Monday, September 22, 2008


Nicole Richie, May 2007

To celebrate Memorial Day last year, Nicole Richie decided to throw a party. Unfortunately, she had no idea what Memorial Day was but thought she'd celebrate it the way most proud Americans celebrate the asking her friends to wear their sluttiest tops & tightest jeans, to drink till they pass out & wake up with their pants ripped open. Nice, real nice.

The Thinvitation

"There will be a scale at the front door. No girls over 100 pounds allowed in. Start starving yourself now."

Now, how freakin' sad is that?

Wonder if Nicole knew she was pregnant at the time of her party? Hopefully, the "massive amounts of beer" she swilled won't cause Baby Harlow Winter Kate Madden (say what?) some troubles down the road.

Sounds like Mischa Barton had a really swell time. She must have weighed in under the 100-pound limit. After mixing up a dandy cocktail of drugs and booze, Mischa ended up rolling around on the ground like a stuck pig and wailing like a banshee that she was dying. Her Academy-award-winning performance caused her to be rushed to Sherman Oaks Hospital STAT.

Nicole & Mischa...stocking up for the party?

So sorry I wasn't able to make the party, Nicole, though there would have been a snowball's chance in hell of me getting past that scale of yours at the front door.

Check out this great take on the party here:

Mischa Barton hospitalised after Collapsing at Nicole Richie's party


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Anonymous said...

Apparently she wrote that because she was so annoyed about all the anorexia rumours in the press, and had a running joke about it with her friends.

If people were being bitchy about my weight in that way i'd probably deal with it with humour too.

Medusa said...

Josie, I guess Nicole's sense of humour is totally lost on me.

I don't know if I'd consider rumours about someone being anorexic as "bitchy." Those pics of Nicole say it all. She looks like a walking cadaver.

Thankfully, since her pregnancy and the birth of her daughter, Nicole has gained weight. Let's hope she's able to maintain it.

Anonymous said...

As someone who's been subjected to rumours about her weight, and a sister who's openly called anorexic despite being perfectly healthy, i'd say it's "bitchy". It's certainly not nice to judge people on their weight.

Nicoles weightloss was suspicious because you can tell by the unbalanced nature of it that it wasn't healthy (the bloating in that picture is a tell-tale sign), but whether it was an ED or drugs or something else only she can say. However, the fact that she successfully concieved and gave birth to a healthy baby speaks volumes about her health overall. I couldn't do that and i'm nowhere near as thin.