Friday, November 30, 2007


TippyToes, TippyToes, wherefore art thou, TippyToes??

Tippy's been MIA for a few days at Kimkins, and Kimmer's response to an inquiry at Kimkins about Tippy's whereabouts was this:

"Tippy is having problems with DH and computer time."



Today (November 30th, 2007) the intrepid detective, HoneyBee (aka BabyBug), hit paydirt when she reported on LCF that TippyToes (aka Jeannie Baitinger), Kimmer's PR person at Kimkins, is now posting on another forum. Lo and behold, TippyToes is posting as "JeannieLynn" on the Eating Low with Amy Forum.

Tippy's a FORUM WHORE! Oh, no!
Here are some of JeannieLynn's posts on Eating Low with Amy:

"...thanks for the answer! I have not been on maintenance for long. I keep watching the scales go back and forth a couple of pounds too. Kind of worries me. How did you reintroduce foods? And how many calories are you taking in these days? Can you post a daily menu? Thanks.

I too am very glad to find this site. Thank you Amy! I am a KK refugee too. I hated to leave but the drama was getting pretty bad. I will say I lost a lot of weight following Kimkins. She had a good plan. But the plan behind the plan... (shudders) Although lately I saw less of this. The site got a pretty good cleanup in the last couple of months and people are encouraged not to starve. That's a good thing! But I think all the clean up in the world will prove to be a day late and a dollar short for Kimkins site. Too much fraud, which is a true shame since she did have a plan that really does work well for so many. Fraud with herself, the Russian Brides, possibly the new front page pic of herself and so much more. I have to wonder why? What a great way to ruin what could have been the next diet breakthrough. But, what's done is done. There is no changing that now.

Like many of you Atkins failed me. But looking back (and forward) I am a food abuser. Food is my crack. I over eat. So maybe I can't blame Atkins. Kimkins did help me get my eating under control to lose the rest of the weight.
Still, I am an over eater to this day but have found low carb foods with less fat won't hurt me one bit. It's like having your cake and eating it too. But now it's not cake. It is steak! haha

I think many of us learned a lot at KK. Not only did we learn how to lose weight but we also learned that forums are public and we should be careful giving out information about ourselves. You never know where it will end up. Ducks taught us that.

Speaking of ducks, yes they made me want to duck hunt too.

Anyways, I am looking forward to getting to know you all! I am currently on maintanence, using a balance of Kimkins and Atkins to stay there. Seems to be working just fine. But I need support too.

Amy, again, thank you for providing us with a safe place to go. Right now I would be very lost without your site."

And this quote from Tippy says it all...

"Good to see I am not alone. I am glad to have found this site for many
reasons. One day I will explain them all."

Yeah, and not a minute too soon, Tippy. Spill your guts. It's about damn time.

Kimmer? Looks like you and Cap'n Morgan will be the only ones left going down with the Kimkins ship. Have a nice trip.

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Anonymous said...

thanks for keeping tabs on tippytoes. hope her "conversion" is sincere.

Anonymous said...

I hope someone got screen shots before it was deleted. Surely Tippy's admitting fraud is a good thing for the lawsuit.