Friday, March 7, 2008


John Essex, aka Martina's Martini

John, I have much to say to you but rather than dwell on your incoherent ramblings and obtuse clues that you left in your wake as you ran rampant on the web as Martina’s Martini, I want to focus on your deception in relation to the blogger, Prudentia.

You see, Prudentia is a wonderful, warm-hearted person who sees the good in everyone and will give anyone the benefit of the doubt.

You took advantage of her and that is truly unforgiveable. You fed her one cock-and-bull story after another and tugged at her heartstrings. She believed you, and at the risk of looking foolish for doing so, kept in touch with you, afraid that you may do harm to yourself. She went out on a limb for you and you rewarded her by making her feel like a fool. She has been nothing short of a saint in dealing with you in all the chaos you created, spending hours online with you because she feared for your well-being and sanity.

Well, honey, the jig is up.

I am not going to rehash all of your comments and posts, most of which are total nonsense and a complete fabrication of the truth. It’s old news.

But I do want to address one of your comments you left on Prudentia’s blog and, in particular, this one from Hello, Martina's Martini. We Meet Again. :

"I am a broken down old soldier, my face is half gone, my foot isnt there anymore. "

Well, John, here’s your chance to prove at least one part of your sordid story is true. Personally, I think you're full of crap.

Send me a few pictures of your half-gone face and footless leg. And be sure to include in the pictures of your injuries your driver’s license or today's newspaper...just for verification purposes. If your pictures pass muster, I will post them on my blog as proof that you did tell the truth, in at least one instance.

If you haven’t read Prudentia’s latest post, do so. The link is below. I hope you are happy.

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Mayberryfan said...

(paying homage to comments left before by Katinsac)

The idea that a former member of the U.S. military would sully himself by telling such outrageous lies is very, very sad. John you traded your personal honor for what? A chance to get revenge on your ex-wife? If this is who YOU are, is it any wonder she no longer wants anything to do with you?

You also tried to help someone (and took money?)who is a known con artist without a shred of decency.

I guess it's true: Birds of a feather really DO flock together.

Magicsmom said...

Now that the tempest in a teapot called Martina's Martini is over once and for all, I suggest that the sleuths get back to investigating the Magic Chicken connection to Heidi. Every time we start posting new revelations about it, a 5 o'clock Charlie shows up and people go off on a tangent about it. MM was a diversionary tactic that played on the natural suspicions of the ducks. He is, no doubt, very proud of the furor he raised up over nothing.

Anonymous said...

I'm not swift with military uniforms and such, but he seems to have garnered a few honors along the way. Unless he was an extra in a movie! So maybe his is not all cock-and-bull story. But his mental state may be questioned, and he came across like the drunken derelict in the gutter. For shame!

Prudentia said...

Anonymous - while I personal am not all that up on military honors myself, my BIL, a Major in the Army, a REAL pysch nurse, is. I had him look at the uniform. Actually, he isn't all that decorated. His stripes represent years of service - 18 as of that photo, which is consistent with his age, the age he enlisted and the timing of the photo. He is also trained in weaponry - German made, to be specific. In that photo, he holds the rank of Master Sargent. Beyond that, there isn't much significant in the way of decoration. See, I took your position at one point until I learned much more about his character.

Anonymous said...

He's lied so many times about so many things, we wouldn't be surprised if those decorations turn out to have been brought at eBay or one of those military surplus stores. Whatever his rank and military accomplishments, the guy is a jerk. Plain and simple. Poor Trista.

Thanks John for helping Heidi get into even deeper hot water, intimidating a witness in the lawsuit -- the judge is gonna LOVE this! lmao

Anonymous said...

Looks like the true character of John Essex has been revealed. Did you think you could pull off that crap, because you wear a military uniform? YOU are a shame to our military. YOU are a shame to all men. You lie as easily as you breathe. It seems to be an automatic function for you. Have you lied so much and for so long that you believe it yourself? You disgust me. Go slither back under your rock JE.