Saturday, October 6, 2007


I was reading the ALC thread this morning and Cutie provided a link to Anti-Kimkins ( and his/her take on the bannings and thread deletions/sanitations at LCF.

This post is eye-opening. Please read is spot-on.

I, too, was banned at LCF for an innocuous post, so I know where Anti-Kimkins is coming from.

I agree wholeheartedly that LCF is responsible for not only promoting the Kimkins diet but for prolonging not only its survival but the continuation of the fraud being perpetuated by Heidi Dias (aka Kimmer). Their bannings, thread sanitations, and thread deletions are just as despicable as the ban-happy Admins at

The Moderators and Administrators at LCF should bow their heads in shame.

Please boycott Netrition (who sponsors the LCF forums).

Bravo to Anti-Kimkins! Here is the post:

"Thursday, October 4, 2007

No love for LowCarbFriends!

Now that all of the fake success stories have been discovered and confirmed by scores of people across the internet, I see everyone at LowCarbFriends (which I refuse to link) is all abuzz with the information. But I can't help but grumble over the fact that all of this could have been stopped over a year ago when myself and others tried to discuss Kimkins' fake Success Stories photos - and LCF admins promptly shut us up by deleting our threads!!! I remember one thread I put up asking innocently, "do these pictures just not look right to anyone else?" and it was gone within minutes. After that, everything I put up was SANITIZED by the admins, meaning, they EDITED my posts and took out anything I said that referred to Kimmer. And of course, their idiotic policy is to not allow you to discuss their actions on the board, so if you questioned it, they'd delete that too. That's when I closed my account there and vowed never to return. It's so ironic that NOW they decide its okay to slam Kimkins.

Think about all of the people that could have been saved from Kimmer, had LCF not gone through so much trouble to protect her. I hold them just as responsible for this fiasco as Kimmer. And this was BEFORE the WW cover, so had they allowed people to even question the legitimacy of her diet and her website, thousands of people could have been warned and who knows, maybe she would have even gotten the cover and we wouldn't be here now. But they protected her and HID all evidence against her. They didn't care that she was a fraud, had no medical background, and no proof of her claims, they just didn't want anyone to speak ill of her. Why is that??? What was the connection between Tom and Heidi? What agreement did she default on that caused him to go up against her?

You really have to wonder WHY. Were they sharing profits? Hoping to share profits? Did Kimmer turn them down for advertising revenue and it pissed off Tom so he decided to turn against her? Something definitely happened and we'll probably never know the truth, but LCF is just as guilty and dirty in this as Heidi is. And we all know it.

Luckily, ALC is an awesome balanced message board without Gestapo admin censoring our every word, so people who wanted integrity and freedom went there - and found it was refreshing and FAIR. I so appreciate the management and administration THERE and that's where I encourage people to go, as well as any of the other LC boards in my sidebar. Anywhere by LCF, because when this is over, they'll still be censoring your speech, and who needs that?

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Once Upon A Dieter said...

I hope this incident is eye-opening for the LCF moderators/admins. I think too strict moderating kills the value of a board, frankly. And this is one case of PROOF.Funny, but I bet a lot of people thought the pics looked odd. I know I remember when I first saw Bambi's pic and I thought, "Hang on. That's not the same women." The bfore and afters looked NOTHING ALIKE. And the blind woman sure balanced great in that squat. It was just weird.Some of the other before/afters just didn't seem to match. But you know, I hadn't paid and wasn't a memeber and didn't know about the shenanigans, so I didn't even think about it beyond the moment of seeing the pics.Well, there ya go. One's instinct can be a good guide.

The Princess..."



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