Thursday, June 12, 2008


Can you solve this in one minute or under?
Note the spelling error in the first question :^)

(Click the exam sheet to enlarge it)

Click here for the answers:

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Anonymous said...

The only one I got right was the first one! lol love trick questions!

Anonymous said...

how the three lines in the answer page makes a rectangle?! didnt get it !

Medusa said...

Anonymous, the "Draw a rectangle with 3 lines" could just as well have read "Draw a circle with 3 lines." In the latter case, you'd draw a circle and put 3 lines in the middle of it.

The trick to this question is not to draw a rectangle or circle using three lines but to put those 3 lines in the middle of them ;^)

Anonymous said...

This is sad, I only got the 3rd one right.

Anonymous said...

Cool stuff. Did it in almost 40 seconds. ^^ But for "question 2" I have two answers, and for "question 4" I have two answers, too ... *toorootootooooo...*

Anonymous said...

... ma answers:

(hope the link works)


Medusa said...

MischaSoleil! Yes, the link worked. You are truly a genius!

The link to the answers in my post takes you here:

You got 100% on that test. Congratulations! You're one smart cookie :^)

~ Medusa