Thursday, September 27, 2007

Another Kimkins member fires a parting shot!

The following post was quoted by Deni in a post she made this afternoon on ALC (Active Low-Carber Forums). Deni lost a tremendous amount of weight "doing" Kimkins but is now suffering health issues as a result of the Kimkins deadly low-fat/low-calorie/low-carb diet.

Deni's post reveals that a member of Kimkins just posted this on the Kimkins website, and I'm repeating it here for posterity purposes, as well as to warn anyone who is considering the Kimkins diet.

As former members of Kimkins who have questioned Kimmer/Heidi Diaz and her deadly diet can attest, this member is sure to be banned within the hour.

Here's the post on ALC:

"....from Kimkins... I remember you! WAy to go!!!Here's her most recent post!!!"
(Deni's remark)

"Quote: (The following is the post made by the Kimkins member on the Kimkins website):

It's going to be okay. 4 Minutes ago

So, probably none of you remember me, but I started KK at the very end of March. I had a marvelous time, met numerous true friends with whom I am still in (near-constant) contact (Hi guys!!) and managed to lose 30 pounds. At this point, I must note that I never cut fat and took every weekend off-plan. So it wasn't exactly KK that I was doing. But I was very happy and, having never experienced or utilised ketosis before, felt grateful to have found "the plan".

Once we switched over to the new site, it got a little big for me, so I pretty much gave up posting and just read a little here and there. As I said, I was never militant about the diet (don't fence me in, baby!), but appreciated being able to return to the forums to keep up with friends.

Once this whole drama started to unfold, I researched enough to form my opinion and decided that I can't give even tacit support to this plan or it's founder. I started deleting my posts and saying my goodbyes. And since so many people are carrying on the dialogue so effectively, I might have been persuaded to fade quietly away with no parting message.

Except that one thing is still bothering me.

Months ago, several of us tried to help a woman who was doing her best to follow Kimmer's plan. She had struggled with eating-disorder-type behavior before, and was having a hard time believing that she could just eat as much as she wanted while getting into ketosis. She would try to see how long she could go without eating and we would remind her that that wasn't how "the plan" worked.

Apparently she had posted or PM'd to Kimmer, because one day she posted an furious rant in her journal about how we had misled her and Kimmer had set her straight about why she wasn't losing weight. The whole thing was a little distressing, and there was some confusion about whether she was in ketosis or not, but that was not the part that troubled me the most.

Here is the post in its entirety- the capitals are from the member; she quotes Kimmer's message in the middle:
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -



[Name], sorry to say but you have to pay the piper. Your weight increase is due to going off plan and overeating. I've posted many times that a cheat will set you back 4-7 days -- that is, to get back to where you were before the cheat.

No way around it. A good reminder if the idea ever crosses your mind again! Ketosis is a chemical state. Mess with it and all weight loss hell breaks loose!

If someone tells you you're starving, just do the calculation in your head of how much "food" you have hanging on your body. Multiply fat pounds by 3500. You won't "starve" until all of those are gone. [emphasis added]




This has been bothering me for months.

So here is what I've wanted to say about it:

What the heck kind of advice is that, Kimmer? You won't starve until all your fat pounds are gone?

That's nonsense. And we all know it.

This was the Exact Moment that I started to realize that you are not what you say you are.

It's not just that this woman took you too seriously, or just that she was already predisposed to misinterpret what you were saying. You actually said: you won't starve until your fat pounds are gone.

What's a fat pound, anyway? And which ones?

I don't want anyone to miss this: you essentially told her that she would be okay to starve her way to goal.

It's clear from reading the rest of her journal that this poor woman took your punishing advice and was doing her best to Never Eat Again.

I can only think of a few possible reasons why you would instruct a person in this way.

1) You actually haven't a clue how the body works.

2) You hate or don't care about the person.

3)You want their money or the authority/recognition/applause more than you actually want to help.

4) All of the above.

Which is it, Kimmer?

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She had me fooled, too.

But dont be afraid of her or of the truth: do your OWN research and make your OWN decision.

Read THIS.

Then read Beckys Blog.

Read The Truth.

Read about low fat diets.

Heres what I saw when I did:

1. She lies to us and to her admins regularly.

2. She cant produce evidence of her weight loss (the reason we all believed her) or of her claims about Kimkins. Her success NEVER happened.

3. She denies it, but this plan hurts people hopefully more than the 6 views already made get to see it!!!
__________________ "

To read Deni's post on ALC, click here:

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Princess Dieter aka Mir said...

Kimmer has no heart to say that to someone in the grip of disordered eating. What am I saying? Kimkins IS disordered eating.

And Becky's Perfect Storm is an amazing set of posts. Wow.

The Princess