Friday, September 26, 2008


The one and only Heidi Diaz at her deposition in the civil action

In what is perhaps the greatest show of brass cajones in recent memory, Heidi Diaz aka Kimmer, creator of the Kimkins starvation diet, has filed a Cross-Complaint for Damages for the following:

1. Interference with Contract
2. Interference with Economic Advantage
3. Slander/Libel
4. Invasion of Privacy
5. Civil Conspiracy; and last but not least...
6. Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress.

Oh, this is rich. Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress? Seriously, Heidi, you've got to be kidding.

Here is a screenshot of page 16, paragraph 63, citing the distress Heidi alleges she has suffered:

(Click to enlarge)

Heidi, I'll tell you what's "despicable, outrageous, intentional and malicious and done with reckless disregard of the fact that such acts would certainly cause...severe emotional and physical distress": YOUR PERPETUATION OF THE DEADLY KIMKINS STARVATION DIET ON WOMEN DESPERATE TO LOSE WEIGHT.

Paragraphs 64, 65 and 66 in your Cross-Complaint are so laughable they're not worthy of comment.

You want to talk about physical illness and emotional distress? Talk to some of the ex-Kimkins members whose lives have been deleteriously and irretrievably changed as a result of following your deadly diet.

Why don't you take a trip down memory lane by clicking on the link below? There you can read the stories of the many women whose lives you played with in a despicable, outrageous, intentional and malicious manner with a reckless disregard that such acts would certainly cause each and every one of them severe emotional and physical distress. Read about how their hair fell out, how they suffered from heart arrhythmia, esophaegeal spasms, eating disorders, and many other physical and emotional problems.

Kimkins Survivors

Your spurious Cross-Complaint is without merit and reeks of a desperate attempt to intimidate. Trust me on's had the opposite effect. The forces are galvanizing.

You, Heidi Diaz, are the author of your own misfortune. You've made your lie in it.

To read the entire Cross-Complaint, click here:


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Anonymous said...

She's got a point. Sorry, but it's true.

Medusa said...

What point, anonymous?

Anonymous said...

I think you have Heidi on your page Medusa. This woman is out of her mind. All the damage she has caused and the lives she has ruined with her lies and deciet and she thinks she has a cross complaint. What a laugh?

Medusa said...

damagedgoods5, thanks so much for taking the time to comment.

I couldn't agree with you more.

mariasol said...

The one point that might be valid is the "interference with financial advantage" but that's sort of the purpose with the anti-kk in the first place. Due to the "financial advantage" being obtained by defrauding people. kk.con would never have been a success without all the lies. Yes, she had some 2,000 members already before WW but those were also acquired based on lies - Heidi's own alleged weight loss and maintenance. Plus a large number of fake success stories already pre-Russian brides.

Anonymous said...

I am outraged by her actions that this really takes the sugar cookie.

This is going to get worse and be dragged in the courts for years. Sometimes a little prime time media attention may start shaking the pillars of her earth.

What do you think?

Medusa said...

anonymous, I agree that more media coverage would go a long way in getting the Feds involved in a more timely fashion. To me, they have been dragging their feet for too long now.

Hopefully, Chip Yost and the other TV investigators will grab this latest attempt by Heidi to intimidate and run with it.

The only thing that's going to stop Heidi are criminal charges which will no doubt result in her residing in an 8' x 12' jail cell for a very long time.

Anonymous said...

it is true . i agree