Thursday, June 12, 2008


Can you solve this in one minute or under?

Note the spelling error in the first question :^)

(Click the exam sheet to enlarge it)

And here are the Answers ...

I sucked at this exam. How did you do?

Feel free to leave an anonymous comment to spare yourself any embarrassment, unless, of course, you aced it. In that case, brag away.

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Yucky said...

The only one I got right was the first one! lol love trick questions!

Anonymous said...

how the three lines in the answer page makes a rectangle?! didnt get it !

Medusa said...

Anonymous, the "Draw a rectangle with 3 lines" could just as well have read "Draw a circle with 3 lines." In the latter case, you'd draw a circle and put 3 lines in the middle of it.

The trick to this question is not to draw a rectangle or circle using three lines but to put those 3 lines in the middle of them ;^)

jana271 said...

This is sad, I only got the 3rd one right.

- MischaSoleil - said...

Cool stuff. Did it in almost 40 seconds. ^^ But for "question 2" I have two answers, and for "question 4" I have two answers, too ... *toorootootooooo...*

- MischaSoleil - said...

... ma answers:

(hope the link works)


Medusa said...

MischaSoleil! Yes, the link worked. You are truly a genius!

The link to the answers in my post takes you here:

You got 100% on that test. Congratulations! You're one smart cookie :^)

~ Medusa