Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Well, it's been a busy but very successful weekend for the LCF sleuths, and a very BAD weekend for Kimkins, Kimmer/Heidi Diaz, and our favourite little misguided, megalomaniac, Tippy Toes (bless her heart).

In a nutshell:

(a) many more fake "Before" and "After" pics were uncovered on Russian/European bridal sites by LCF members;

(b) the Kimkins site was carpet-bombed with posts linking to Kimmer's fake red-dress "after" pics found on the Russian Brides website. Multiple anti-Kimkins posters hit the site at the same time in an effort to alert Kimkins members of the fraudulent pics, registering approx. 500 posts before being banned.

(c) "Dr. Mark" makes his debut on Kimkins last night, doling out questionable medical advice to Kimkins members.

The updated fake "Before" and "After" pics can be found on Honeybee's blog here:

This trainwreck is moving so fast it's hard to keep up with all the goings-on.

Truth IS stranger than fiction.

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Admin said...

Dr. Mark appears to be a real person. Here's a response I just received to an email inquiry I made last night:

Subject: It is me

I must say that I never expected such a quick and strange response to my postings on kimkins web site.

I only know of Kimkins what I have read from the site itself, as of four days ago. It seems as though it is a carb restrictive plan that is meant to be temporary and allows for unlimited protien....therefore not restricting calories. Seems like a decent plan to me, especially for the morbidly obese. People 50 lbs or more overweight are in a serious, life threatening condition that should be treated with urgency.

Is is what I give my patients, no. I do metabolic typing that is much more specific and personal.

My role, as I see it, in the Kimkins site is not to defend the site or the diet. It is to help people along the path with questions they may have about side effects and implementing "life" into their new program.

Again, I am not aware of the programs past, only the present things I "see" while online. I am in the profession to help as many people as possible and have always been known for that. I have seen Kimkins forum as another means of accomplishing this goal.

I assure you, as with everything else in my career, I will look into the diet more extensively. I will look into the integrity of the organization. I will try to descern if "mistakes" have been made and they are moving forward........Basically, if their heart is in the right place (not talking about anatomically here).

I appreciate your concerns. Please realize that I too, care for my patients, and the weight loss community with all my being. I just want to help people get the answers and results they deserve.



Mark T. Brinson DOM, AP, CNMT
Doctor of Oriental Medicine
Physical Medicine Specialist