Friday, July 18, 2008


Photo of Heidi Diaz/Kimmer taken by Robert Charlton, PI

For those who were following the story of the deadly Kimkins diet and its founder Heidi Diaz aka Kimmer back in the fall of 2007, the day that the pictures and video of Heidi Diaz were released caused our jaws to collectively hit the floor.

Heidi, as captured on film by Robert Charlton, Private Investigator and owner of Alliance Investigative Services, was not the svelte woman she had led people to believe but a morbidly obese woman weighing over 300 pounds. Finally, there was the physical proof that Heidi Diaz/Kimmer was, indeed, a liar and a fraud.

Robert's photos and video were subsequently used by not only Chip Yost of KTLA but by The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet.

Although Robert was given credit by KTLA for a few seconds the first time their program aired, he was not given credit by KTLA in their follow-ups. And no credit was given to Robert by The Morning Show for their usage of his photos or video. So I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank Robert for all his efforts in capturing Heidi Diaz on film.

I know you have questions you'd like to ask of Robert about his surveillance of Heidi Diaz and his capturing her on film. Please post your questions for Robert in the comment section of this blog post, and Robert will answer your questions there.

Kudos to Yust Yucky (Mimi) for this brilliant idea and for contacting Robert to arrange this Q & A. And many thanks to Robert for agreeing to participate.

Robert's waiting, so fire away :^)

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Kat said...

First, I'd like to tell Robert thanks for the great work! We all really appreciate it.

My question we get to see the bald pictures? You know we are dying to see them, lol.

Anonymous said...

Did you go into this to prove that Kimmer was Heidi Diaz or for another purpose?

Medusa said...

Robert, how many hours did you have to lie in wait before you were finally able to get the first shot of Heidi?

allianceagent said...

Hi Kat,

We did not obtain photos of Heidi Diaz with her wig off. The purpose of this investigation was to determine where she resided and to obtain photos. I would not have wanted to invade her privacy by shooting photos through the window from the public courtyard and it may have comprompised the investigation had I chosen to do so.

The only time Heidi was observed with her wig off, was when she was seated in front of her computer on a couple of occassions. The computer was positioned next to the window, allowing her to face the public courtyard at her computer.

Heidi was observed from the public courtyard while passing her apartment building on foot. The window was on the second level. I looked up and observed Heidi with the wig off and she waved at me while passing, probably thinking I was a passing neighbor.

I hope this satisfies your inquiry and hope you are not dissapointed.

allianceagent said...

Hello Anonymous,

We were hired to locate and obtain photos. The video was an added bonus.

allianceagent said...

Hello Medusa,

From what I can recall, we were able to obtain video the first day out after only a couple of hours surveillance. I was not satisfied with the quality of the video and continued surveillance until I would be able to submit photos and video that I felt would satisfy the client. Heidi was only observed leaving to fuel her vehilce on the first day and then returned to her apartment unit.

It took many days and hours after this to obtain the quality photos and video.

I do not recall the exact hours or days spent after the first day. From what I recall, I think it was 7 days total with 8 to 10 hours each day.

The client did not require a report. This is the reason I cannot be specific about exactly how much time was spent.

Heidi was not an active subject.

OhYeahBabe said...

Robert, your photos were a real turning point in this case. Thank you.

Have you considered a book deal or news story or something? It seems like something this interesting could lead to something bigger for you.

Without naming names, besides this case what are some other interesting cases you have worked on?

mariasol said...

Were you at all told WHY they wanted photos? Had you researched Kimmer/Heidi online first so you had seen the red dress picture? If so, what was your reaction when you saw her?

Magicsmom said...

Robert, I was very impressed by the detail of your report. My question is: did you ever observe Heidi Diaz eating anything (like the sugar cookies on the car seat)? If so, what was it?

allianceagent said...

Hello Ohyeahbabe,

I never considered a book deal since one was never offered. News stories came and went.

As far as other interesting stories...there are many in this field. In fact, I am currently working a domestic case where a very high profile person in the business of sports is having an affair with his babysitter. The client believes it started when she was 15. I followed her for an hour to land her at a "Hotel Meeting". She is currently 17 years old. He is in his mid 40's. His career will certainly be spoiled and life as he knows it will be over when the news "gets out".

allianceagent said...

Hello Mariasol,

I was told about Heidi and did research the name and took a look at her site. I am always sceptic of before and after photos and was not shocked when I observed her for the first time. The only thing that crossed my mind when I first observed Heidi was that the client would most likely be happy with the photos and video about to be obtained.

allianceagent said...

Hello Magicsmom,

I am sorry, I did not observe Heidi eating anything. I only observed the sugar cookies with sprinkles that were contained in a plastic container on the passenger seat of her vehicle.

Anonymous said...

Just a note to say THANK YOU! to Mr. Charlton for taking the time to be here and answer questions!

Also thanks to Medusa for hosting this conversation!

Questions for Mr. Charlton: (and of course feel free to disregard, ignore, or refrain from answering any that are intrusive or that you simply aren't interested in answering)

1. When did you first become a private investigator, and what led you into that line of work? I'm always interested in this aspect of people's lives, and seriously think there are many volunteers here in this Kimkins saga who would have a great time and do a lot of good by considering a career in maybe online detective-ing :)

2. Have you ever felt, as a result of your sleuthing in the Kimkins case, threatened or fearful of revenge by Heidi or her family or cohorts?

3. Would you care to speculate as to the future of the Kimkins saga? Like, what do you think is going to happen to her, and to people like her, who are involved in internet business in a shady sort of way? Do you feel that as time goes by, consumer fraud will decrease due to advances in technology, such as crime database, etc.?

Thank you again so much! You are a true star in this whole thing!

Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

Oh! Another question -- have you been deposed, and will you be called to give testimony in the event of a court trial?

If so, is there anything you can tell us about that? Like, what do you expect, and what are your thoughts and feelings about the whole thing?

Anonymous said...

First, Robert, thank you so much for the work you did - work which gave legs to this case.

Did you observe other types of activities around Heidi's home? Activities that might be indicitive of other business activities?


Trophy Woman said...

First of all thank you so much Robert for taking on this assignment. You have helped and saved the health of many many unsuspecting people by your pictures and video. I have bookmarked your website and if I ever need a PI you will be the first one I call!

I am wondering if Heidi Kimmer Diaz or her legal team ever contacted you or tried to stop the use of the photo's?

bluesuede said...

Robert, most of my questions have already been asked. I will just take time to say "thank you" for your involvement. I know that you probably feel you were just doing your job, but you really should have been given credit for your hard work. Your discovery was surely a turning point in the case.

Anonymous said...

Another big THANK YOU from me! You were the catalyst for this whole thing taking off like it has. Without those pics, I'm not sure the level of outrage - which is what fueled and sustained the efforts to bring her to full justice - would have been nearly so great. The pictures were in our face proof she wasn't who she said she was, and that led us to question every other single thing she said or wrote.

The pictures you took were of excellent quality, which is not the norm.

I'm very sorry you weren't fully credited by the media who used your pictures, but I have a feeling that when the jig is truly up for this woman, your name and work will be mentioned frequently as being the impetus for motivating the "Duck Squad".

allianceagent said...

Hello Yustyuky,

1) I became intersested in this type of busines because I had a friend in the business and because of my interest in truth and justice.

I joined with a large investigative firm in 1994 and decided to go out on my own in 2000. As I began to gain clients, I incorporated in 2005 for tax purposes and protection of assets.

2)I never feal threatened doing justice. Remember..."when good men do nothing, evil prevails."

3) I cannot speculate as to the punishment Heidi will receive. (Remember O.J.). As far as crime fading due to the increase in technology...We will alway's have crime. The criminals will use whatever gain in technology to further their dirty deeds. The technology does help the good guys with gathering and developing evidence, especially with the DNA databases.

allianceagent said...

Hello Anonymous,

The only other activity that I observed was when Heidi drove to the bank. There were never any signs of other business activities that I could observe.

allianceagent said...

Hello Trophywoman,

Thank you for the kind words. I hope that everyone involved will spread the name of my company. Word of mouth is certainly the best way to build client base and I would appreciate as much as I could get.

Heidi never attempted contact with us and neither did her legal team. All photos and video were obtained in a public place and could not be stopped anyway.

The photos and video were the property of the client and posted by the client. Photos and video provided to the news organizations were provided with the approval of the client.

allianceagent said...

Hello Bluesuede,

Thank for taking the time to print words of encouragement and gratitude.

allianceagent said...

Hello Sheridan,

Thank you also for the kind words and for your gratitude.

We hope everyone in the community has been comforted by the truth brought to light.

Thank you also for the appreciation of the quality of the photos. I try very hard to produce quality work and appreciate when it is noticed.

Medusa said...

Robert, I have a question from one of my friends:

When Brandon and his friends were home, Kimmer went down to her car with her laptop.

How long and how often did she do that?

MrsMenopausal said...

Thanks for doing this Medusa. What a great idea!

Thank you, Robert Charlton, for your excellent PI work, providing pictorial and video proof that Heidi Diaz was not the 118 pound woman in the red dress she lied about being.

Most of my questions have been answered already but I am wondering if there are any pictures and/or video that haven't been made public. If so, will they be released in the future? Have they been given to the attorney or authorities/organizations that may need them?

Anonymous said...

Another question for Mr. Charlton -- can you tell us whether you've continued the surveillance of Kimmer on your own or behalf of a client? I like to think everybody is as consumed with curiosity as we are! lol

Also, have you ever done work on a similar project before? I mean, surveillance on a person associated with an internet weightloss scam? If so, would you be able to tell us about that?

Thanks again! And thanks again also to Medusa for hosting this discussion!

allianceagent said...

Hello Medusa,

I am sorry, I do not recall Heidi walking to her car with her laptop The only thing I recall having to be in her vehilce for a long time, would be when she would return home. She would remain in her vehilce for a long period of time while talking on her cellular phone.

allianceagent said...

Hello MrsMenopausal,

I am sorry, All video and photos have been turned over to the client and from what I have seen, all of it has been made public. There is nothing more.

allianceagent said...

Hello Yucky Said,

Our office was contacted to locate and obtain photos. After obtaining the photos and video, that was the end of the assignment. No one called to continue in the investigation as far as further surveillance and such.

I charge a fee for service and do not let my curiosity get in the way of collecting the fee first.

This is the first case I have taken on that involved the diet community. I am somewhat shocked that we do not receive more calls on this type of work. Seems like it is a business that would be deep in fraud.

Anonymous said...

Great job, Robert! You are clearly a very patient man. I do have a question. Kimmer always told her admins, including myself, that on thursday each week the social worker came to see the foster kids and thus, she was never online on thursday. I know now she had no foster kids at all during my employement at Kimkins. Can you tell us what she does every Thursday? I am curious. Did she leave home on Thursday and if so, how long and where did she go?


Mimi said...

ooh great question JB. Also great questions from everybody. This is fascinating stuff!

I'm soooooo looking forward to the resolution of the lawsuit or the trial if there is one! Then hopefully all the details will be made public. Not that I'm nosey or anything! lol

Anonymous said...

hey Medusa any reply yet about the Thursday question?

Medusa said...

No response from Robert yet, 2big. I'm guessing he's on vacation right now.

If I haven't heard from him by next week, I will send another e-mail to him.