Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Oops...wrong picture. Here's Bonnie Luper...

Bonnie, what kind of scam are you trying to pull off? I just read Yucky's blog post (see below) and I'm pissed.

wake up, little Suzy

First of all, you (or someone you know) put up that idiotic, misogynistic mcd.net site. I don't know what's worse...the old mcd.net or the new, spew-inducing mcd.net.

Then you give mcd.com a facelift and disappear.

So what gives with you ignoring Suzy? I'd say that's pretty bloody cheeky on your part, given that you lightened her wallet to the tune of $69.95.

I think it's about time you pecked and scratched your way out of the coop and answered some questions about this canned-chicken diet of yours.

And I have another question for you. I want to know where all your excess skin disappeared after you lost 160 pounds in 10 months. Did you really lose your weight swallowing cans of Costco chicken or did you, in fact, have weight-loss surgery (WLS) and a few major tucks?

The reason I'm asking about WLS is that I came across a story of Katie Broomall who lost 140 pounds and this is what her belly looked like pre-op:

Katie Broomall lost 140 pounds, but that didn't solve all her weight problems -- she still had about 20 pounds of excess skin that was slowing her down.

Katie's story and before-and-after pics are here:


So, Bonnie, did you have gastric bypass surgery? Just curious, that's all.

And if you're talking to Hulon, tell him I miss him. Ask him to drop by and leave me a comment. Ta.

Hoping to hear from you Bonnie with some answers to my questions. I think it's about time you fessed up so we can all put this chicken nonsense to rest.

And for all of you who love Kids in the Hall, here's a link to one of my favorite Chicken Lady routines:


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Mayberryfan said...

Yes, it seems little Suzy is getting the "royal Heidi..er.. Bonnie treatment" with no end in site. I though Suzy might be a sockpuppet until Yucky's post. Well, hopefully we can help Suzy see the light and get with a safe diet program!

KUTGW Medusa! Ahhh..I just love the smell of roasted chicken in th morning!

Anonymous said...

You're right, Medusa. The before pictures in the video remind me of some of the pictures Jimmy Moore posted showing the massive amounts of hanging skin he had after his very rapid weight loss.


Bonnie Luper says she didn't exercise much during her weight loss. She is also at an age where the skin loses its elasticity. Yet she managed to lose 160 pounds in 10 months and looks extremely trim. I'll bet Jimmy Moore would love to know her secret!

Anonymous said...

hmm good point about the excess skin. We never even thought about that.

Mayberryfan said...

Oh COME on ya'll! You know chicken skin just pulls right off!

What's the matter with you?


Anonymous said...

It is a shame that Suzy has been a victim of, what appears to be misrepresentation, of what she was getting with her membership fee.

As for Bonnie and the skin...
Maybe it is "Magic"
She uses "duck tape" to hold the skin back.

MrsMenopausal said...

I love kids in the hall. I miss it.

I'd love to see the emails Bonnie sent Suzy. What reason would Bonnie have for being mean to one of her members, especially one who seems to be carrying the burden of what appears to be a neglected paid membership site.
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