Friday, September 28, 2007

The Kimkins Kimmer Fraud is spreading worldwide!

I came across this German blog (Healthy Resource) today, reporting on the Kimkins scam:

Wow! Keep blogging and writing. This story is spreading worldwide!

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Anonymous said...

Originally posted on kimkins last night (by me :) ). Keep up the good work!

"Kimmer, Heidi Diaz, Kim Drake and any other aliases you may be using as you scurry under what now must be a very large rock (in light of recently revealed photos) you hide under.

You, my friend are a real piece of work. You must really despise yourself or are one very sick individual to prey upon the weaknesses and vulnerability of the people that were attracted to your advice and website. Do you realize if you had put as much effort and thought into a legitimate and legal business purpose that you had with this plan of deception of yours, that all you are now facing (or will very soon be facing) would not even be an issue? Your condescending tone and belittling of others shows very clearly what you really think of yourself. Since you so obviously couldn't change your inside or your outside you chose instead to prey upon these so-willing victims and in one fell swoop, strip them of their money and their dignity. Your obvious self-hatred is really very sad. I hope you get the two things you most deserve, the immediate help from a mental health professional and your day in a court of law. Please keep my $14.95 membership fee, as I am sure you will need it for a large attorney retainer, that or a one-way ticket out of the country.

Come out from behind the curtain Mr. Wizard...Emerald City is about to fall...."