Sunday, October 3, 2010


Porter, 12 weeks old, after digging a hole in our backyard :^)

It seems like forever since I've posted. Our trip was fabulous, and at the end of it, we picked up a new addition to our family....Porter.

Porter is an Australian Labradoodle and the most incredible little guy. He's quite a character and keeps us on our toes. These pics were taken during a few fleeting moments when he wasn't tossing toys in the air, digging holes, or trying to drag clothing out of the laundry room.

Could he be more adorable?

Thanks to everyone who sent me their stories while I was away. I will do my best to get them posted this week. I hope to be able to respond to all of your emails, as well, this week. As I work full-time in a busy job that involves a lot of overtime, please bear with me if you don't hear back from me by the end of this week.

It's great to be back. I've missed you all.

~ Medusa

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Tiny said...

You are generous to a rare degree!!! You are very kind!!!Porter need help!

jadedchalice said...

Im glad you had a good time and your dog is beautiful!

On a selfish note...please read my blog, im not doing well.

I may ask you to post an update about me.


Jilly said...

thank you so much for all you do. You are a gem!!

Medusa said...

Tiny, Deanna and Jilly...thanks so much for your sweet comments.

I had the best of intentions to have responded by now to the backlog of emails and put up new posts but have been crazy busy since my return. Hopefully, things will calm down by the end of this week so I can get caught up.

Deanna, I am so sorry you are not doing well. I will be in touch later this week. Much love to you.


... said...

This dog is THAT cute.

The Merry Death said...

Aw, what a cute pup! Glad you had a nice trip.