Tuesday, March 28, 2017


I received the lovely message below from Mia last night. Her recovery and subsequent ED advocacy have amassed her a following on YouTube of over 4,000 subscribers. 

Mia's videos are heartfelt and honest. Please take a moment to watch her video below and subscribe to her YouTube channel if you are struggling with your ED. You will not regret it.

Cheers to you Mia, and thank you, for all you do in helping others to recover. Love, Medusa xo

"Hi Medusa, this thank you could be a long one. I first discovered your website at the age of 23 when I was living in London 5 years ago, spending Christmas by myself and stuck in the worst b/p cycle I've probably ever experienced after weeks of starvation. Whilst looking for pro-ed material, I found your site and couldn't stop reading. Particularly when I found a page titled 'Bulimia Kills'. When I saw the photo of the deceased young woman in that post, I was shocked to my core and forced out of my ED denial for the first time. I wouldn't get help for another two years, but the image of that girl is still with me every day.

I have been in recovery for 3 and a half years and started to document my recovery on YouTube, as a journal. It's somehow transformed into a recovery community with over 4000 subscribers and I have found my purpose (and obligation as a survivor) in becoming an ED advocate. Some portion of this is thanks to you, for giving me a touchstone and purpose for getting better and a drive to try and help where I can. So thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Yesterday, I put out a video featuring that photo and detailing how I found it on your site. The response has been so overwhelming and that is yours to share in."


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Max said...

I've seen Mia's youtube vid on the picture. And my heart stopped for a second. I live in Belgium and we do have great medical support, even for ED's. None of that made a difference so far. I'm so scared of dying from this.

I became anorexic at age 11..went on to age 17. But the purging started at 14 and the binging (like real full blown bulimic binges) around age 17. I'll be 20 within 2 weeks. I can't even believe i'm still alive as I see what I did and still am doing to myself.

This picture... it has shifted something in my mind. Thank you so much for sharing the true ugly face of this illness. I will not be defeated by it. And when I'll pass away, it will be at age 85 (orso) in my bed next to the love of my life. Not hanging over a toilet.

You just saved my tonight, thank you so much <3

Unknown said...

I watched this video last night and I can honestly say it shook me to the core, I went on to find this page and read more about this poor girl.
I suffer with binge eating disorder myself I have used laxatives and purging occasionally in the past but nothing has ever made me stop.
I didn't realise you could die from your stomach splitting 😳 It honestly has made me think about what I am doing!!

Medusa said...

Unknown, thanks so much for commenting. I hope that you are able to take that first step toward recovery. Hugs and best wishes to you.

Medusa 😘