Monday, May 5, 2008


"1,000,000 Hits in 3 Days Crashes Kimkins Diet Website"

WARNING: For people who have no previous knowledge of the Kimkins diet scam and the fraudulent Heidi Diaz/Kimmer, please read this synopsis before reading further:

Click here:

"New fast weight loss Kimkins Diet got so much traffic from recent magazine cover they crashed their server."

"Corona, CA, June 15, 2007 --( Kimkins’ simple, fast diet program promises to take a huge weight off your shoulders – and anywhere else on your body as well very quickly.

'In today, obesity is rapidly approaching epidemic proportions, and it is taking a huge toll on our collective health,' says Dennis Sharp of Kimkins. 'The Kimkins Diet is designed as an extremely fast way to drop those pounds rapidly – and all without the use of any diet pills or supplements.'

Kimkins was the featured diet for the cover of Woman’s World magazine June 12, 2007 issue and generated an incredible 1,000,000+ hits to the website in only 3 days.
'Our web host thought we were kidding when we asked for a third server upgrade in 24 hours to handle the unprecedented traffic,' states Sharp. 'It was determined our customers required a “super server” with specialized features so the web hosting company actually got their top team out of bed to build it to our specs.'

Kimkins CEO, Kimmer, adds, 'We expected good traffic from the article, but not 400,000 hits per day. Clearly there is a strong need for a diet that delivers far more than the traditional 1-2 pounds a week.'

The Kimkins diet has been designed by Kimmer, a model success story. In one year, Kimmer lost 198 lb, and she has maintained that loss for over five years now. She advocates a lean, low-carb plan – with less fat than Atkins and fewer carbs than South Beach.

The Kimkins website (available online at http://www.kimkins.con/) also provides innovative daily menus and recipes that make it easy for dieters to eat light, healthy and tasty food. The web site offers an opportunity for members to interact and inspire each other, with personal journals, forums and progress photos, to drop that extra dress size or get in shape for the summer.

A Kimkins life membership costs only $59.95, where many other weight loss plans charge as much as $275 per week. The web site has already signed up over 20,740 members, all excited and eager to share their successful experiences in shedding pounds.

'With Kimmer’s personalized diet coaching, weight loss suddenly seems like an achievable, practical goal,' says Sharp. 'If your New Year’s resolution was to lose weight, Kimkins is the perfect place to start.'”

Amazing what a difference a year makes, no?

When you click on , you arrive at a page that hopefully we'll soon get when clicking on the Kimkins.con URL.

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MrsMenopausal said...

The Kimkins diet has been designed by Kimmer, a model success story. In one year, Kimmer lost 198 lb, and she has maintained that loss for over five years now.

Pfffft. What a liar!

What a bargain that $59.95 was, eh?

Where else can you pay $59.95 to someone who lied for YEARS about her weight loss and maintenance, used Russian bride pictures for her own after pictures, who fabricated success stories for her diet.... represented again by 5 finger discounted pictures of Russian Brides, who then has the audacity to strip you of your lifetime membership without notice or reimbursement when you dare to voice concerns about the fraud coming to light or health issues being experienced?

My blog: Weighing The Facts

Anonymous said...

I remember last year when we looked at the court docket and it showed court dates for this summer, it seemed a lifetime away and now here we are.
So much has been done and as much still is undone. We've laughed and cried and argued and made up again. We've fought amongst ourselves and just as quickly defended one another from the 3 Stooges, Wonderwoman and all of the 5 O'Clock Charlies. We've lost a few "Detectives" and gained some friends. I've seen some of the ex-kk'ers come out of kimkins weakened
in spirit and timid before the trolls, yet they grow and become stronger and bolder, able to not only stand up for themselves, but bring comfort and encouragement to others. We've been exhilarated at times and weary in well doing at times, but here we are, a core group still together and still sorting through the rubble.
One day we'll see the final toppling of Heidi's kingdom and then we'll reflect back on all that we've been through together and smile at the new direction our relationships have taken us!

Cutie said...

a lot can happen in a year, that's for sure. kiki & i recently celebrated the anniversary of our kimkins banning in april...ah, little did we know what all would be coming down the pike...

what a journey it's been!

Prudentia said...

Just think - all that wisdom from the non-plumbing plumber, Dennis Sharp ... Oh, that was BEFORE he was a non-plumbing plumber, wasn't it ...