Sunday, October 31, 2010


My computer that just crashed was fried. Oh joy.

On Friday, my new computer arrived, and I'm still trying to sort out wires :^) I hope to have everything sorted out by tomorrow night.

Thankfully, my computer tech was able to save my e-mail so I hope to be responding and posting your stories this week.

Thanks to you all for your patience.

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... said...

Ok, I suppose there are a few misunderstandings:

- I check your site about four times a day, and you call this "patience".

- Sometimes it´s getting cold out there but never leave the computer inside of the oven.

- Please don´t try this if you get hungry while sorting out the wires because it could lead into a serious ED:

And last but not least:
- Hope you won´t understand me wrong, I just try to make you laugh. :)
Let´s join the circus, I´ve got some good reasons to do it as well.