Thursday, October 4, 2007

Has the "Red Dress" Woman been Found????

Last night, Kimkins Dangers posted an excellent side-by-side comparison of pictures of the lady in the red dress. One picture is from a website featuring Russian "brides" and the second is Heidi Diaz's/Kimmer's "after picture featured on her website

As well, Kimkins Dangers reveals and discusses fake "after" pictures on the Kimkins website.

Here are the posts from the Kimkins Dangers blog:

"Examining Red Dress Photos

Apparently, not everyone agrees that the red dress photos from the Russian website are indeed the same woman used by Kimmer as her "After" picture.

We offer the following:

Example 1 - another picture of the same woman from the Russian website. Compare side by side facial close ups with the Kimmer red dress photo. Note the shape of the nose. The "wrinkle" at the edge of the lips on the left hand side. The same "pouches" under the eyes and the same eyebrows. The same oddly shaped part in the hair.

We increased the size of the Kimmer red dress photo and found evidence that the photograph was altered before being used by Kimmer. When you alter a photograph with a graphic enhancing program, unless the user is very, very good, there are always visible signs left that indicate a graphic change was made to the image. In this case, the eye color of the Kimmer red dress photo was changed to brown. Note the pixelated area around the eyes on the Kimmer red dress photo (image 2) as opposed to the enlargement of a natural - unretouched photo (image 1). Also please note the shape of the nose is identical in both images.

We know that many will not agree and continue to search for another "red dress woman", but we here at Kimkins Dangers are satisfied that these are indeed the same woman.
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Red Dress Woman Revealed

Straps on the dress are the same.

Piping around the edges of the dress are the same.

Off-center part in the hair is the same.

Gold necklace is the same.

The difference is that the first picture has been color-enhanced - the red is more "red" than the other pictures. The hair in the second picture is also color-enhanced, adding artificial reds to the shading.

Others may disagree, but we are absolutely certain they are the same woman.

Here is the photo that Kimmer/Heidi used on her website (and stated in the Jimmy Moore podcast interview) as her "after" picture, presented side by side with images from the Russian brides / dating / modeling website. (Please note the straps of the dress and the gold necklace.)

It does not surprise us at all that Heidi would use stolen images from a website that exploits women in order to perpetrate her scam.We hope that everyone still associated with the Kimkins website will sever ties immediately.
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More Fake Pictures at Kimkins!

Remember that picture from Kimkins? Well, guess what! She's been found! Have a look at Svetlana's portfolio from THIS modeling website!

Who knows how many other success story pictures originated from that website and others just like it!

That picture was the "After" picture of the Annette success story.

Age: 31
Height: 5' 7"
Starting Weight: 214
Final Weight:
Total Loss: 72 pounds
How Long: 4.5 months
Freed From Her
"Prison" of Obesity!Life isn't easy when you work in a maximum security prison.
That was my job. I was a prison psychological evaluator. The stories I hear are
extremely stressful to say the least and more often than not I found the stress
following me home -- as well as to every fast food place and restaurant from the
interstate to my front door. It seemed some day the only things that could make
me relax was food. How sick is that I ask you?

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