Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Deadly Kimkins Diet & the Kimmer/Heidi Diaz Fraud - Updated Links List

Below is an updated list of new blogs covering the scandalous, nefarious, fraudulent, sociopathic Kimmer/Heidi Diaz and her deadly diet, Kimkins.

Please take a few moments to check them out. Reading these blogs could save your life if you're considering starting this deadly diet.

stepping up to the plate « 2big4mysize’s Weblog
Kimkins Scam
Willa’s Notebook
Doggy Girl’s Weblog
All About Kimkins & More
Itscloudyinhere’s Weblog
Psychic Rations: The Slimmer Kimmer That Wasn’t
Beware: Kimkins Diet is Dangerous!!: Just Say NO
Kimkins Lies
Sparkly and (soon to be) Skinny!: A new safe haven

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