth that to be thin is in. The truth is—a woman can be beautiful at any shape or size. Hollywood is finally realizing this and spreading a new message: it’s okay to accept yourself just the way you are,” says Nancy Hayssen, author of “You Can Be Sexy at ANY Size!”

The average American woman is 5’4” and wears a size 14 which is considered “plus size." This also happens to be roughly the size Marilyn Monroe, considered one of the most beautiful women celebrities of our time would have been today.


“So many people write to me saying their husbands and boyfriends tell them they love them just the way they are but the women are the ones that feel down and beat themselves up feeling ‘not good enough’ – the media has been conditioning women for so long to make us feel there is something wrong with us if we are not super skinny.”

Nancy now speaks out letting the public know what the “real skinny” is. “Women need to embrace and love the bodies they are in. Yes, you are perfect. You are good enough. Love and accept yourself just the way you are.”

“In so many other cultures the feminine body is appreciated and adored. Only in the US has this distorted image of reality taken place through images seen in the media. Fortunately, this is all dramatically changing now.”


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MrsMenopausal said...

Great post, Medusa. Kudos to Nancy Hayssen!!

Anonymous said...

Your posts are so realy and informational. I love them <3 And go Nancy! She really is beauitful <3

Medusa said...

(((xthinforever))) Thanks so much for your kind words.

~ Medusa

Anonymous said...

Marilyn was a size 12 not 14!! Big difference and back then it was probably sized to a 10/11 Also they didnt have breast implants back then so in order to have boobs she had to keep a little extra weight which Im sure all the pills she took helped her do. She was defonatly hoter than that nasty billboard ana who is fugly and sickly looking. Im pro AnA but please dont over do it, Victoria Secrets Models are sexy and the hottest girls in the world but they are around 100-130 lbs depending on size and height. They are tall. Whats gross is when girls wrongly think models are 66lbs, you can not work because you will look like a dying AIDS patient and thats not cool. All you stupid girls ruin it for Pro ANAs by getting under 90lbs instead of maintaining your weight once u reach your goal. Wake up call/ Skinny can be as ugly as FAT if u r under 90lbs. Unless u r very very short that wont look good!! Its possible to be ANA and not stupid so lets prove to the world we can be hot and healthy on a low cal diet only mia when neccessary (over eating) and we can all be beautiful :) As for bones you should be able to feel them and see them when stretching not look like that starving guy in the movie Seven! Please we can be ANA MIA and Smart!

Anonymous said...

You can´t dictate what people find beautiful. This is a faulty method of trying to help anorexic women. Personally I find her to be too large. She doesn´t even look like she works out. Also, Marilyn was pregnant in this picture. Stop promoting obesity. Please.